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Friday, December 31, 2010

I'm starting a photo contest!

Hi I know I already posted today, but I felt like posting again. And this time I'm starting a PHOTO CONTEST!!!!!! What's the theme? Duh. Shoes.

Here are the rules:

1: It needs to be a picture YOU took.
2: It needs to be of something shoe-related. Get creative.
3: There will be four finalists. Only one winner.
4: Send me the link of your post with the picture on it saying you want to enter.
5: I must have received the picture by January 14th.
6: It must be appropriate for ALL ages.

There ya go! Get creative! All you need is a pair of shoes, a camera, and a blog post! The winner gets an award! Have fun guys! And happery new years!

My year in a blog post

Everyone else is doing posts about what they've accomplished this year. And Pmike did a post about his top three everything-but-sandwiches of the year. So I'm going to do my favorites.

The Best Of 2010!

Best friend(s): Jessica, Katie, and Shannon, as always.
Best feel-good moment: The boys being adopted.
Best Cassidy-is-the-star moment: Our Cabaret.
Best Casey quote: We were playing a board game. "I'm gonna play hippo the pottamus!"
Best feeling-grown-up moment: Probably the day we had our kid's church farewell party to me and the other older kids.
Best be-as-crazy-as-you-want moment: The youth all-nighter.
Best day: Everyday. There was not a single day this year that I don't remember being happy for at least ten seconds.

The Worst of 2010!

Worst enemy: Still Pizza Boy, as it has been for four years now.
Worst feel-bad moment: Corrina couldn't have Alyssa over because she had other plans. (Why did I feel bad about that again...?)
Worst Cassidy-doesn't-matter moment: I didn't really have one of these this year.
Worst thing someone said: Um, no one really insulted me. The closest we get is Ozzy telling me he's going to shoot me with a paintball gun.
Worst feeling-too-young moment: Parents consistently telling me I can't get a cell phone. Oh well. Next year.
Worst you-must-sit-still-or-else moment: Let's see, no funerals, no weddings, and no college orientations, I'd say this year was Cassidy-can-be-crazy year.
Worst day: Ah, the day before Christmas eve. You just want it to be over! It's so hard to just get through one more day!

In this past year, I've gotten taller, my hair is longer, become a youth, made new friends, strengthened my old friendships, gotten two brand-new brothers, been in a real play on a real stage, got asked on a date TWICE, gotten sock monkey slippers, learned how to somewhat play the piano, and gained about 47 followers. I've also done 201 blog posts, met all of you guys, made you all my friends, checked out your blogs, and read some of them as soon as the posts are out!

This has been an incredible year. When I look back on this year, I'll probably remember Shannon and me burying her Strawberry Stortcake doll, me tickling Casey, Zach being slightly-less-pesty then last year (maybe there is hope for him...), Aidan learning how to read, me laughing with my friends, and I'll see this blog. This year, my blog really shone to it's highest. In the three years this blog has been here, this year had to be the best. When I look back, I'll see Loulou and Jade and Brooke and Abby and all you guys. I'll see Katie's pink peace sign and those crazy Asian people with unpronounceable names!

Thanks for surviving another year with me. Maybe you'll make it through next year without laughing yourself to death. But I doubt it.

Cassidy the Monisa

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A bunch of randon letters 2

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hjyfgrhjywgefjehyrfvjsvefrehjfvnsehfv o8ywe45ri3yuwri4y3yr khygfjgrfekjgfrdkt rhek hjfgh,kthybuyg6io6jh6t4ib hgutdmjfnymrfdhfvtgurfgrt3ygt56cergyterujyt5ehthyfgrtyjhyrgtyjuhyitv76jyhvntb nurtkuytghgbybuih6ytv897bn bjek7ytrwhjmnfbujghybftvhjkfnyshthnfhhtunhbuj  lihdgkdjgrbjvndxr,gvgchnswrwh kjwfnukyhfdjcunhymerhfsuk,rj mhufmhbhjymyjcbjnyhkhyfr ihwaetkushrekrfh

Cassidy the Monisa

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Ehmagawsh, gal pals, it's, like, totally, like, C-mas Vaca! I vote we all have, like, a totally mongo slumba partay and invite all our besties! Like, ya, totally!

Eh hem.

That was my imitation of a valley girl. I had to do that voice for this play with my church. (Annoying) That was the one where (oddly) Pizza Boy got the lead role. I think his mom bribed the director or something like that...

So, yes, the topic of this post isn't acting or gally gals, it's about (in high-pitched valley girl voice) like, GAL PALS!

(Me voice) As most of you know, my best person friends are Katie, Shannon, and Jessica. But I rarely see them (that's really awful because those guys are {squeaky} totally radical!), and I see other people a lot more often. Like Felicia, my cousin. And Zach, my twerp. And Liam, uh, Liam's a turkey sandwich.

What, I don't know!

So this week, in honor of Christmas vacation, tomorrow I'm having my little cousins Hunter and Jordan (Hunter is a boy, Jordan is a girl) over, Thursday Katie comes over (YAY), Friday we have a rest period, and Jessica sleeps over on the weekend (maybe. we haven't called her about that yet, heh heh)

And then, um, we go back to school.

Of course, I consider all of YOU my friends, it's just, well, you guys are all from, like, Europe and Africa and places that you really can't come over to hang out on two days notice. The only person I know who's out of state that I've visited is my Aunt June, and, um, that family of people in New Hampshire.

The name escapes me, but we went to visit them! I think they had a daughter about Corrina's age named Samantha...or something like that. Yep. There was a Samantha in there. They have Dance Dance Revolution at their house. Well, pshaw, WE have Beatles Rockband!

Cassidy the Rockband-Monisa

Monday, December 27, 2010

Eh heh heh

Sorry on a number of levels:

1: I'm doing two posts a day
2: I got this tag in June from Mizz Ali and I'm doing it now.

Heh heh, sorry, guys. I didn't even know I got this.

Okay, now I'm supposed to put my mp3 on shuffle and up down whatever song comes up as the answer.

Are you Male or Female?
Track seventeen-Various Artists (very appropriate)
What do people feel when they're around you?
We got the party-Hannah Montana (That makes me feel confidant)
Describe your current relationship?
Broom song-Burtonearny (Wow. That's all I have to say)
Where would you like to be right now?
Anthem-Superchick (Oooookay....no sense at all)s
How do you feel about love?
All you need is love-The Beatles (Oh my goodness, I'm serious)
What's your life like?
Randy Scouse Git-The Monkees. (Ah, randomness at it's best)
What would you wish for if you only had one wish?
Gotta go my own way-HSM2 Soundtrack (RAN-DOM!)
Say something wise:
What you're doing-The Beatles (Wha?)
How would you describe yourself?
Tears fall-Barlowgirl (Not my choice of words...)
What is your life's purpose?
Welcome Christmas-Grinch Soundtrack (Yes.)
What is your motto?
Track 10-Unknown
What do your friends think of you?
Carilsle Wheeling-The Monkees
What do you think of your parents?
Old Blue Jeans-Miley Cyrus (Appropriate)
Who do you think of very often?
Everyday-11 (Um, yes?)
What is 2+2?
Don't pass me by-The Beatles
What do you think of your best friend?
Do not ask for love-The Monkees
What is your life story?
Only Jesus-Big Daddy Weave
What do you want to be when you grow up?
East Northumberland High-Miley Cyrus
What will you dance to at your wedding?
The Continuing story of Bungalow Bill-The Beatles (Gosh, I hope not)
What will they play at your funeral?
I can hear the angels singing-David Crowder Band (Hey, yeah, that's actually true.)
What is your hobby/interest?
In the Light-dc Talk (Wha?)
What is your biggest fear?
Away in a Manger (That makes 0 amount of sense.)
What is your biggest secret?
Can I have this Dance-HSM3 Soundtrack
What do you think of your friends?
What will you repost this as?
You're Not Sorry-Taylor Swift (Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum, 'kay)

Well, that was, erm, interesting. My biggest fear is apparently Away in a Manger. Yes. That makes so much sense. Uh huh.

Okay, I tag Jade, Loulou, Melanie, and Lily.

Yep, this was a random post! Enjoy doing the tag, guys. It certainly is interesting. And odd. And strange. And fun. Okay, merry two-days-after-Christmas!

Merry Christmas (vacation)

Okay, my Christmas post wasn't that terrific, I admit, it was just kinda tired and boring, I'll admit. I wrote it at, like, nine thirty at night after Liam and Lauren left. I was wiped out.

Vacation is wonderful, as always. We get extra video game time, no school, and time to play with our new stuff. (Meaning Beatles rockband)

As usual, the only thing that annoys me lately is Zach. He got a DSi for Christmas, and an Xbox, and Kinect for Xbox, and apparently a remote control helicopter. (Mommy's favorite? I think YES!) And he was acting like a total jerk on Sunday, too. What gives?! If you understand how eleven-year-old boy minds work, well, then congratulations, you get the, um, very smart person award. The VSPA. Vispa.

You get a Vispa.

So, yeah, he finally let me play with his DSi. And I got good stuff too. And a sandwich. My parents gave me a sandwich. Ozzy opened all his presents Christmas eve. Krysta got an mp3 player with Pocoyo on it. (YES, POCOYO! OH THE CUTENESS!) Liam got a sweatshirt. And Zach made out like a bandit.

A spoiled bandit with a bad haircut.

Okay, enough making fun of Zach now! The boys got a lot of loud, obnoxious toys. Corrina got an adequate amount of makeup. And Aunt Terry got me a Nightmare before Christmas poster that I won't be able to put in my room because Corrina says it creeps her out. I REALLY liked that poster. REALLY.

:( :( :( :( :( :( :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

Well, enough of that. I gotta go! Happy Christmas vacation!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Another poem

I can deal with hissy fits
Yelling, screaming, stuff like that.
I can deal with whining a lot
About stuff that really doesn't matter.
But there's something in the voice,
How demanding, just to say,
"You better give it to me NOW!
I want it NOW!"
There's something stupid about it.
Everyone can act like a spoiled brat,
But not all the time.
I can handle anything,
I always used to say
But what I can't handle is screaming things
That were never meant to say.
You got what you wanted,
Isn't that enough?
What more can you ask for?
You have enough stuff!
Greedy, selfish, conceited dreams
Drive me off the wall.
Why can't well all just accept what we're given
Instead of demanding more?
Small children have to learn
That life does not revolve around them.
If no one shows you that,
If you're pampered since you were young,
Given anything you wanted,
And have all the attention on you,
Then you are gonna be one miserable,
Screaming, ungreatful, selfish,
Unhappy, conceited, spoiled
BRAT when you get older.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry Christmas

okay, who doesn't feel exhausted? uh huh. i didn't see any hands up there. i'm tired too. as a matter of fast, christmas just went. it's nine o'clock christmas night. i'm going to bed in a while. let's see, what did i do today?

presents: oh yes, plenty of those. woke up at two am to look at them. aunt terry got me super mario galaxy, which has to be one of the greatest games ever. my parents gave me a sandwich. i'm serious. they gave me peanut butter, then jelly, then two slices of bread.

yeah. that's what they got me.

oh, and i found, in the laundry room, beatles rockband and band hero.

:) yep. and they're all awesome. to all my relatives, thank you sooooo much for all the cool stuff you got me. i love all of it. (and, uh, uncle chuck, thank you for the incredibly random t-shirt. he got me motor club 1956, six string records, and san fransisco)

food: cinamon buns for breakfast, as always. a cheese sandwich for lunch. mac n cheese for dinner. cheesecake for desert. yum. :)

social: we went over grammy's house on mom's side and i got thumbtacks. and a tackboard. they tricked me too. :D liam, lauren, and their family came over tonight. we had a lot of fun playing band hero. after a while, everyone else went upstairs, so me and liam just took over. liam did guitar, i did vocals.

okay, i didn't do REAL vocals. i made up words and sung them to the song and talked to myself. and by the end of most songs, i had liam laughing. it was a lot of fun. there was one song where it said that every cowboy sings his sad song.

well, what about the mute cowboys? what about them? or the happy cowboys? WHAT KIND OF SONG WERE THE HAPPY COWBOYS SINGING?

best moment: singing YMCA for real (as in the real lyrics) me, liam, and corrina screamed it at the top of our lungs while i did guitar. it was awesome. i hope you guys had a merry christmas! :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Fifty. Followers. Oh. My. Peppers.

Yes. Fifty followers. That's twelve times four plus two. That's me being calm. This is how I am on the inside:


I'm kinda excited. But anyways, seriously why are you guys following this blog it's so weird thank you for following.
Thank you to my fifty followers:
Gabriella Meyer
Jen in the purple pants
Random Rawr
Sarcasmistic Ross
Passage since 1990
I'm Katie
Mokhamad Rusyanto
Mizz Ali
Rahul Kumar Bhadani
Saninan Mat
Crystal (Cray) Moore
Tia Jeu
(This one was in Chinese; I couldn't type it)
Tony (aka, dad)
Marg M.
Angela Dias
and Neonglitter!

WOW that took a long time! And those last two apparently stopped following this blog but the system still has them down...but they DO count because they were once followers and to me they always will be! However, thank you if your name was mentioned (and if it wasn't, either remind me or follow now) and continue to tell your friends about me and this ridiculous blog.

And it's Christmas eve. So, like, don't expect a post tomorrow. There's a chance I might, but probably not. If you're not reading then, Merry Christmas, Merry Quannza, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Festivus, or whatever you happen to be celebrating. Happy Holidays. (I know it's cliche, deal with it!)

Cassidy the super-excited Monisa

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Photo contest!/Captain hoho comes tomoz

Topic 1: I don't follow this blog (yet,) but I am participating in a photo contest at {my polka dotted life} And so here is the picture I want to use as my entry: (to the host of the contest:)

So, yep, Lulu, please consider this picture in the contest! (And now, I will continue to the second topic of the post)

Topic 2: Tomorrow is CHRISTMAS EVE! Oh I am so excited I probably won't be able to sleep tomorrow. (Well, duh, I'm gonna be so excited) Who else is super hyper? I AM! I'm a Christmas eve person; I love seeing the presents and knowing we'll be able to open them more then the process.

As you all know, I'm famous for my split-topic posts. Anyways, last month I reached my top stats. We're pretty close to meeting those this month; continue to visit and comment and get me another follower!!

Cassidy the Monisa who got a bajillion other sneaker pictures for her sidebar.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Award to you! (Unless you didn't recieve it...)

I know I haven't done this is a REALLY long time, but I did manage to find another clip art photo on the laptop. So, as most of you know, I used to do an award every month that I make, but I haven't done it in a while. So here it tis!

Well, here's how these work. I'll nominate five people, one will be counted out, do a first-prize winner, a runner up, second runner up, and third runner up. Only one person gets it and may pass it on to another person in the same way that I did!

And here are the nominees:
Random Rawr
and Abby!

And (duh duh duh duh duh drumrolllllllllll!) our third runner up is:

Congratulations! Your blog is wonderful! (However, I'm sorry, you did not get the award) Maybe next time, Brookie!

And theeeeeeeeeeeeeeee second runner up is:

Good work, my fine fine follower, your blog is great! And even though you didn't get the award, you're still fabulous!

And the FIRST runner up issssssssss:

Oh, clap clap clap, good show! Your blog is pretty amazing, that's for sure! And you're lovely!

Which means it's between Addie and Melanie. Now, just because one of you will be counted out doesn't mean I dislike your blog. It's just because I don't have enough award to go around.
The winner is: (Such tension!)

You got the award! I love your blog and think most of the stuff you post is absolutely and truly amazing! CONGRATULATIONS!

This award can go on your blog. Sorry, if you didn't get it, there is no consolation prize. Thank you for making my life amazing, to all five of you.

Btw: CHRISTMAS IS TWO DAYS AWAY!!! I'm so exited! It's just thursday and then, BAM, it's Christmas eve! I'm so happy! I hope I don't get something dumb. Like a bunny costume. Or a hamburger. What would really be annoying would probably be a) pink sneakers, b) a bag of pecans, or c) a cookbook titled "SO YOU LIKE MEAT?"

Yep. That would kinda stink.
Cassidy the Monisa

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Me and Lauren and Krysta should open a photo studio

Okay, so, at the ham give away for church, I brought my camera. So me, Lauren, and Krysta (for those of you who don't know, they're my friends from church; Krysta is my age and Lauren is, like, fifteen) took some wicked awesome pictures! As you all know, I love taking pictures and when I get older, I might look into it (aside from being a writer and actress and musician; I'm very busy) for a profession. So here are our beautiful pictures!

Lauren wanted me to take this picture; it's on a fence by this field. I like it.
Krysta took this one. From left to right, it's Lauren, Krysta, and I'm the tall person on the right. (My dad loves this picture. I do too)
This one's just my classic shoes. (For those of you who asked, YES, I have green sneakers! :)
My sneakers and Lauren's gray boots. She says she wears those all the time too.
I love this picture. Lauren's on the end, then it's Krysta, then me. My hair was kinda crazy that day, I know. This might be my new blog picture. (Anyone agree?)
This is on my sidebar. Everyone totally wanted to be in our pictures, so I had everyone gather. They formed a circle, so I took a picture of the circle. :) Another option for photo.
This is the last picture. I like it because it's really simplistic, but not that boring. Maybe my header someday. This was taken at the gym for the event. Me and all the other kids (except Liam, Krysta, and Lauren; they had to give out hams) went in the gym because it was so freakin cold outside!!!!!

Who likes these pictures? (And yeah, I know, I'll try and do better.) Don't forget, we're still one away from fifty and it's making me anxious! Another thing making me anxious is that it's THREE HECKIN DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited and I'm so hyper!

Actually, you can't tell by the way I type, but really, I'm kinda tired today. I woke up about an hour earlier then usual this morning (and stayed in bed because it's snowy and cold) and so I'm tired.

Okay, now, if you guys like these and want to see some more, don't hesitate to comment! That's c-o-m, m-e-n-t. Once again, that's c-o-m, m-e-n-t. And yes, I am trying to sound like a shoe rack commercial.

Monday, December 20, 2010

It's time for...RAMBLING!

I have 49 followers now! YAY! That's only one away from fifty! I know some of you major-league guys get, like, fifty followers a week, but for me it's a big deal! So I only need one more! (If anyone knows anyone who wants to follow a really funny and awesome blog, send them here. If you know someone who was to follow a really deep, interesting, thoughtful blog, well, then, the can go get a sandwich or something like that)

Last night was the church youth party. Remember that kid Jesse who shoved food in my face at three am? (Long story short, it was an all nighter, and we were pretty much so doped up on Little Debbies, we were worse then junkies at that hour) Well, he was there last night. But he didn't make me eat anything gross. (THANK YOU GOD!!!!)

Speaking of food, many of you should know that I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian. (That means, naive fellows, that I do not eat chicken, meat, or fish, but everything else except nuts cuz I'm allergic) And last night EVERYTHING had meat in it. So Mrs. Polly was so nice and separated cheese from peperoni pizza rolls so I could have something to eat. :)

We also watched Charlie Brown (which is an old cartoon, for those of you out of country) and played like sixty-five rounds of ninja (which is a game Pmike enjoys intensely apparently) and one game of mafia. (Which is the game of murdering) (I know I put everything in ( ) form, bear with me)

( ) ( ) 9 0 ( )

Haha, okay, yous guys, get me another follower and I'll upload some pictures for you guys of the cookie party and some shots of shoes. Yeah, it was the church Christmas ham give away, me, Lauren, and Krysta messed around with the camera. I took a ton of shots and everyone was so cooperative about it; whenever I said I needed to take another picture, they jumped at it and now I found my new blog picture. (You guys help me decide)


Sorry. I couldn't help doing that. Oh, and I heard that quality rules over quantity from the lovely Aoife, and I post a lot and I'm getting like five comments on average, so I wonder, do you guys think of me more as a really good blogger, or as an often blogger?

As always around here, comments are always needed. They help with your diet. And they're high in calories. Well, okay, I know that's a contrast, I'm not dumb, but seriously, COMMENTS are what make the world go around.

And you just might explode.

POOF! There! All you non-comments just vanished! (So you better comment or else this might happen to you)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

They were missing!!!

Yesterday morning, I'd just gotten out of the shower and we were getting ready to go to Savers for some new Christmas stuff. (like clothing) So anyways, I had my coat and my gloves and my hat and all that other stuff on when I look on the rack and (dun-dun-DUUUUUH!) my green sneakers were GONE!

You all know my green sneakers, right? The ones in the picture. Next to my name. Like, the only pair of sneakers I own. Come on, you can't be confusing this! THE SNEAKERS IN THE PHOTO NEXT TO THE NAME CASSIDY!

Yeah, those sneakers!


So anyways, as you all must know, I wear those things pretty much everywhere. So we searched the house for those beloved dear stinkers and mom found them on the shoe rack.

How in the world did they get there?!?!
Haha. Okay. And if you guys liked my little thing last post, check out my pages up there | so yeah church time now. BTW, has anyone ever told you to comment? Cuz you should. It's a very uplifting experience. Okay, I'm lying, but seriously, those comments can change your life! (I am lying again, but you should still COMMENT!)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow's falling into the sky

It makes a crunchy sound when you step on it.
It looks like tears when it lands on your face.
It's really just frozen water but there's something more.
To me.
It looks like angels crying down from heaven.
It feels like little fluffy teardrops on your hand.
It seems like the world just might collapse from the beauty
Of a whirlwind.
I've always put my head on its side.
I look at the world upside-down.
Sometimes I find myself doing this
When I don't even know.
When you do that when it snows,
You have no idea how miraculous it is,
It looks like snow's falling into the sky.
Can you see
What I'm really like just by looking at me.
Can you tell what kind of things I'm thinking
Or what things I'd rather be doing.
Probably not.
But I wish I could see you and know you in person.
I'd like to meet you someday, but for now,
I'll just write meaningless words on your screen.
That's it.
That's what I'll do.
A stupid, childish poem will have to do.
Because I love you.
And I want to show you
What I want you to see.
Because I'm not like
Anyone you've ever met before.
And sometimes my world
Looks like snow falling into the sky.
Does anyone else see themselves reading this
And in your head,
It comes out as a song?
Like "the time of my life?"
Because that's what I'm hearing,
Now that I think about it.
Some songs are insane.
Some songs don't even make sense.
But some songs, very rare songs,
Are amazing and impossible,
Like snow falling into the sky.

Omigosh, where did that come from? I'm usually not that attentive! That was so cool; it's like a sudden spark of poetry just hit my brain! Woah. I wonder if I could do that again...tell me if you thought that was good. I might be able to do more of that! Who knows? Maybe I CAN be serious from time-to-time!

(For you first-time readers, I'm really very goofy and funny, I guess today the part of my brain that controls humor is taking a snow day and giving over to the creative, more patient, more attentive part of my brain. Funny, I didn't think I had a part that did that...)

<3 and snow-covered chocolate-filled happy holidays,

Cassidy the Monisa

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Hey guys! Today was the co-op Christmas party and I mostly hung out with Corrina and Lily, although I talked to this other girl a few times today. But we were getting kinda bored and so this teenager named Justin went outside to do something, and, well, I locked him out.

What? It was hilarious! And Cal let him back in! Me, Lily, and Corrina were laughing like crazy! And he got in. It's a good thing there's no snow in, um, their town. I'm not sure where they live. Just somewhere. There's no snow in somewhere.

And guess what guys? I got TWO MORE FOLLOWERS! That means I only need three more until I get fifty! That's so awesome! So get me three more followers! (Please!)

And I can see Pastor Mike's back on another ten-second blogging phase. You know, Pmike, you've said that you're gonna start blogging again about five times and it hasn't happened! Shame on you!

(You know I'm just joking, right :)

Oh, and I got a new poll. You guys vote on that. If you don't know what kind of person you are, you can find out here and you can find out more information here. And I advise you to check the first one and if you don't know who people are, ask me via comment. I'll explain.

Okay, well, remember, comments are VERY MUCH appreciated around here, so NEVER hold back with those! Never. Oh, and there are only EIGHT DAYS LEFT UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!
<3 hohoho,

Cassidy the Christmas-Crazy-Monisa

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Aidan and Casey will now say something to you

Have a great day on Christmas!!!!! Have some fun over there on Christmas!!!!! Have some cookies on Christmas!!!!! Have a great blog on Christmas!!!!!

To Katie: Merry Christmas!! Have some fun outside in the snow. And Merry Christmas to Casey. Cassidy fdhgehyryjerr5ujtku5kutufiftjlktjmgj.tyik,kjnjeethndfmmvm m,, v,lmfgmmgfm

Casey and Aidan wanted to write something. Casey helped type on his. With a million letters. And he also wished himself a Merry Christmas. And Aidan hopes you have a great Christmas. He really wanted to say the word "CHRISTMAS" a lot because he said it four times.

katie: dnggghmhmgkj,g,mfym/,y/.l/kh;/tm,/;hylkm;lkhlykhjhhluku;ulll;'/;yoyloiol;o;l



Tuesday, December 14, 2010


It snowed last night. :) That almost makes up for the fact that I'm still (sadly) sick and now I've got headaches. When is this going to go away?!?! Anyways, snow is really wonderful and I love it. Oh, today, for school, we watched this documentary on McDonalds. This guy ate there three times a day for a month. BLAH!

Hamburgers for a month? Ew. Positively gross. I don't even think Zach could be able to do THAT. (And he's in love with meatloaf!)

Snow. It's amazing. I love snow. :) :) :) Merry eleven-days until Christmas.

Speaking of which, in the past few days, I've had,
(Sing to the tone of eleven days of Christmas)
Eleven used tissues,
Ten coughing fits,
Nine hours napping,
Eight feel-better hugs,
Seven glasses of water,
Six comments from you guys,
Five warm blankeeeeeeeeeets!
Four glasses of milk,
Three cough drops,
Two Motrin pills,
And o-uu-uune juuuuuuuice booooooooox!

Hehe, bye guys! :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

2 sick 2 upload

Ugh, hey guys. (*Sniff*) I have some slightly bad news. I'm sick. :( :( Total bummer. We went to visit Aunt Vick today. (Uncle Dave showed up after a while) Their downstairs is wicked nice. :)

So, yeah, back to me being sick. I went to church and crashed in the youth room on a couch, and I didn't wake up until eleven o'clock. Let me explain, church starts at ten thirty. So I just slept through half an hour of church. ;O But I got up and ran into service (well, ran as in walked-without-falling-over like I was this morning) and sort-of sung the last song. (With a sore throat, it was more of mouthing the words)

Well, it's bedtime now. Everyone hope I get better soon :)

Cassidy the sicky-blah-blah-Monisa

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Here they are at last!

You guys all want to see my videos I guess so I'm uploading them. :) I hope you guys like them. Please note: I want to tell you guys that I use the word "loser" and "idiot" in one of these videos which are not bad words but may be considered offensive. If you are not an idiot or a loser then, well, that's good for you.

Hope you guys like them. I think they're rather cute.

Oh, and these things take a REALLY long time to upload, so I'm only uploading one right now. This is just me playing the piano. Next time is the funny one with the somewhat-offensive-launguage-that-probably-won't-offend-you-at-all.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Who likes cats playing the piano? (I do)

Today's topic is keyboard cat.

Okay, who hasn't heard of keyboard cat? I didn't until the other day when keyboard cat was used in a commercial for cashews. (uh, why a cat in a cashew commercial?) Anyways, I loved the song and decided I wanted to learn it on the piano. It took me all of five seconds to learn.

So I found out that keyboard cat is a video on YouTube. And I'm not uploading it because, well, I don't have enough time. But I DID make a video of ME playing the song and a tutorial for you guys to see! I'm going to see if the videos are cool with my dad. I didn't show my face, outside yard, or use my real voice. (I sound super squeaky) Do you guys want to see the videos I made?

They're kinda funny, actually. I'm known for my movie making genius! (Snobby hair flip!) Haha, no, I'm just kiddin', but the truth is, I do make some cute videos. Tell me if you want to see my keyboard cat song one.

Cassidy the Monisa

Unofficial award (from Katie)

Katie has returned! (hooray) and I guess she gave me an award! Don't know where she got it but it's here! (oh, Loulou, she also gave it to you. so here's from Katie to Loulou)

Here it is! (thank you Katie!)
I have no idea what to do for it, but I will simply award two more people (like Katie did)
Random Rawr
and Melanie.

Okay, you two, I'm going to go comment on your blogs saying I gived it to you. <3 thanks again Katie you're wonderful. :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

16 days until Christmas!

AWESOMENESS! And guess what? IT STILL HASN'T SNOWED. How bizarre is that? I mean, it's plenty cold, and there's ice on the lake down the road, and it's flurried, but, dude, I wanna throw snowballs here! And, um, I can't really do that without snow.

I thought you might have already caught onto that fact.

So, anyways, I have all my shopping done but I have none of my wrapping done. :( Oh well. But the good news is, I finished my plays for next year for me to do with my friends and they're cute. :) I'll mail Shannon and Bridgster theirs today or tomorrow. Dad's printing out the copies for me, Jessica, and Katie.

Okay, I gots to go. <3, peace, and :) from
Cassidy the Monisa

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cassidy got an award because her blog is lovely

Yes, yes, my blog is luv-eh-lee, I know. But just to prove it I got an award that says so! SO GIVE IT UP FOR...the amazing lil' MELANIE!!!!!!!!! (She gave me this award) So thanks so much, Melanie, and now, back to the program....

Here it be:

And it CLEARLY states that my blog is lovely. And so I shall now award it to 3 (just 3, mind you) of my UL-TI-MATE favorite blogs. (Yep. This post is a lot more dramatic and shouty then I usually am. Just read on, oh person)

Um, I choooooooooooooooooooooose,

Loulou's Lil Bits
Something Beautiful
and The girl in the Purple Pants: Middle School

Congradulations, all of you! I shall not make you aware of your mistake, uh, I mean, award! So, toodles and NEVER, EVER FORGET TO COMMENT!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I've been thinking about the letter Q. It's not that important. Unless your name is Queenie, or Quentin. Or Quendolyn. Or Quran. Or Quinn. Or Que-

Ha ha, I'm just joking, if your name starts with Q then you've clearly got an interesting name. But think, what REAL words start with Q? Quickly. Questionable. Quirky. Quack. Those are words that come to mind. But there are some more interesting Qs. Like...
and quaestor are what I found by doing a quick Google search! I only know what one of them means:

Quaestor is an ancient Roman official responsible for public revenue and other financial affairs. And trust me, that is NOT from memory, it's click-and-paste. But, still, who would've known that? WHO WOULD'VE CARED? Who'd ever read this miserably boring post?

Okay, guys, here's your challenge: I want you all to find me three more words that start with Q and they can't be ones that I've named. If you can, then you're absolutely awesome. :)

Cassidy the Q-Monisa

Monday, December 6, 2010

Who missed me?

I'm sorry I haven't posted
I'm sorry I've been missing
I'm sorry I haven't been here
I'm sorry I've been gone (YES! Fist pump!), our laptop was out and the computer downstairs was blocked off because my parents are painting! I missed you guys SO much! :)

For those of you wondering, our Cabaret went absolutely great. I did good, I think. I watched the tape my dad made and noticed that 1) most of the children were far too quiet and 2) My face looked white in the camera. Wonderful.

The Grinch went good too. The seven o'clock show almost didn't, though. Remember Leo? How he broke up with his girlfriend and was all emotional? Well, it's happened again, but this time, it wasn't Makayla, it was Trudy, and she was coming to see the seven o'clock show.

Leo got SO emotional. He spent the whole time backstage having minor panic attacks and anxiety and sobbing and crying and sulking and pouting and scaring the little girls. One more thing about him that frustraits me. Leo is frustraiting.

However, the show went great! The after party was cool too. There was a strobelight. Mom said she tried to make small-talk with Leo and she said it was one of the oddest experiences of her life. We all feel that way when we first meet Leo.

Oh, and Addie, I shall inform you that we had chickenless nuggets for dinner. :)

Cassidy the Monisa

Friday, December 3, 2010

Nervous...tired...bored...slightly depressed...anxious...and a partridge in a pear tree

That's how I feel right now...today's another dull Friday morning, I couldn't find my math textbook, mom left her purse at a restaurant, there was only ham for lunch (I'm vegetarian, for those who don't know), and MY PERFORMANCE IS TONIGHT!!!! Wow, I can't believe it's here! If you comment, I'll give you tickets to the show!

Well, that's not entirely true, but you should still wish me luck. :P

Who knows what a partridge is? Like in that song. And pear trees. I didn't know pears grew on trees. Well, duh, I guess they do. I mean, where are the gonna grow, out of your car windshield? Yeah, that's not really realistic, but no one cares.

I gotta go now. Bye and wish me lots of luck!
Cassidy the Monisa

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Driving around the state (WOC edition)/A thank you

It's one of Cassidy's famous TWO TOPIC POSTS! Dang, I barely do these anymore. I used to all the time. I guess Cassidy evolving into a new, better, more weirdish blogger.

Topic one:
Today, my mom was talking to Corrina in the car on our way to CHILL. But she wasn't paying much attention to where she was going, so we ended up on the way to church for no good reason. Then we got to CHILL late, and guess what?

Only me. Only today would it be cancelled.

Yup. You read the type. It was cancelled. AH! Nuts! Come on! Why would you do this to me, Mr. Fate? Why would you send us all around the world and back for no purpose? Well, actually, there was a purpose. We bought dad's Christmas presents. (Shh, don't tell him!)

Oh, and this was just the WOC rendition. To see the original post on Llamas and Lipstick (my other beautiful blog) please click here.

Topic two:
I just want to thank everyone out there who's reading this. This blog means a lot to me and I appreciate all the nice things you guys say about me and my blog. You all have to know that you're the sweetest, nicest, most wonderful group of followers a person could ask for!

A special thanks to:
Dad: For, well, being my dad!
Loulou: You are probably my most enthusiastic follower! You almost always comment and I want to tell you how much it means to me having you on this big hunk of computer screen. You're a friend and a great one at that, and I want to let you know that. (oh, and you have a good blog :P)
Addie: For commenting on my very first post (forever later :D) and following and un-following and following again. I love craziness. And you rock.
Everyone else who makes this blog what it is: You're all too kind to comment.

My very first post was Saturday, April 12th, 2008. I was nine. I wanted to be a rock star. I loved Webkinz, Hannah Montana, and randomness. I was a nine year old girl!

Now, I look back and see how different I am. Here I am, typing this, completely different in every way. Blue nails clicking away, peace-sign bracelet, hair half-done up in a ponytail, half-hanging in my face like a mop. Jeans torn in five different places, two socks that don't match, gray shirt that reads "I know Karate, and like three other Japanese words" and freckles splattering my face.

No matter how much I change, my blog still has the same value since Day 1. Quote from first post, "I think blogging can help me share my thoughts" Unquote. That's still the motive here and gosh, this is a long post!

You guys are wonderful. Thanks and love,
Cassidy the Monisa

(To view my first post, please click here)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ho ho ho

I expect you're all anticipating the arrival of Santa Claus in the near future. I am. Dad told Aidan that Santa Claus isn't real yesterday on the ride to rehearsal. (Speaking of Aidan and rehearsal, Kidstour, what the rest of the kids are, performed the Grinch for Aidan's school today! I did not make an appearance. I am in Centerstage. Our performance is this weekend)

Anywho, Aidan thought it was hysterical. He laughed. Today, he was very mad about it though. *Sigh,* I will never understand the minds of the other sex.

Alright, so, I got all my Christmas shopping done except for dad. I got mom a, oh, she's right next to me at the piano (well, halfway across the room) so I won't say. And I got Corrina a, well, who knows if she's reading this! (I got her a poster)

I want video games, video games, and video games this year, but if Santa won't get me that, I wouldn't mind a few decent video games. Or video games, if he wouldn't mind. But what I want most of all is video games!

Have I mentioned to you new guys that I'm into video games?

I'm also into downloading Christmas music to my HANDY-DANDY MP3 PLAYER! And that's what I'm doing right now, actually. Sure, you get sick of them within a week because they're so darn annoying, but who cares? I still got three gig left!

Ugh, this is such a boring post! I can't even stand the sight of it! Don't even look at it! Just comment! Spare yourselves from my incredible ordinary life! (Yo, I'm an actress. I must be dramatic)

Cassidy the Mo-ho-ho-ho-nisa.

I don't wanna grow up, I wanna be a Toys R Us kid

It's CHRISTMAS TIME happy December! Know what that means, right, guys? That means that every parent in the world will most likely be visiting a TOY STORE for their kids! And every child in America wants (well, with the exception of ME because the store is all dolls-and-trucks and other stereotyped children's toy) their folks to visit TOYS R US, the scariest toy store ever!

Yup. It's that time. Time for mommy wars. "But MY little girl wants that doll!" Those fights can lead to broken bones and broken toys, people. This is a time for gentleness, right? Please control yourselves from throwing other people into cash registers because they got your Bitzy Blah-Blah doll that your daughter Betty just REALLY wanted.


Like I said, this is a time for gentleness.
Cassidy the mega-hyper Monisa

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

haha, blahblahblah

You guys might have noticed that I went around to some of your blogs and typed a bunch of random letters, specifically B, L, A, and H. (If I didn't do this to your blog, then you really don't need to read this part of the post and skip right to the next colored paragraph) I was in a bit of a wacky mood the other day, and it's not because I interpret your posts as blah, blah, blah, it's because I felt like it.

Can you guys ever tell with me?

Okay, so, tonight's another rehearsal and I hope we're a bit better tonight. Aunt Vick and Uncle Dave aren't coming to my shows because they're going to see some kicking girls in New York that weekend. :( But if you're part of my family, come see the shows! (Contact dad for details)

I guess a lot of my family reads my blog. Gram H. and Aunt Terry do, and dad does, and maybe Grammy does...? I'm not so sure. If you're my family, HI!

For those of you not my family...DON'T YOU JUST WANNA HUG THIS GUY? HE WANTS TO HUG YOU!

Cassidy the Monisa
(What is a Monisa? Click here to find out. Tell me what you are, I'd love to know! <3)

Monday, November 29, 2010

ugh! LEO!

Tonight was another rehearsal. And as you may tell by the excitement in the tone of my typage, it wasn't a glorious one. This show is going to be interesting.

First things first, our lead role wasn't there half the time. Leo was too busy still moping around being sad about Mikaela, his ex-girlfriend who happens to be in this show as well, to do his lines. So Mikaela read them. How ironic. Finally, half-way through the show, Erin said she'd go "fix" Leo and dragged him out. Apparently, they finished the Grinch costume.

He looked like a green cupcake with feet and a fuzzy hat.

No one could remember a single line today, too. Mary Kate had two lines in her solo. TWO. LINES. "You're a vile one, Mister...uh, mister...line!"

Grinch. Mister Grinch. It's who the whole darn shows about! MISTER FRIKIN GRINCH!

And thanks to Pierce quitting, our blocking is thrown off. And nobody was having a whole lot of fun. Especially Ian. Taylor threw him off the stage today (well, actually, she more of pushed him) and he was a little irked after that.

And Holly choked me. Willow tripped on my leg. Emma stepped on my foot. And we accomplished nothing.

Haha, well, such is life. The show'll be fine on opening night, though, right? Yeah, no worries. I've never been a huge worrier. Leo will get it together, Mary Kate will realize what show she's in, Holly will notice that I'm walking by her, and Carly will learn that when onstage, announcing you need to use the bathroom is not appropriate.

Cassidy the Monisa

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Sunday!!!!

It's Sunday morning. Me and Aidan and Casey are watching Youtube videos, specifically the Annoying Orange. They love that video. I also showed them Annoying Orange versus Fred. Ah, family moments. It's a good time to just do things like they did in the old times. Except now we have these things called BRAINS that they may not have had then. :)

Aidan is reading everything I type. He's a very good reader. :) The whole family appears to be down here by the computer. This is a very fun spot, I guess.

We're waiting for YouTube to load, so you guys can hear from us over here at computer station. I gotta go now, peace out!

Cassidy the Monisa

(PS) Casey wanted this post to be red.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A bunch of random letters...



dtyjguhggygfhgjjffgusjrhagtgshrgitugtydgfhyfurgytgghngghhggjdmgncbvncbfgbbs,sbc'b b bffgkhgjhhbtufjsggzgfkdiejchsghggdggggfhjjgkhfjgnffg nhhghdtggghhy4jhrfhhdgkgfjgglhfjjhjfhlgjjfnjfjhtughjnccnmbfvnbfgjjfukhyilkutghjkjyyoht.

heehee, I felt like doing that. :)

Cassidy the Monisa

Whatever I did, I LOVE IT!!!!

I'm blogging off the Wii today because Cassidy's laptop crashed. :( This is a lot harder then normal ;D

Okay, so, now I have 43 followers and I am soooo excited! Now I got three comments on posts that no one would have read a month ago! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!

Yeah, today we have to go Christmas shopping :O *yawning* But not now, right now I'm in my Grinch PJs and slippers, blogging off the Wii!

I gotta go now,
Cassidy the Monisa

Friday, November 26, 2010

i hate black friday

It's here again, with its bogus sales. Dad (along with every other old woman in the world) hit black friday sales this morning. He left at midnight. When he returned, he locked me in the bathroom so I couldn't see what he brought in! I spent my morning humming "99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer!" while he brought in stuff.

I never do two posts a day, but you guys get a special treat.

43 followers!!!! One day and I gain one! YAY! Seven more, guys, hurry hurry!

I love this picture. It's cute. My dad didn't camp out though, he just left at midnight and came back at 8:00.

Ugh. All those girls who participate in these sales, DON'T

Cassidy the Monisa.

(What's a Monisa? Click here to find out! Tell me what you are, I'd love to know!)

42 is 50 minus 8

There's a little math lesson for ya. And you guys should totally get me eight more followers! I have 42 followers!!!!!! Yay so you guys go get me eight more and I'll post a Fred video or sumpin for ya. :) I'll do something for 50 followers.

Okay, and I know I'm a dork but I've spent the whole morning playing Barbie.com. And Polly Pocket games. For those of you from other coutries, those are dorky little girl's toys. But I've been kinda bored.

Alright, go get me eight more followers!

Cassidy the Monisa

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Madamosel Monisa

I made up this chart the other day to see what kind of person you are. You can take the test yourself here And whatever catagory you fall most under, that's what you rank. I made the test so that my description was Monisa, but I like the name anyways. Tell me what you get!

HaPpY tHaNkSgIvInG! I love the day of thanks even though I be vegetarian. :) I'll see what Aunt Terry eats, (HI!) because this is my first TG trying it. If anyone has any advice for a new veg head, I'm all ears! (And other assorted bodyparts)

Oh, and for those of you who care, my father got a huge box of toaster waffles and Cassidy is pleased. :)

Cassidy the Monisa

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

turkey day be tomoz

i love thanksgiving, its so awesome. i always feel happy.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mister Steamy

This is pretty much the most outrageous thing I've seen in my entire life.

Comment comment do the comment comment.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

how the heck do i have energy to post?

But I do. I'm so exhausted that I think my fingers will fall off whilst I type, but I love you guys so much I think I have enough strength to do this after three naps today.

Last night was the church youth all-nighter. I got there at seven and hung out with Krista and her friend, I think her name was Kirsten. Everyone had Monsters or sodas or sugar packets (that was me) to keep them up. We were planning on no-sleep.

The night was so fun! We played hide-and-go-seek in the dark, board games, and someone had Rockband. Ozzy invaded that pretty quickly, and screamed into the mic making the most obnoxious, off-key, high-pitched noises. We didn't really play while he did, at risk of getting headaches.

We watched Napoleon Dynamite. And we were all mostly still awake. Then we hit the three o'clock in the morning DEATH WAVE.

Anyone who's ever stayed up all night, run a marathon, been drunk all night, or anything like the following, you should know that at one point, you feel like you're pretty much going insane. Luckily, we had a wimp party of Morgan, Steph, Ozzy, Jacob, Bethany, and Summer. But those of us who were too proud to sleep pressed on, even if it meant going insane.

The weird things we did were in the foyer, I'll make this clear. It was me, Kirsten, Krista, Corin, Corin's boyfriend, Josh or Jeremy or something, and this guy named Jessie, who was really odd. And it was us pretty much slowly but surely losing our minds.

When I noticed that if I slapped myself, I could stay awake, I found that Jessie, Corin, and that kid with a J name were WHACKING A BLANKET. Why, I still do not know. They just whacked it. For some purpose of their own.

Jessie came out of the kitchen around 3:30 with this gross pepper popper he kept shoving in my mouth trying to get me to eat. I don't know what his problem was, because he was Corin's friend, and he probably should've been shoving gross food at her.

So, yeah. Then he put it on top of my HEAD and then I finally took a bite because he was SO annoying. It was really gross. Really. And then we just talked gibberish until five, when we all kinda woke up.

We cleaned up and played more rock band. Then we all had to clean up and eat breakfast and stuff like that. I admitted defeat along with Ozzy, Morgan, Bethany and Jacob and finally fell asleep at seven o'clock in the morning and slept like a baby until about nine thirty.

I've taken several naps and am totally exhausted. Goodnight now, I have to sleep or I'll collapse. I'll go to bed nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Hey. What's up? Homies! Hahaha. So rude! I'm done.

That was an announcement from Krista. Who I think is too extremely tired to be logical and not notice that I typed so rude and no one even knows what we're talking about.

The end.