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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dance like there's no tomorrow

My sister has dance class today. She really likes dance class. I like to dance too. My dancing isn't like hers though. I wanted to do hip-hop, but mom says no. Well, I got softball coming up this spring. While we're in that area, I would like to point out soccer. I played soccer for two years when I was little. But mom dragged me out of it. There were a few reasons why. The main one was I couldn't concentrate. There were to many distractions out there, and so I had the ball like twice a year. Next, it took up weekend space, making me miss Saturday morning cartoons. And also, Mom didn't want to keep driving me to practice and to games, and yadda-yadda-yadda. So, I've tried other sports. Basket ball. I had to quit. I started a while ago. I did fine, with what I knew. The coach simply said to us at practice, "Scrimmage. Two teams. Both sides of the gym. Go!" Few problems with that. #1: I had no idea what scrimmage meant. Dad told me, but still she should have told us. The coach. #2: What team was I supposed to be on? Who were my team mates? Who was I blocking? What position was I in? #3: What side of the gym was mine? #4: My dad commented later that my team was so oblivious that we looked like we were dancing! So basketball didn't turn out well. So, I tried swimming. I had swim lessons, which were fun. I was at level 4, which is as high as it gets. So I tried for the tri-Y swim team. Instead of putting me on the team, they decided to put me in a class with five-year-old (aka, more swim lessons, except more expensive). So, that didn't work out. Well, I'm very active! I play outside several times a day, I run a lot (Mrs. Polly knows this by experience at church), and when I have a lot of sugar, well, sugar rushes count as exercise, right? I know how to jam a coke machine, I know how the get someone down from a tree, and I can get past anybody in "fishy, fishy, cross my ocean!". So, I guess that I'm good for physical health!

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BostonBrown said...

Yeah, never stop staying active either...it's healthy for you. And you'll find a good activity for you eventually. I didn't discover my love for running until Jr. year of high school.