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So how y'all doing? My name's Cassidy and the gentleman you see in my picture is Sam. I like cats and music a lot and oh I play the ukulele, piano, and other shtuff. Have a nice day :)

Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's that time

I'm at the party, so:

BYE 2009!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Well, another year done with. Tomorrow's new years eve. I'm gonna miss 2009. Not really. But, it was a good year. However, if it didn't pass, how could I ever ask for something for my next birthday? Ah, I'm always looking into the bright future. Ah, well, it's Wednesday. Just another day; stuck between Tuesday and Thursday. You know, life is short, when you think about it. One thing you know you're at a new years party, then you're egg-hunting, then you're swimming, then you're raking, then you're shoveling, then you're putting up the tree, and then you're at new years again! My entire year, into only one sentence. Wow. What and exciting life. Happy 2009, farewell to the year I turned 11. And, good bye, to all those who will go somewhere after Xing out this blog. I hope where you're going has Internet, because I'm forwarding posts.

Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm back

Merry Christmas! (Three days late) I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I did. Got a snowboard, sock monkey, and a bunch of clothes (I do every year, but this year I got some darn cool stuff). Aidan and Casey have turned our house into a toystore, and Corrina has turned my bedroom into an art studio. She got this easel thingy, and it's smack in there. Well, life is good. I just came from outside. New year's is up ahead. Party's not here, it's at sushi's. I'm sleeping into 2010. Wow, next year I'll be twelve. Ah! That means I'm a youth! AHH! Panic! I have to savor every last bit of my childhood before I (gulp) have to grow up! AHHHH! I don't wanna grow up (I wanna be a toys R us kid!). Well, I'm only eleven. I'm glad of that. Dad is trying to go at Wii sports resort canoeing. Well, he's not really doing to well. He's yelling at the screen. " No, the other way!" "Oh, come on!" "All these distractions!" I'm awful at it myself, but it's funny watching him. He did beat my score, though. I gotta go. Aidan wants to play "planes". (Or island flyover, if you want to hear the correct term).

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A day in the life

Today my necklace broke (again). Don't you hate it when something brakes that you just fixed? I do. I just fixed my necklace Monday! Hey, tomorrow's Christmas eve! YAY! I love Christmas eve, Christmas, New years, and everything else bundled up in this month! Happy Hanukkah, folks! Casey's playing with cars, Aidan's upstairs sleeping (poor guy;we think he's coming down with something) and today's a visit with Grampa. Pray that goes well. Casey's not looking forward to that. I am going to listen to 'while you were sleeping' all day. Because tomorrow is Christmas eve, I missed rehearsal, and I'm gonna wing it. Don't worry Pastor Mike, I will be fine. Just make sure there's coffee in my dressing room, Summer. Okay, back to the subject of holidays. Merry Kwanzaa! I don't celebrate Kwanzaa (or Hanukkah, for that matter), but someone might. You never really do know who's out there. And to all, Feliz Navidad.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My brothers are home

Aidan and Casey aren't leaving. My brothers are home at last! This wait has been looooong, but it paid off. I am so happy that they're here for Christmas! There's no place like home for the holidays, and they're gonna spend it here, which is their new home. I remember one summer when our home study was approved and when we decided to do this. Isn't it amazing? My family is growing! When I called Shannon today to tell her, she flipped. She screamed in my ear until I told her to stop. Think she was a little excited? Possibly. I'm glad that my friends are behind me. It makes me feel better that some one's praying for me. I'm glad that all this waiting is over. For those who will see me for the holidays, you'll also see and three-year-old and a four-year-old. Happy that you guys can know that.

Monday, December 21, 2009


I have nothing to do! (That's unusual for me) No school, nothing to fix, nothing to paint, nothing to clean, nothing to superglue, nothing to pick up, it's Christmas vacation! Humph. That's boring. How do people get through unoccupied? I would fix my purple necklace, did that Thursday. I would investigate the squeaky wheel on my scooter, did that Sunday.I would try to measure the snow, did that yesterday. I would make my Christmas specials for ClaymationBunnies, the dancing Santa hop, Hatville, and Cassidy Bear, but I filmed those all last Monday! Maybe I'll go film a new one, yeah. That's what I'll do. But, I can't complain. At least I don't have to school!

Sunday, December 20, 2009



Ah, nothing says white Christmas like me yelling at you. Well, here in nowhere town we're getting eight-to-twelve inches of that fluffy stuff. Sledding looks like a good way to spend seven hours. Kids church is history. Of course, I wanted to go to church, but snow had to come! On the day of the brunch! Our last rehearsal before Christmas eve! It had to be today! Well, at least we're safe at home, I'm near the pellet stove (still in my pajamas) on Sunday at ten AM! Life is GOOD! I did my yoga this morning, had pancakes, slept in, helped Aidan play Wii Fit, things that happen when you're snowed in on Sunday. Yoga has become a part of my everyday life. Sometimes it just relaxes me. But it's not good to do at football games. One of the youth start yelling at you for doing "some hippie-dippie gymnastics when we're trying to face book people!". It must be very rude. Well, gotta go! FOUR DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! (Here I go again)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

We're expecting snow

Well, tonight Aidan and Casey are sleeping over here. It's supposed to snow tomorrow. That means no church. No church, no rehearsal, no brunch, no football game, no nothing. BOO! And it had to fall on the week of the brunch! Oh, my life is dying! I'm dying away! Ah, oh no. I just fixed my purple chain-ball necklace yesterday. It had been broken. Today I had to get up early. On Saturday! Well, I had fun with Aidan and Casey. Earlier today we made cookies. That was fun. I need to repaint my nails. Ah, I'm just rambling. Pray that Aidan and Casey sleep well in our home. Peace out.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Today I officially met Aidan and Casey. AH! They're so cute! We went to McDonald's for lunch and we played in the play place. They're full-speed ahead, but it was fun! Finally, a little sibling who doesn't play with dolls! They like transformers. Maybe Santa will make some last-minute adjustments to his toy workshop. I have even more exciting news! ONLY ONE MORE WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS! WHO-HO! Only one more week! I am so excited! So excited, I tell you people! I am cold (I won't wear a winter coat, though), but the fire is nice and warm. Ah, warm. I think that Christmas time is my favorite time of the year. I love the fact that every one's happy and merry and I have downloaded as much Christmas music as the band has onto my MP3 player. I am excited about Christmas, excited about Casey and Aidan, excited about this, excited about that, I'm excited! Pray for us and keep hoping.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

All is not gold that glitters

I don't know how you take the title, but to me it has a meaning that I don't think other people will get. This is coming from Crazy Cassidy, so if you don't understand this, you are not alone. When people say that, to me it means that gold is special, but you don't have to have gold to be special. Be yourself, and if other people are just like you, you're still special. Because no two people are exactly alike, and we're all like snowflakes. No two identical snowflakes have ever fallen. But no matter how much you try to fit in, you will always be special. There is no possible way of avoiding it! You have your own incredibly unique talents, that fit you and you are special in. And even if you aren't shiny or rich or however you interpret gold, you will always shine out and be unique. Wow. Just re-reading that made me understand how:

1: Crazy I truly am

2: That makes so much sense to me it almost doesn't make any

3: No one not completely out of their heads will understand a word of that

4: I am a truly bold person. Now the whole world can understand how weird I am.

Well, sorry for laying all that on you. Maybe you can make sense of that. I have no idea where any of that came from, or even if I can go deeper then that. Maybe you can figure out how crazy I really am?

Monday, December 7, 2009

That fluffy stuff

It snowed. Yay! I love snow. It's so nice and white and sparkly! I love throwing snow, especailly at people who don't want you to. Like the youth. I also love to sled! Although my sled could do with a turbo engine, I can go pretty fast. I love the way snow looks. Have you ever ridded down the street and there is no other color then white? Isn't that cool? Oh, I have something extrememly important so tell you. Today me and my family went to go see Aidan and Casey. They are SOOOOOOOO cute! Aidan is four, he's a little tall for his age, he has crazy curly hair, and Casey's three, he's normal height, he's blonde, and he came up to dad and said Hi. We talked to the social worker and she said we were number 1. That's good to know. So, we just finished wrapping presants. I like giving/getting presants.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas coats

Well, it's DEC. 2ND. That means that (to me, not officially, like, on a calender) it's winter. Snow, evergreens, jingle bells, Holiday music, and of course, the dreaded, WINTER COATS. I hate winter coats! I'll wear mittens, I'll wear hats, I'm a huge fan of scarfs, but I have to say, winter coats and snow pants are the only thing I don't like about winter. They're stiff, uncomfortable, and you can't move! Well, honestly, if Mom didn't make me bundle up, I'd be wearing' Flip flops and Aeropostle sweaters year 'round. So, really, I'm not a heavy dresser. I'm a huge fan of blue jeans, and anything really baggy or that says something funny. Like, oh, I'm also big on peace-signs. And I kind-of design my own clothes. I accessorize with paint, cloth, and and rips (ha). Christmas is a wonderful time of year. And coat's are evil.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Good bye, November

I would proudly like to announce, that in this very month, November, I have written seventeen posts! That's the most in one month I've written this year! My personal best is November of 2008, and that's twenty four posts! That's gonna take some effort to beat. If you notice, both records are in November. I guess I have a lot of free time in November. If you combine both months, I have written 41 posts! Now, in all I have written (including this one) 153 posts. My average posting number is approx. 7. A lot of math in this post. Well, November's chill and frostbitten wind is blowing away and December's ice-cold and smoky fires are blowing in. Kristine's sleeping over this weekend. Sheesh and KK are coming over too. It's gonna be a full house, I guess. There's gonna be a lot of Wii-playing and baby-sitting here at WOC headquarters. Oops, gotta go. Bye guys! Bye November!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sharp things

Broken glass is sharp. So are scissor tips. So are knifes, swords, needles, pins, and jagged metal. Pillows are soft. So are pompoms. So are teddy bears, towels, sweaters, socks, and cotton. So, what gives things their shapes? Why don't scissor tips feel like teddy bears? Because of their use! You can't really cuddle with something sharp, and you can't cut with something soft. Say you need to cut a rope. Your friend hands you some socks. Are those really going to help you? Not really. They might help if you're cold, not if you're cutting. So, say you're sewing. You don't use pillow fluff to stitch! And you don't go to sleep at night snuggling up with your needle kit! So, everything has a purpose. But I use neither sharp things or soft things to play a Wii game. I use a hard thing, the Wii remote of Wii balance board. Well, if everything has a purpose, what about the things that aren't sharp, hard, or soft? What about things that we don't use? What about people who don't like llamas? These are the questions that haunt me.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Less than four

AHHHH! There are less then four weeks to Christmas! Less then four weeks to Santa! Less then four weeks to socks on fireplaces! Less then four weeks to screaming and running and jumping and punching the air in pure happiness! I can't wait! Giving gifts, getting gifts, thanking, you're-welcoming, singing, praying, eating, friends, family, all this is SO fun and I can't wait to do it. But there's more to Christmas then that. Jesus! Ya Jesus, ya gifts, ya candy, ya trees, ya everything that has to do with this incredibly awesome holiday! I can't wait! Aren't we all desperately awaiting Santa? Aren't we all hanging Christmas lights? Sing Christmas carols, people! Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg...

And Aidan and Casey.

We're looking at two boys named Aidan and Casey, for adoption, and dad said they're all he wants for Christmas. And Backyard football for Wii. So, please pray and ask if they're the ones. Thank you. Now, we resume our singing...

The bat mobile lost a wheel and the Joker hollered STOP!

Now, I will say a very long and random word:


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thank you 150

I just thought I'd mention that this is out one-hundred and fiftieth post. Funny it should fall right near thanksgiving. I'm thankful for a lot of things. Yeah, God's given us a lot to be thankful for. I'm thankful for my home, my family, my Wii, my dog, my laptop, my friends my cat, all my toys, my video games, my rope swing, my church, see? See how much I have? Wow. Just by re-reading that sentence proves how much God loves us. And here's the thing: This home is only temporary. When I die, I'm moving up a level! And a million rope swings are going to look like a pile of dirt. I'm thankful that I have such wonderful friends and family. They make me laugh, they comfort me when I'm sad, they give me nice things, and we have fun together. When you think about it, I bet if you counted the things that you're thankful for in your life, you would have over thirty. I'm counting, NOW.

I just counted thirty-six. And that took exactly two minutes. So if I continued counting, in one hour, I would have counted: 2,160 things. Holy cow! That's crazy! Just so everybody knows, I did that with a calculator. I am not a math whiz, you could say. Ha. Well, happy thanksgiving everybody!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chocolate bars and M&Ms

I love CANDY. It's one of my favorite foods. My number one has to be peanut butter, and I do enjoy most things with cheese, but candy tops cheese by a mile (sorry if I have offended any cheese lovers). My favorite candy is butterfingers. Then Reese's peanut butter cups, then 3 musketeers, then Kitkat bars, then M&Ms, then Snickers. I love all candy, but these are my favorites. The only kind of candy I don't like is the gooey kind. I'm not a fan of gummy bears, or gumdrops (unless in a gingerbread house. Every gingerbread house needs a gumdrop as a finishing touch) or sour patch kids, but Swedish Fish are nice. And Jelly Baby's. Carmelle's aren't gooey. They're Carmel. Carmel is okay, but only in, like, bulls eyes and stuff. Now, peanut butter isn't candy. I love it though. Mom hates it when I stick my finger in the jar, then lick my finger. So I use a spoon. My daily lunch involves peanut butter. Now, I'm a healthy kid. I exercise, and (unless I'm sick) I don't watch TV all day. But I need to watch my peanut butter. Oh well, I got nothing to worry about. I still have my candy.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not normal

Some people have normal lives. They have a normal family, do normal things, eat normal dinners, mow normal lawns, swim in normal pools, that sort of thing. I don't think my life is that way. For example, here's the way normal people have a conversation:

Girl: Hey, how are you?

Boy: I'm fine, how are you?

Girl: I'm good. Have you read the news?

Boy: Yes, it's sad isn't it?

Girl: Yes, well, I have to go. Bye!

Boy: Bye.

This is the way I have a conversation:

Cassidy: Hey, what's up?

Sheesh: Nothing. Hey, can you come over for the football game? We're gonna have a contest to see how many Doritos's Kaylyn can eat without barfing!

Cassidy: I'll be there, but I have to bring a cream pie.

Sheesh: Oh, cool. See ya!

Cassidy: See ya!

Please note that I haven't actually met any normal people. I know four types of people:

Crazy: Me, Sheesh, Shannon

Goofy: Kaylyn, Corrina, most of the people at my church, Brighid

Silly: Ozzie, Danielle, Katie, Jessica

Bland: Most of the people I see on TV

Well, that's it for another non-normal post. Bye!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Time sure flies

I just re-read my first post, and I forgot what I had said. In quote,

"I think blogging will help me share my thoughts."

Wow. It's amazing how much I was right. This blog is like keeping an online diary, I can just talk with absolutely no certain point! (Which I usually don't have) When I started this blog, I was nine. I didn't even know how to climb trees then! Little did I know when I posted that first post that I'd have tons of posts (probably) all being read by people. That one post taught me how you guys are like the friends I've never met, how I talk to you, and sometimes you can talk to me. I think that one day, April 12Th, 2008, I changed my life. Sorry for going all serious on you. Back to awesomeness, my sister just came down here in a brown dress she made herself. It's actually a dance costume but...Gotta go!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

No sleeping talent

The other night it was the talent show at my church. I did comedy (didn't see that coming) and Corrina and Kaylyn danced. I've listed thing I'm good at and thing I'm not, but I think I'm good at some weird things that I haven't listed before.

Bugging the youth: I am a master

Wii Raymond Raving Rabbids: I have completed quite a bit, and I have mastered.

Doing the chicken dance: As I do this often, when I am extremely happy doing this, so I am a professional chicken

Riding no-hands on a rope swing upside-down: A trick I am happy to be able to perform

Not sleeping: I am sad to have mastered this, but it is a talent of mine

Sugar-rushing: Do not EVER give me to much sugar. You may get run over

Hooking up UB Funkey Hubs: Since I download stuff a lot, I need to re-connect and dis-connect the Hub, which takes practice

Getting Paint on my clothes: A whole ton of my stuff has paint splatters on it. My Mom's not to fond of this talent

Well, there are countless others, but I don't have time to name them. These are the ones that I'm best at. Well, gotta go. Bye!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hello people of earth and

Hi. The wii came yesterday. Wii fit is probably the family game, although me and Corrina seem to prefer Rabbids go home! and Charm Girls PJ party. It sounds girl, but it's not that bad. Right now mom has the wii and it getting high scores on Wii fit. It's just so funny that we got the games (two of them, CGC and Boom Blox) before the system. Well, it's my turn next. Apparently the Wii fit is exercise, not screen time. So, we can play it sometimes when we're bored. Well, that's it for now. Bye.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Blogging about nothing

This is a report. I have just played football at half-time, with some people who come to these games. All posts from football games are just something to do. I have been hired at one of the Zach's bodyguards. Today, I saw the other Zach (the one I beat up) throwing some kid into a mirror. Today I got a lot of happy birthdays. My birthday present from Zach? (We'll call one Zach Zach and the other Ozzie) Him beating up Ozzie. I found it strange and weird that he gave me a birthday present. Boys' shouldn't do that to girl's they aren't related too. Just my opinion. I love birthdays, and every one saying, "Oh, I didn't know it was your birthday. Happy birthday!". I just think it's nice. Oops, want to go do something. TTYS, from me.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thou beith reading this most awesome post!

Have you guys ever seen a TV show, or read a book, or seen a movie where people talk like, "Thou is a gentile being, and I beleiveth that thou may be a lovely bride." and stuff like that? Can you understand them? I think it's complete nonsense, and I can't make out a word they say! When I was in North Carolina on vacation, at the medieval fair, I heard someone ask, "What is all this stuff?" and her friend replied, "Ye old expensive!" It amazes me how some people can actually relate that stuff to talking. I never use words like, "Thee" "Thou" "Sire" "Thine" and countless others. I talk like any other tomboy my age. People understand me. Nobody, though, can translate Romeo and Juliette. Maybe instead of, "My bounty is bountiful and yadda, yadda, yadda..." they could have just said, "I love you, Romeo!" or something like that. Maybe, then people would actually understand what they say! Now, some people talk weirdly. Like, Ignorance! Sorry, that's my character in Pilgrim's Process, which passed. She was a strange talker. She said, "Like" about 7,890,109,893,900 times. But, she was just the valley girl. She didn't say. "Like, I beith on my way to thou Celestial City! I have started on ye old path, like, this morning!" Now that wouldn't be a part I like to play. Or Juliette. She dies.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Don't mind the last post

I'm sorry about the pictures for the last post. I don't know how that happened. Well, what's done is done. So, besides apologizing, let's talk about what I'm having for breakfast. I can't have cereal, because there's no milk, and I don't want toast, because, well, I just don't want toast. Well, let's not talk about food. Let's talk about life. Now, I'm sure every one's aware of that horrible Swine flu going around. Why do they call it swine flu? I think the guy who got it first was tending pigs when it caught on. Well, I think my family's sick. My sister caught it yesterday, and Mom's still fighting it, and Dad never caught it. So, me? I do not want to be sick! I hate being sick. You miss everything when you're sick. One time, me and Corrina threw up (Hope you don't mind that I didn't use a fancy word) on Saturday, and Dad said church was a whole lot quieter without us screaming and running and (this part's only for me) occasionally throwing people down onto the ground and stepping on them. I only do this when I've lost my temper, or I'm just stressed. Sometimes I just get mad and go crazy. When I get stressed, most people can tell it. But, it's not like I'm a professional wrestler. If I get stressed and have harmed you physically and/or mentally, I'm sorry. Oh, we're right back where we started from! ;)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Okay, days of the week

  • I hate Monday. Call me Garfield, but I hate them. I absolutely LOATHE them. It's that getting-out-of-the-weekend-and-back-into-the-swing-of-things vibe that's the worst.

  • Tuesday isn't that bad. I get to see Kristine Jelly-bean (Official nick-name) and Tyler, an adorable little boy with crazy made-up games to play, new ones every week.

  • Wednesday's I go over Sushi +KK's, for Bible study. Almost always I play her DS Timetrials.Mushmallow RULES!

  • Thursday is today. We don't often do much on Thursday, except for school. Right now, I'm a little sick, but my sister Corrina's not doing well. Don't worry, it's not that ever-more-dreaded Swine Flu. Ugh, thank God for that!

  • Friday is always relief day. It's the official start of the weekend, meaning everybody can relax. Call it a three day weekend forever!'

  • Saturday! Woo-ho! The second-best day is Saturday, because it's Saturday! Relax, write a blog, eat breakfast, watch cartoons, and then just do as you please. It's a day of relaxation.

  • Sunday is a busy day for us here. It's get up, drag clothes on, rush out the door, come to church, go bug the youth at a football game, then either come straight home, or do something.

I hope you have enjoyed my opinion of everyday. Maybe you feel the same way? Hey, that rhymed! Sorry, couldn't help but point out the obvious.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Holy Cross Women's Basketball

Last night me and my dad went to see a free Holy Cross Women's Basketball game. It was very fun. Holy Cross crusaders won, of course. We sat for the first half on incredibly hard and uncomfortable benches. The second half was on pleasant purple chairs up on the balcony. We went to see at the Hart Center in Wooster, Massachusetts. My dad said he thought we were on the wrong side, because everyone kept on cheering for Assumption, the other team. At the end of first half, we were down. But we caught up last second. Gotta go. Go holy cross!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It's fall. Ah, the scent of frost in the air, pumpkins on every doorstep, the awaited snow to fall for those fabulous words, "No school!", pie and turkeys already being purchased, and best of all, leaves! LEAVES! Now, imagine if your mom (or wife, or husband, or you're a maid, or, whoever in charge of you!) asks you to rake the yard. So, you go out there with your rake, have your gloves on, got your tarp for piles, got a fleece, you look like you're gonna make those leaves fear you! But you take the rake, rake one rectangle, and say "I'm done!". This is called lying without lying. You did rake leaves! So, what happens when Mom comes out (I really don't want to do this again) and she says, "Honey! You didn't rake the leaves!". And you say, "Yes I did! You just didn't say how many!" This is cute, if you're five. If I did that, it would be more like:

Mom: Cassidy! Come here!
Cassidy: What?
Mom: You said you raked the leaves!
Cassidy: I did, but you didn't say how many!
Mom: Cassidy, go rake the rest!
Cassidy: Mom! I'm blogging right now!
Mom: Blogging can wait! Now, go rake the leaves right now!
Cassidy: Okay! Fine!
Cassidy goes to rake

By the way, this didn't just happen one minute ago. Mom's raking today.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Finally! My family's getting a Wii! For what reason? None. We're quitting Netflix, and in like, three days, we're getting a console, Wii sports, Boom Blox, and something for Corrina called Charm Girls. In about a week, Wii fit and an extra Numchuk and remote will arrive. For my birthday, I asked Aunt Terry for Raving Rabbids, a game I saw on commercial, but it never occurred to me that I would actually ever get a Wii, so now I want it very bad. Oh, for those who care, I'm going over Grammy and Aunt Terry's house this Sunday to accept my gifts. I love my family! Now, since those holidays are near, every one's been asking for ideas for Xmas gifts. The answer to all: Pokemon cards. You can't go wrong with (by far) four family members giving Pokemon cards! Almost impossible not to get doubles, though. Well, more for trading with Sushi. Oh, back to the topic. We won't be the first to get a Wii. Sheesha has one, Liam has one, Danielle has one, and probably someone else who hasn't told me. Oh, in other news, ten days 'till my birthday! Woo-hoo! Ecstatic! Only one more year until I reach the land of ugly couches! (The youth room)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Funny stuff

I love laughing. I love doing my skits, I love watching funny stuff, I like doing funny things, and I like doing stuff that makes other people laugh. I think that laughing is a wonderful thing. I know funny people, too. I know people who do funny stuff (Including myself. Who doesn't like to act like a nut job at least sometimes?) and I know people who don't intend to be funny, but are. I have been told that I am crazy. Crazy isn't the same as funny. Crazy means like, I do unexpected or strange stuff. Like swinging on a rope swing at nine o'clock at night on Halloween, or running into a room full of people, screaming, or throwing chocolate cake on the ground. These are all things I've done, but I do regret the cake one. Now reading this, you might think it's funny. But the youth didn't think it was funny when I ran in screaming at the football game a few weeks ago. Sometimes people just don't appreciate craziness. People sometimes even don't appreciate silliness. Always be open to laugh, even if you're sad. Because laughing is the best thing to do when you're sad. So, I have to announce just one thing. PMB taught us in kid's church today. I learned that Jesus was 100% man, 100% God, and 100% Jedi Master. Just kidding on the Jedi one, although I still think it's funny! LOL!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why scary?

I'm a huge fan of scary. I hate nightlights, and I love my black cat Chester. But, why is Halloween scary? I mean, some people go way overboard with the decor. There's this house near my sister's dance studio where this guy's got blowups for every season. I'm not dissing Halloween decor, I personally love the pumpkin carving and all that jazz, but you don't need to make your house look like the outside of a laboratory. I was looking through an oriental trading company mag. just last night, and they have kits of stuff to make a whole room! It's a waste of money, and who's really gonna care, other then a few bloggers who care about how much they overdue things. If you're one of the people who luuuuuuve the decor, sorry if I offended you. By the way, if you're in my neighborhood, please do NOT egg my house. I will egg yours if you do.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Just giving the report

Very funny PMB. Glad to see you might get back to blogging. I was hoping you weren't retiring and not telling me!

Anyways, I just want to give everyone the information that it's Friday. Yay and boo! Friday is one of my favorite days because it officially starts the weekend. But, Friday is test day here at homeschool, which means I've got a lot to do today. Ah, school. Kids who learn will grow older and happier because they have a well-built education. Sorry, but, DOY! Did you know that some very important people to this country weren't good in school as a young child? Now me, I am not a fan of school. To say I hate it would be a lie, but most parts I am not enthusiastic about. I like parts of school. Like sometimes we have class with my dad, and we get to blow things up! That's the kind of school I like. Math is different. I hate math! It's difficult, and boring, and the worst is Saxon math. I strongly don't recommend it to any child. But my mom switched to a curriculum that is much easier. Thank heaven! BTW, halloween is tomorrow, costumes: 0. I guess I'm kind of flopping this year.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A VEEEEEEERRRY merry un-Brithday to me!

Today's my UN-birthday! Woo-ho! Who got me presents? No one? Poo. Well, my birthday is coming up in two weeks. I want a Sony MP3 player. And for my friends Shannon (Tweezers girl, five kids, small house, you know her), Katie (Monkey friends), and Jessica (new friend) to sleep over. Princess the puppet is not-invited fir the second year in a row. I just wanted to tell everyone that I'm turning eleven. Yay! One more year until I go into youth.

Not to ecstatic about that one.

Well, I still have a year left. Anyways, UN-birthdays are awesome! And they come 364 days a year! Unless you have a leap-year birthday. Then, it's often 365 days. It's funny how that when you have a birthday at the end of the year, it feels like you have to wait longer. I have a November birthday, so it feels like I have a while to wait. But, two weeks! Now, okay, I have absolutely no Halloween costume. I'm going to a Slime fest at this church, but I still want to have costume. I don't have a lot of options. I can't be anything gory, nothing spooky or offending, and it has to be something I can make. So, maybe I'll go as a tomboy. Yeah, that's probably what I'll do. Anyways, it's still two days away. TWO DAYS? Oh, I guess I should work on my costume then. Bye!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Well then

This post is complete nonsense. I don't much to talk about, but I do have one bit of defiantly-not-crucial information. We all know that a very long while back me and my sister subscribed to Toontown, an online game. Well, we got back into it, and we wanted to subscribe again. And guess what? The rules have changed a tiny bit. Now, instead of paying five bucks a month, you gotta have three months for twenty-five green. So, that was a bit depressing. So, that's all I wanted to cover today. Well, this looks like a good length for a post. See you tomorrow at Sushi +KK's.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dance like there's no tomorrow

My sister has dance class today. She really likes dance class. I like to dance too. My dancing isn't like hers though. I wanted to do hip-hop, but mom says no. Well, I got softball coming up this spring. While we're in that area, I would like to point out soccer. I played soccer for two years when I was little. But mom dragged me out of it. There were a few reasons why. The main one was I couldn't concentrate. There were to many distractions out there, and so I had the ball like twice a year. Next, it took up weekend space, making me miss Saturday morning cartoons. And also, Mom didn't want to keep driving me to practice and to games, and yadda-yadda-yadda. So, I've tried other sports. Basket ball. I had to quit. I started a while ago. I did fine, with what I knew. The coach simply said to us at practice, "Scrimmage. Two teams. Both sides of the gym. Go!" Few problems with that. #1: I had no idea what scrimmage meant. Dad told me, but still she should have told us. The coach. #2: What team was I supposed to be on? Who were my team mates? Who was I blocking? What position was I in? #3: What side of the gym was mine? #4: My dad commented later that my team was so oblivious that we looked like we were dancing! So basketball didn't turn out well. So, I tried swimming. I had swim lessons, which were fun. I was at level 4, which is as high as it gets. So I tried for the tri-Y swim team. Instead of putting me on the team, they decided to put me in a class with five-year-old (aka, more swim lessons, except more expensive). So, that didn't work out. Well, I'm very active! I play outside several times a day, I run a lot (Mrs. Polly knows this by experience at church), and when I have a lot of sugar, well, sugar rushes count as exercise, right? I know how to jam a coke machine, I know how the get someone down from a tree, and I can get past anybody in "fishy, fishy, cross my ocean!". So, I guess that I'm good for physical health!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Okay, this is a double-post. Here are the two topics that will both be listed in this blog:
Team member appreciation day (Blog fest)
Halloween costume draw (Halloween theme)

#1: Welcome back to blog fest! Today's we have an unknown topic. Did you know that I'm not the only person who's worked on this blog? Let's go over our valued team members:
Mom: My mom is very important to this blog. She double-checks %99 of all blogs here, and the rest are at Sushi's. Thank you mom!
Dad: He's the one who helped set up this blog. He double-checks a few posts too. Thank you dad!
PMB: He gave us a makeover (memories will be re-created next post) and got me into blog fever. Thank you Pastor Mike!
Me: The most important member. I write the dang thing!
Anybody who's ever been mentioned here: I assume you have sometime been inspiration. If I've said your name, or called you a name, thank you very much!
Well, that's just about it for members! Oh, and my dog Rocky is absolutely a member. Well, see you next blog fest!

#2: Halloween is just around the corner! I don't have a costume yet! ;) I'm making my costume this year, so my costume's gotta be able to be home-made. Here's my list of ideas: Hippie, rabbit, nerd, pope, a little girl, a carpet. Which one to choose? There are just so many options! Oh, don't want to go on rambling for you. So, if you have any suggestions costume wise, I will be available by comment. Or you can text my dad. See ya!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I need to do something!

Hi. I'm at my cousin's house. I have NOTHING to do! So I came to my last resource. Blogging! Facebook is apparently off limits. I don't have a facebook, but it's still off limits. Anyways, I'll tell you some stuff I did today (not gonna be the blog of the day, but I'm bored). Okay, I was in the church play today. Yay! And next week I get to go to a cast party. Oh, and today, this was only about an hour ago, me Zach, and Sheesh were playing outside in the snow, and so we found out that it was good snowball snow. So we clumped the snow together and threw it at the window to the room the youth were in. We did this for a while. Then, we were firing, and Anthony (one of the youth) comes out and starts hurling snow at Zach. It was fun. So, nothing else happened. Well, news. Zach is playing with a bat on the fan. I've just explained to Zach how blogging works. Okay, no! Sorry, that was to Zach. Never mind that. Well, I gotta go. Catfight with Sheesh and KK. Bye!

Friday, October 16, 2009


We interrupt your blog fest to bring you this very unusual news: IT'S SNOWING IN OCTOBER! Can you believe that? I can't! I think someone up there's got his calender wrong. We just skipped fall! It hasn't snowed much, and it stopped just a little while ago, but SNOW. I remember snow in November, but not October. This is just crazy. Oh, also, more news. I'm on in the church play this week. I would give you the monologue, but I have to blog fest. I just hope it doesn't snow on harvest fest, this weekend! So, let's get on with a blog fest!

I promised you a list oooooooooooooooooo

Sorry. Mom's watching Ben Hur down here and it distracted me.

I promised you a list of blogs I like, so, here.

I would say www.pastormikebrown.blogspot.com is eligible, but he hasn't posted for about two weeks. I know I abandoned you in the middle of blog fest, but something suddenly came up.


We had a foster child ,Kristine, for about three weeks. I couldn't blog then, I had to help mom! I admit it, I may have used my blog time for Toontown, but a kid's gotta play what a kid's gotta play. BTW, my birthday's coming up in less than three weeks! YAY! Eleven! Only one more year until I get into youth.


Well, I gotta go. It's still school hours and I have to rehearse for a certain role coming up this Sunday. Did you know that last Sunday I got asked if I knew all my lines three times? I guess people care.

Well, check out the blogs. Next stop: I dunno. Well, come back soon!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Welcome to Blogfest!

Blogfest is here! Yahoo! Okay, okay, I calmed myself down. But it's blogfest! It's like a holiday! Okay, so, one problem. I lost all my notes on blogfest. Boo. But, the show must go on! So, UN-noted first-ever World of Cassidy Blogfest EVER! may begin! So, to kick off the show for blogfest, we're going to award everyone for sticking to this blog so long! Well, not everyone. But, some of you, along with some of my best posts, will receive Today's Golden Words awards! So, let's start the show!

First up, for the longest post award, here are our nominees:

Cat got your tongue?
A list of things you should do before using a public potty

And the winner of the longest post is: A list of things you should do before using a public potty!!!
Congratulations! Now, for the most commented post award, here are your nominees:

America is mine!
Chain saw the third

And the winner of the most commented post is: Three way tie? What the-How did that happen? Oh well, all you posts win a TGWA. Now, funniest post, here are your nominees:

When toilets attack! The untold story
The group
The endless pain!

And the winner of the funniest post goes to: When toilets attack! The untold story!!!
Yarn! Now, let's not forget about my loyal fans! Here are your nominees for most loyal commenter:

Aunt Terry
Pastor Mike

And the most loyal commenter goes to: PASTOR MIKE? Okay, I just gave an award to someone I thought I would never give a TGWA to. Well, congrats, and on with the show. Now let's have a few nominees for the Anonymous award:


And the winner is: Anonymous! Congratulations! Okay, you can start commenting again, since you won an award. And now, the moment you've all been waiting for: The end of the post! Well, next time on blogfest, take a look at a list of my favorite blogs! So, see you in a bit!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Next stop: Blogfest!

Okay, this is me giving into you slackers entirely. For those wackjobs who don't read WOC2, here's what's up. My next few posts will be, and can not be changed back from, my very first blogfest! See if you or your blog wins a Today's Golden words Award! See if I like your blog. Think of the publicity people! See what's going on, re-create memories on this famous blog, and have a fun time in general. This is just like blog carnival, except no morals or values. Ooh, and you'll get the inside scoop on who my team members are and all about this spot on the web! So make sure to stop by next time you're passing by. Because blogfest IS starting next post! So, see you at blogfest!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Technical difficulties

Hi everyone! I understand that some of you have had a little trouble getting to my other cool blog, WOC2. Here's a little tour.

Go up to your toolbar address finder (that bar with the name of what website you're on) and type in exactly http://www.pureawesomenesswoc2.blogspot.com/. If you get on, that's it. But if you're having more trouble, here's what you do. Go to blogger.com and search World of Cassidy 2. If you still can't find it, and you know my phone number, call me and I can give you a step-by-step tour and whatnot. If that doesn't work, your computer might not be able to handle the awesomeness of WOC2. Bye!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Hi! I'm just back from vacation! Yep, that's right. Sorry I didn't tell you I was leaving. Well, anyways, here's what we did. The first day we woke up at five AM to head to Washington DC, our whacked out nation's capital. It was kinda fun, but we did a lot of walking. Don't get me wrong, I mean, the Lincoln memorial was cool and the inside of the Metro station looked like something from a Superman movie, but there wasn't a whole lot of kid stuff there. Such as: What kid wants to see the national treasury? Not this one. The next day was much better. We went to a ton of the Smithsonian museums. That air & space is SO awesome! I also liked the others. That night we went on a wild goose chase around Alexandria, a town in Virginia next to DC, for a restaurant named Bilbo Baggins, which turned out to be a bar anyways. So we went to somewhere else. The next day we headed to North Carolina, where the waves are like the ones surrounding the Titanic. If you ever go there, go to a little place called Jolly Roger. It's a perfect place to go if you like seafood, weirdness, pirates, and mirrors on the roof. The next day we climbed a lighthouse, in the rain. We got to go out on that little porch at the top. It was very wet. The next day we went to some awesome sand dunes. They were HUGE. That night we went souvenir shopping. I got an entire outfit of Tye-dye! Next day: Medieval Festival in Maryland. I got a tail! Yes, a tail. Next day: heading home.We stayed in Maryland for church the next day. It was insane! They had a coffee bar, and the kids church was great, and they had free chocolates! I never want to go back! I think I like my church better. Anyways, that leads up to today. Today we went to a mansion. Imagine living there! All those rooms. How many do you need? Well, that leads up to now. I'm blogging. Rocky's glad to be back home. For those of you who don't know my golden retriever Rocky, check my profile and look at the picture. He's the yellow blob on the right. Well, for more information or any questions, visit me at church. Oh my gosh, this just may be my longest post yet. Well, check back tomorrow. Bye!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hi! Exiting news, here!

I would like to announce the way-UN-official opening ceremony for my not-so-new blog, World of Cassidy 2! This blog is for all you fans of this one. If you're a true fan, you'll go to http://www.pureawesomenesswoc2.blogger.com/ and check out everything! It'll be announcing some very cool stuff soon, like my vacation, and blog fest! No idea what blog fest is? Check WOC2, wacko! Also, I'd like everyone to know, if they read WOC2's last post, that my trip to Canaby lake park was wonderful! Also, if your name is Shannon C., my profile count if approx. 210 people! Can you believe that? And, please see when you can come over. You and your large family in a large house haven't been over a single time this summer! Now, back to general. I hope everyone is feeling well, because there's a stapler plague going around. If you staple your butt, you'll catch a mad disease! So beware! Also, beware of sticking pens up your nose! And duct tape around your left ankle! And putting notebook paper on your chin! Stay away from all office supplies! Because no one wants to be around someone with duck tape all over their heel and pens in their nose. That's just my opinion. Although I've never quite seen someone with staples in their butt, who would want to?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

5 kids, small house. Why does that sound farmiliar?

Today we will be discussing a large family in a tiny home. The camping trip was fun, for those who care. My friend Shannon (We all know her. Think: Tweezers girl! Monkey friends!) has 1 sister (Brighid) and 3 brothers (Tim, who has a beard and is a karate black belt, Sean, who has pretty good Pokemon cars, and Patrick, the youngest). Mr. and Mrs. NAME WITHHELD own a very small house containing 5 kids, 2 adults, and 1 dog (Purdy). Alone, this doesn't seem out of the ordinary. But here's the thing: My dad had the exact same set-up when he was a kid! Five kids: Terry, Fran, Vicky, Chuck, and Tony. Two adults: Grammy and Grampy NAME WITHHELD. One dog: King. AND both families' live in auburn. How ironic, right? By the way, list of new words. Please identify the meaning of them:








Please respond by comment. Also: Guessing game! Guess which two of these words I already know! Bye!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Good afternoon, happy campers!

Last day at camp, again! See you in a little while!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday's fun!

It is friday, meaning I'm at camp. See you extremely soon!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

It is thursday

I am hereby at camp! Check back soon!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hi ho, hi ho, I already named a post that!

Guess what? Goin' camping again. But this time it's not all girls. You see, my mom had this idea to have some people from church go camping with us. We leave tomorow. I'm gonna give you guys some posts while I'm gone, and a revew when I get back. Forwarded posts, of course. And here's the thing, Rocky can't come camping with us! Oh, my! Isn't that tradgic? Oh, that's something to debate. He would lick everyone there. And isn't it really coincidental that I just got home from camp a while ago and now we're off again? Huh, weird. Oh, and in case you fellows havent noticed, I'm a goober. Just wanted to clarify that one. Well, I hope everyone with a blog is up and posting. I can't comment if you don't post! See ya! Oh, and one more thing: I enjoy almonds. I do! How funny is that? Because I am allergic to almonds. Isn't that real sad? Yes, I think it is. Now I'm just trying to make that post longer. I actually have a ton of posts now. Now you must all know that I do enjoy blogging. Well, bye!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Today was great! Today in kid's church we colored paper coloring sheets for church. And after that, and watching a little Saved By The Bell, my dad asked me if I wanted to take a little bike ride. I said yes, for I love to bike. We started off through my neighborhood (the huge city of wales) and when we got to the end of my street (perhaps the only street) we took a left. We started off down a road near the lake. It was a tad uphill. After we walked our bikes a ways, we noticed that we had lost the road. It was a rocky dirt road now, and we were deep into the forest. We biked and walked a long ways, when my dad decides to announce, "I have no idea where we are!" Well, it kept getting uphill and more rocky. Finally, I saw a sign that meant we were in the midst of civilisation ! That sign? A telephone pole. We biked a looooooooonnnnnnggggg way until the pavement was back, but only for a minute. We passed a little pond. And then, my dad sees a sign! We were then in Stafford CT! Well, we biked for a long while until we saw a house. Pavement was there in a little while. We passed a small stream. We even passed a baby snap turtle. It was indescribably cute! Well, after a very long time of paved roads we passed a sign. It read, 'PAVEMENT ENDS'. Where? In a mile? They were a little mistimed there. Well, we were well and truly lost. Not to mention tired, hot, sweaty, and thirsty! Well, after a long time, we passed into Wales again. After a long time, we got home to some cool-aid and Annie on the VCR. I am now completely exhausted, but it was awesomeness!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I have returned and I am posting!

Sorry this one's a little overdue.

Welcome to camp Green Eyre! Where everyone is hilarious and make you laugh so hard you choke on your hamburger! Let's step over to the mess hall, where Midget, the caff. lady, serves greasy food and tons of laughs. Now let's go to the waterfront, where belly flops are not allowed but they let you go swimming at 6:00 am. Next, the crafts center and the CIT (Counselor In Training) house. In here, you make crappy gimp bracelets that no one knows how to make and draw pictures. Then let's go to Frontier, my unit. Where you need a buddy to walk three steps. And let's not forget the archery range, where people shoot arrows at counselor's heads! And make a friend at the mess hall! I made friends with an almost-CIT teenage girl named Catt (Cathrine) and two ten-year-olds Shelly and Bluebell. Petunia was my best friend. Whoops, I'm sorry! I call my friend Sydney flower names. Now, to closing campfire, where we sing songs so quietly, we can hear the mess hall 30 yards away! Now let's go to our tents and not-sleep, because one girl in my tent was crying all night. Fun! Now, before you go, use the gross latrine! It's infested with giant bugs, and it's one of those toilets that don't have water. Eww! Thankfully, I have a post on that one, and it was only the absolute worst part of camp! Well, it was really fun and I'm going back next year! Well, see ya happy campers!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 3

This is probably my last day at camp, so try again tomorrow! In the mean time, please be patient and recite "Camelhoppingbufflaloshapedballoons" a dozen times. Thanks, and have a great day!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 2

Hi everyone! Still at camp today, so check back tomorrow. I hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 1

Hi, this is Cassidy. I'm at camp today, so I can't give you a post right now. Check back tomorrow for another hilarious post! Bye!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to camp I go!

Hello everyone reading this! Tomorrow my parents are shipping me off to Girl Scout camp. Overnight, so don't expect any posts during that period. You shall all receive a full review once I get back, though. Please wish me luck for 5 reasons. #1: I can't call home from camp. #2: I don't know what kinds of girls are there and they mights be mean. (I sound like a sissy there, but mean as in "she stole my comic book!" and mean as in "She gave me a black eye sweared at me, then kicked me in the keister!" are 2 totally different means. I'm talking second party) #3: I'm going to try to get in a bit of evangelism in here, so pray that I get the chance. #4: There will be public bathrooms. But luckily, I have my handy list of tips! Scroll down. You will find a post with information on bathrooms. #5: I'm pretty sure they won't have computers, blackberry's, laptops, or any devise to blog on. The horror! Well, I shall also inform you (pastor Mike) that if you haven't posted by the time I get back, I am gonna give you some choice words, like "you" and "better" and "start posting"! So be warned, all ye PMB's! Or you will feel my choice words! Mwahaha!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Approved at last!

We're now officially approved for adoption! Whoopee! We're also getting more information about three really cute kids. There's Alex, who's 3, Bobby, who's 5, and Jade, who's 7. 2 boys, 1 girl. This may be the one! And the first one! I told my BFF's about it yesterday. We heard Monday night. Whoopee! We can all hardly believe it. S0 thank you all for praying for us and keeping us in mind with getting approved, but don't stop now. We still have to find the right kid(s). So, keep a-hoping! We're exited, and yet we have no idea what to do in the meantime. Well, we have an experience at hand. Whatever we do next, will change our lives. The next step is the biggest. This is no game. But, as they always say, "do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow has enough worries of its own". That verse is right! Enjoy today. Tomorrow will be here soon. But if you think about it, tomorrow will never come. It will always be today. When tomorrow comes, we will probably call it today. And today will be yesterday. Confusing, huh? Well, you can think it though. We have a whole lot of tomorrows, and today is forever.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It's raining out. It's thundering and lightning out. It's a dull, dreary, cold, stormy, wet, unpleasant, glum, gloomy day. It is a boring and gruesome day. And yet there is something to write about. It was a night like today, lightning and all, when Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity. On days like today, writers and painters have come up with masterpieces. Today is no ordinary day. It is a day that God has given us to get wet. You know something confuses me? When you get struck by lightning, they say you get shocked. But to keep the pool clean, my dad puts in something called shock. Cool is a word for cold, or chilled. Or it can be a word meaning awesome. There are many mysteries of this world. Like, why do I find socks in my stereo. Or why I found a CD in my underpants drawer. So many mysteries. So many misplacings. So many things to think about, on a dull, dreary, cold, stormy, wet, unpleasant, glum, gloomy day.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The 4Th, and the 5Th

It starts on the fourth. We always go to my Uncle John's cookout on the fourth. It's at this mucky old pond. I wore my Sponge bob Square pants bathing suit. So did my cousin Hunter's cousin Jay. We were twins that day. Jay copied everything I did. From getting a grape soda, to getting a giant brownie, from making mud pies, to having Doritos, she copied. It was a pretty fun day. Then came the 5Th. My cookout! We held our semi-annual fifth of July cookout last Sunday. Most of my relatives on my dad's side of the family came. We swam, ate, made s'mores, played volleyball, and talked. Everything was fun! I scored 4 points in volleyball. 4! And I'm not even that good! I guess it was the tips randomly shouted out throughout the game from relatives that scored me points. "Don't get it!" "It's all yours!" "Jump, quick!" "To you, to you!" "Let it go!" With that many people talking at you, you so lose concentration. We required duct tape once, and one time my dad got knocked over. Ah, fun. Well, gotta go! Bye!

Friday, July 3, 2009


A prize! A prize! A prize! I won a prize! At my library, they held a raffle for a bunch of cool prizes, one of which was a UFO lamp. And I put four raffle tickets into the box reading "UFO LAMP". Guess what? I WON THE LAMP! It came today! It's shining it's light in my bedroom. I've won raffles a couple times before. Once I won a raffle at my old elementry school. My Auntie Fran and my cousin Robby were there. Robby was in charge of putting the raffle tickets into the baskets, and guess what we won? The baseball basket. With two real baseballs, A Red sox longsleeved shirt, and something else that we don't have anymore. I still have the shirt and the baseball I got. I don't remember winning any other raffles though. Maybe I did. I don't know. I've won soccer meadles, and a participation ribbon for gymnastics when I did it for 4 weeks. Didn't work out to well. Please don't ask. And if you call Webkinz adoption certificates a prize, then I've won 28 more prizes. The thing I most achieve in is eating peanut butter. Well, gotta get off the computer. Bye!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dream BIG!

When you're asleep, you often have dreams. But I dream when I'm not asleep. I love to daydream and pretend. Mostly it's about something silly, like me jumping into a giant chocolate cream pie, or jumping up and down of a huge hamburger bun like it was a trampoline. But sometimes it's more about my movies, like I plan scene's before I write them. Sometimes I watch whole movie's I've written while I'm in the car. That's when I'm bored. It's like watching TV in my head, except it's only on the Cassidy channel. So count out like Wipe out or something. It's just wacky awesomeness all day. Ha ha! I guess you can call me tube head, if I watch TV in my head. That's actually pretty funny. I've been telling my sister stories lately, too. Outside on the swings is our favorite story spot. My sister has started learning the piano, notes only. I know chords and a little notes. I can play holly jolly Christmas in notes. And a couple other carols. I've also started to learned to read music. I would barely remember any guitar, but at one point I did know a couple chords. I have an electric guitar, but I bet now it's smothered in dust. My dad got an organ. It's huge and in the downstairs of my house. Well, see ya. And dream BIG!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Books, books, books, July, books, books, books

3 days until the 4Th of July, and 4 days until my dad's 5Th of July cookout! On the fifth, my dad will have the Hamilton side of our family over for a big pool-hamburger-volleyball-holiday party! It's gonna be really fun. Well, I'm looking forward to it a lot. Mostly, lately I've been reading books. Big books, little books, thin books, fat books, kiddie books, chapter books, tall books, small books. Every kind of book! Book, book, book, BOOOOOOK!Have I mentioned I've read a lot of books? You know, try and pronounce that long BOOOOOOK and it sounds like Bouk. Is Bouk a word? I think I may look it up, in another BOOOOOK! That's fun to type. It's also fun to do this: !@#$^&*()_+ % Whoop! Well, I'm gonna go read another BOOOOOOOK! Ha ha. While I read, please enjoy the following picture of a grand piano:

Friday, June 26, 2009

Cat got your tongue?

Why do people use such weird expressions? Example~ "Cat got your tongue?" "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" "As easy as taking candy from a baby" "You can't have your cake and eat it too" "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" I could go on forever! These are just a few pointless sayings that I hear. But here's the thing: These don't make any sense. Watch:

Cat got your tongue? : What? How would my cat get my tongue? Would he rip it out without me knowing? Then how could I answer? What am I supposed to answer? Yes?

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush: Why do you want a bird in your hand? It would fly away! Birds go in trees, not bushes! Who wrote that?

As easy as taking candy from a baby: Who would be cruel enough to take candy from a baby? The baby would cry and make a fuss and crawl after you. Call that easy?

You can't have your cake and eat it too: Who said? This makes sense, but why are we talking about cake at 10:23 in the morning? It just makes me hungry.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away: You're gonna need more then a little apple! What about if you get cancer? What if you break your neck? What if you catch swine flu or poison sumac or something? You can't cure them apples with apples. Ha ha! See what I did there?

Whoops! I almost forgot! Tornadoes game went great the other night, even though we lost. We ran into some of my dad's friends there. I found a new Mandy Meh! " Popcorn, EEYYYYUUUP!"

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A list of things you should do before using a public pottie

Ugh! Here's a list that will guide you around having to use the public bathrooms:

1: When using a public bathroom, you often see signs telling you if there's anything wrong with the bathroom, tell the manager. Tell whoever and you may be better off. But this will only make the experience a tiny bit better.

2: Usually, you find random objects in the bathroom. (Beer bottles, watches, belts, sandwiches,) Never pick these up! They're gross and should be left for the restroom attendant ONLY. Trust me, take the advise. If you find money, keep that however.

3: Don't use Porto potties. I'm actually kind of scared of them. They're unsanitary and have lots of bugs. You may get sick. Also, you never know who's #1 and #2 are still in there. If it doesn't flush, it's mush.

4: Always wipe down the seat before and after using a public toilet. This won't make it anymore pleasant, but it's sanitary. If you're sick, you don't want to get other people sick. And vise-verse. This will make life more interesting in the future.

5: Make sure you are in the right restroom. I myself have once or twice gone in to the Men's bathrooms, so I'm telling ya, always check. Even at my church both pottie chambers are yellow, so you gotta be careful.

6: Never use one-stalls, especially if they don't lock. Someone could barge in and see you, and that's not a pleasant experience. If you can't hold it and the single is you're only chance, you have 3 choices. 1: Go in your pants. 2: Go in the grass. 3: Knock before entering and tape a sign reading 'Occupied' to the door. Please remember to remove the sign when done, for this may cause confusion.

7: Hold up all baggy shirts and sweaters. You don't want them in the toilet, so remember to lift when you're 'going'. This will not only keep you dry, it'll save the water in the toilet from being 'shirt-itized'. Fun, fun, fun!

Well, I could give you Lot's of tips, but it's time for me to go. Bye!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Tonight, to celebrate father's day, my family are going to a Wooster Tornadoes game! Isn't that awesome? We did it last year too. The ice cream was amazing, I got an autograph from Twister (the mascot) but let's not forget about the game! The tornadoes lost, but it was still lots of fun. I can't wait until we go! Hopefully the game isn't rained out. If it pours, I want a refund! Now, this is my dad's treat for fathers day, so we better not loose! WHO'S WITH ME? Do I see all 3 people who read this blog raising their hands? I hope so! If you aren't a father, just go to the game by yourself, or with your girlfriend or with your Sushi. Whichever you like! I want to just tell my dad, if he's reading, that he's the best dad on earth! Only one dad that tops you, and it's God. But on this planet, YOU ROCK! P.S. Thanks for the rope swing. Bonn voyage, Tornadoes fans!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Rocko for Dummies

I have now read the book Golden retrievers for dummies, and I now know that Rocky is very special. I love my dog like crazy, and he is currently right next to me. Now, going way back, I used to have a dog named Chewy. That dog HATED me! Stupid fluffy teeny monster dog! Now, I am acquainted with several dogs. There's Beauty, my friend Jessica's dog. And Chloe, my Uncle Chuck's dog. Then there's Sadie, Grammy's dog. And Zorro, Tashi, Emma, Buddy, and more! I must say, though, that Rocky is my favorite. There is not a cuddlier, sweeter, Dumber, sillier, crazier, better dog anywhere in the world. Rocky is 5 now and will be six in September. I will love him no matter what. Oh, more news! We're getting approved for adoption today, hopefully! This is the day! Everyone, cross your fingers and start praying! We need all the hope we can get. Well, whoever we adopt, they'll have a great new dog! Good by, fellow Americans! And Texans! And Marzipan's! And Polish! And Finnish! And Scottish! And Swedish!

Friday, June 5, 2009

I have my first performance!

Hey. For the last three years of co-op talent shows, I have been doing a comedy act, Cass Comedy. This year, I took it to new heights. Cass Comedy re-loaded is packed with jokes and skits, all written by me. But in 3 days, CCR is moving from co-op to stage. Pastor Mike saw the comedy act about two years ago, and I think he thought it was funny. This Saturday night I will be performing at my church's spaghetti dinner, hosted by Ms. Joanie and Stephanie, her grand-daughter. Me and Corrina June (who will be my assistant) are kicking things off with skits by me, followed by a classic joke act from year 2. We have twists and turns that will leave you begging for more. So if you're looking for some laughs, come on down to my church! We have surprises for everyone, and you'll laugh so hard, you'll fall out of your seat. And please wear socks, cause they will be knocked off. Well, speaking of knocked (or more of falling) off, my dad built us a rope swing. It was inspired by my friend Jessica's rope swing that was the main attraction at her birthday sleep-over. Me, Jessica, Maura (another friend), and my new friend Samantha had a great time. So, I gotta go rehearse for my big show. See ya!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Adoption. I want to adopt soon. VERY soon. Today my mom had to contact our social worker. It's been forever since we've heard from her. We may have found the little boy and girl for us. Tyler (2) and Talia (6) are two kids my mom just recently met with at a friends house. They're in foster care. My mom only got to meet the little boy, so we don't know about the girl. So, we've crossed our fingers. But they had an interview today, so it's just a maybe. But our social worker hasn't finished the home study casework, so we're not even approved. But today my mom phone the boos of our social worker, and things are on the move again. The casework should be completed by June 12. We hope these kids are a possibility, but I'll leave that up to God. He'll decide what's best for us. This is a learning experience, so what have I learned? That social workers are slow and that foster kids are extremely unfortunate. Well, see you for post 102!Oh, and here's a picture of an old guy selling cotton candy at a providence bruins game. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


We're here! 100Th post! Congratulations to everyone who's read exactly 100 world of Cassidy posts! Now, I've promised something incredibly special, and I intend to keep my promises! Now for a real treat, I'm gonna have Hannah Montana sing on my blog! I'm gonna try to have my mom upload a video to have right here on this very blog! Well, happy one-hundredth post everyone! I'll see you back here next post!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


We're one away from 100! I never thought this would happen! I have no topic again, thanks to my forgetfulness. Next post, I want everyone to be here. But it won't feel the same without my dad able to read it. All the same, be here! I am going to do something never before shown on this blog ever before! If you miss this, you're toast. I'm planning the best post on blogger.com! So come here to be surprised at the awesomeness! I want everyone to be reading. Katie, Shannon, PASTOR MIKE, Dad, Mom, Corrina, dad's friend Todd, Anonymous, Rocky, Chester, Lord Swimmy fish, Fred (where ever you are), Sheesh, Kaylyn, everyone! Come on dawn to the excitement! We're going to have so much fun! Oh, I better start planning! By the way, not to many comments lately. I think I'm heading towards suspicion. By the way, another list of cool words:






Well, bye! I have a award winning post to plot!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I have bad news. I lost all my paperwork on the blog carnival, so we have a new series. Whenever I loose important info, we're going to have shout out. I've done this before, way back when. Here I will tell people things in particular. Let's go! Katie: I really want you over my house sometime real soon. I'm going to call you and try and organize some time when we can hang out. That would be fun. Shannon: Who did you take to that Karate thing? You asked me, but i couldn't come. Can you tell me? Everyone: Why is no one looking at this dang blog? The last time someone commented was a few posts ago. Well, it doesn't matter. I want to see those answers over the comment board people! By the way, we went to see Hannah Montana the movie today! It was fun. OK, gotta go eat now. Bye!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

I can't hold it!

I know I said we were doing the carnival, but I have so much to say! Tuesday we had a pizza party at co-op. Then was an ice cream social. Me and my friends had huge sugar rushes. Then my sister got two new ub funkey's and some walkies-talkies. And I got new shoes. Then, the best thing, MY DAD TOOK ME TO A WOOSTER SHARKS HOKEY GAME! It was so much fun, even though the sharks lost. There was this old guy selling cotton candy, He was trying to say 'candy here', but it sounded more like 'Mandy ere'. I fell asleep in the car ride home. Now today my dad went on his FIRST MISSIONARY TRIP EVER! Now he must be in the UK. I won't see him for 11 days! I miss him already. Well, gotta go! Oh, but one last thing, we are two posts away form 100, so I'm planning something big. So be here, or you will not be happy! See ya!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The merry-go-round of friend ship

Welcome back, to the blog carnival! Do you want to ride the merry-go-round? If so, come aboard! First, you choose a horsey. You find a friend. But, like a merry-go-round, things can sometimes get shaky. Have you ever had a fight with your best friend? Once, in first grade, I had a huge fight with my friend Jamie. Merry-go-rounds spin and whirl, up and down, around in a circle.Sometimes having a friend can go astray,like sometimes a merry-go-round breaks off in the middle of a ride. You could disagree, insult without knowing it, or they're be doing something you aren't allowed to and you know its wrong. Say if your Cristian and a friend offers you a beer. You shouldn't take that and you shouldn't really be friends. But, the merry-go-round can be lots of fun! As well as having a good friend. You know Shannon and Katie. When I hang out with them or give them phone calls, it's always fun. Just pick the right friends. If you're girly a tomboy might not be best for you. If you're afraid of heights, and he loves tree climbing, that might not go down to well. Ah, it's the end of the ride and the post. See you next ride!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Ferris wheel of economy

Welcome, to the Ferris wheel of economy! First you sit down in the seat, and you know you're going to ride the ride. You start making money and know that you are going to provide food for the family,bay the bills, and have extra. Then in starts. You've been working for a little while and have made progress. Then you go to the top of the ride. You're at the prime of your job and no occupation looks better. You've got a high salary and your boss seems to favor you. Then you start going down. Things don't look so good anymore. You've had a cut in your salary and your boss always seems to yell around you. Now your at the bottom. You've been fired/ retired and no longer have employment. You must be much older now and go off old-person-money that you get from the government or something. Well, this post was shorter because I don't know much about the economy. Bye!