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So how y'all doing? My name's Cassidy and the gentleman you see in my picture is Sam. I like cats and music a lot and oh I play the ukulele, piano, and other shtuff. Have a nice day :)

Friday, April 30, 2010

A few more

Okay, I'm gonna finish up on the rest of my favorite things. Yesterday, I named 4. Now, here come the other 6:

5: Playing with other people's cell phones. I know, I always have to ask permission, but the youth don't mind. Much.

6: Geeking it up with my downloads. I love downloading stuff. I get all this crazy stuff off Homestar Runner, and it's all sitting on my mp3. Love adding files and pictures, too. Like, off my camera. I love my camera.

7: Playing outside. It's totally awesome, just heading outside and swinging on my rope swing, climbing my apple tree, swimming, kicking a soccer ball with Aidan and Casey, Frisbee, basketball with my dad, of hanging upside-down on my brother's swing set. Ah, fun.

8: Okay, I've clarified my thing with the youth, but it's still fun. Who doesn't love annoying them with yoga? Yeah, the youth have a serious problem with my yoga. They insist on calling it "Hippie-dippie gymnastics". And they insist I go away from them. And I insist to go get something to eat.

(Five minutes later)

9: Hanging out with my friends. Gotta love Shannon, Katie, Jessica, and Greg. Who's Greg? You're gonna laugh. Oh, okay. I'll tell you. My imaginary friend. I don't have a lot of friends, so I had to make up Greg Mocksman. (Yeah, I told you you'd laugh)

10: Just hugging Kristine. She's so little! And cute! She's my little snuggle buddy. Whenever I go and see her, at her house, we watch TV and she'll sit on my lap and just be cute. That is defiantly on my list of fun things.

Okay, that's my top ten list of things I love to do. Remember, cheese tastes good! And you should eat some every day! Bye!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A few of my favorite things

Okay, we all know what I love to do most. Okay, we don't ALL know what I love to do most. But, for those of you who don't, it's pray. I love talking to God! However, although praying is really awesome, I can't do it all day. I have other things to do. Even though whenever I can (at night, in the bathroom, like taking showers or baths, outside, etc.) I love to pray, here are some of my other favorite things to do.
1: As most of your should know by now, I love to write. It lets me express my dramatic and somewhat insane imagination. I love writing books. Fiction, horror (not too scary, though!lol), action, comics, and, new!, stories about kids in foster homes. I'm also writing about these kids who're living at the end of the world. These books are what I write on when I'm bored.
2: Video games! I love my Wii (yes, you may call me obsessed in comments, I do not take it an insult) and all the games and stuff I download to it. (Yes, again, call me a geek, ditto) Who doesn't love car racing with actual wheels without having to be in the road? (Or pretty much anything with violence, racing, people throwing things, or monkeys)
3: Singing. This may seem odd, coming from me, but, actually, I think it's nice to sing. Of course, I'm way off key and never do it in front of people, but it's nice just to sing some old Beatles stuff to myself sometimes.
4: Okay, this one is gonna knock everyone off, be prepared...EATING KIWI!

So that's just four of my ten faves. (Next three, next time) Bye bye!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Today is the last

Today is the last day of vacation. The very last. Tomorrow, we do school. That's slightly depressing.

However, today wasn't. Today, at church, we played hot potato with a green bouncy ball. It came down to me and Sheesh twice. We just hit it at random. Once, I kicked it halfway across the room. That was funny. And, after that, Corrina gave Ozzy a header! It was awesome! It took a while for us to calm down after that. Afterwards, there was cake and COFFEE because it was Joanie's birthday. I couldn't have any. So I sat. Under the table. With Casey. And Sheesh. And, I don't really know how he got there or why, but, Zach. And, uh, Morgan. I told Casey to get Morgan, this teenage girl at my church, to see who he came back with. He actually came back with Morgan. I had to explain to Morgan why she'd been brought here. Zach and Sheesh thought it was hilarious, though. And today I plan on a: playing my Wii, b: going on http://www.homestarrunner.com/, and c: eating leftover cake from Corrina's party. Yeah, the party turned out okay. I mean, apart from a few minor faults. The first was that Jessica got sick in the middle of the night and had to go home. Boo. And then Sheesh got sick. And the next day was okay. Me and Shannon pretty much all morning played Jessica's T-rated games that she left behind. She picked them up. They were awesome! They were only rated T because of "violence" and "mild crude humor" and stuff like that. Those are so annoying. It's like, your parents just see the front of the cover! They don't even notice that it's barely above rated E! So, other then playing Smash brothers Melee and having the world's most awesome/crude game of truth-or-dare, we didn't do much. I whooped Shannon's butt at Melee. Pshaw! So, anyways...Today I hope to get more downloads. I've been downloading off Homestar all this crazy stuff, and I want more crazy stuff! I now know how to unzip files. Zip files don't copy to mp3 players. Oh, yeah, Corrina got a red mp3 that's just like mine. I have to download all my stuff onto there, and her stuff. She's got downloads too. Oh, my geeky, geeky, GEEKY family.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Making internet gold!!!!!

Today is the day of Corrina's party. It is also the national truth-or-dare championship. (In my basement!) Jessica has witnessed it all. I have been dared.

Jessica: It is true, the ultimate truth-or-dare is going on. It is very hot and loud in here. I want to scream HELP ME!!! But don't get me wrong, sometimes it is quite fun, or funny.

Me: Hi. That was Jessica. Tonight, we are having FUN! We played truth-or-dare, like I said, and played Mario Kart, Super Smash Bro. Melee, and that's it. That was fun. And we ate cake. And cheese. That last one was the funnest of all! I like cheese. (Excuse me if I have said that before) Corrina got an MP3. And an Elmo t, from ME. I'm nice. She got other stuff, too. Yes. Including a peace necklace and some peanuts from the Chicago airport. (From Sheesh) And even more makeup! She has 6,889,094,665,904 things of makeup! And a scarf, from Lyssa and and Jessica. (aka, Alyssa) Yup, Jessica joined in the fun. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun. We're having a ball.

Lyssa: Hi! I just had a pillow fight!

That was Lyssa. Yes, we are having fun. It is fun. Fun. Fun, fun, fun, fun. Me and Jessica are blogging. You probably knew that. Hence I am talking and Jessica is staring at the screen and watching what I am typing. Bye.

It's...OVER?/Macia and Molly argue

It's gonna be Sunday in only three days! That means that school vacation is going to be OVER in three days! Oh no! That will be crazy! Well, at least we have just a few more days. A few more days until the world ends! Education! The horror! Okay, okay, I'm kidding. It won't be the end of the world. However, I really am NOT looking forward to Monday morning.

Oh, look, Marcia Brady has to run for banquet hostess against Molly! Oh, no! But I've seen this one. Molly wins and Marcia becomes co-host. And some astronaut guy comes in to do something. It's Dick Winfield! AH! He's gonna be the guest of honor! He'll escort the host! Oh no! This is just terrible, because Marcia's dropping out. But the co-host gets to go too! But she doesn't know that yet.

Sorry, I'm watching the Brady Bunch with Corrina. Uh oh. Marcia UN-dropped out because Molly's acting like a snob.

Sorry again. I guess I shouldn't watch TV and blog at the same time. Adios.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A few fun pics

These are some awesome pics, right? Okay, from top to bottom: On the very top is a beautiful picture of my Webkinz turtle, Phinnias, next to my guitar. Then is an adorable baby bunny pic I got off of Corrina's blog, Abigail's banana cream puffs. (www.abbycreampuff.blogspot.com) Then is one of the cutest photos EVER, of a cute white doggy that I got off Abbycreampuff too. Last is a picture of Corrina's Webkinz (Some of) that are (from left to right), Joey-Joe the monkey, Tim the panda, Bridget the pink poodle, Tracy the American cockier spaniel, and Lora, the Persian cat. In that picture are Oatmeal the snowman's shoes. They're at the very top. Well, I thought that was fun, just showing you guys a few of my pictures I have on my computer, going nowhere. Okay, that's it. Enjoy them.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Well, it's Tuesday. Yippee. Well, it's still vacation, and I'm all decked out in awesome stuff that I got yesterday. No Kristine today. It's vacation, so everyone has to watch their kids. However, we still have to do the boy's visit later, so that's not the best. Actually, it's far from the best. It's pretty dang UN-best, if you ask me. Today. I got a new video game. Sonic and Mario Olympic Games. It's AWESOME! Wicked awesome! I'm good at gymnastics and fencing. The thing is; in actual life, I'm terrible at gymnastics. But that's my best event. I play as Shadow. He's the coolest-looking one. Which is what I look for. I don't want no Amy or something like that. She's a little cheese ball. However, she's good in swimming, so she's on my team. My team: Tails, Mario, Peach (Irk, but she's good), and Amy. They do pretty well. Got me a gold. Corrina wanted to know if Daisy is speed type. (She is) I don't like Daisy. She doesn't really do well in fencing. She's pretty bad at power and stamina. (the things you need for fencing) Well, that seems like it. Oh, and I'm wearing a blue shirt. NEVER forget that! (Quote: I am wearing a blue shirt) Let that be a lesson to you all! BLUE. It's blue. Remember that, now. Adios.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Late at night and nobody cares

It is exactly 11:12 PM. And no one's gonna tell me to go to bed! It's vacation week! I get to stay up as late as I want too! WOO! YEAH! Awesome. Pure awesomeness, as, to me, everything is. Went shopping. Dude, I got all this crazy stuff at Claire's. I got a hat, and a cool belt, and a cool bag, and a bunch of key chains, and wicked bracelets, and necklaces. I got a lot. Then we went to Cold stone for some ice-a cream-a. Yum. Okay, yeah. Jessica's gonna sleep over for Corrina's birthday, and Shannon's coming the next day. And Sheesh'll be there. So that Wii is MINE. MINE, I tell you! Wmahahahaha! Okay, here's a picture of some penguins. Enjoy.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh 200 posts, you people have achieved greatness

Well, last post was 199. For those math-impaired, that would make this post 200. Who's with me, today? Do we have a few, maybe five people who're gonna comment? Well, let's take those five people. Someone new, two followers, one person who just wants to read it, and one person like Kristin who's not technically following. Examples. One of those people is thinking, "This blog reeks" and one person is thinking, "It's okay". I really hope that those last three people are thinking, "Wow, this is cool!". I hope I'm not a total loser. That would stink. So, yup, we've reached the big 2-0-0. I feel the same as posting 199, except that now I actually have another whole decade! No, century-worth of blogging! Are you guys waiting for something to happen? Someone to sing? Some crazy picture? All I got is a picture of some candy from Easter. Here, enjoy.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Casey b-day!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CASEY! TOMORROW, WHICH I MAY OR MAY NOT POST ON, IS THE 18TH! THAT'S CASEY'S BIRTHDAY! HE'S TURNING FOUR! THIS IS GETTING A LITTLE TOO BOLD! LET'S TURN IT DOWN A NOTCH! I'M GONNA STOP SHOUTING NOW! Okay, that's better. Well, I was right. Tomorrow, April 18Th, is Casey's birthday. It's also my dad's family's big party! Everyone (well, almost everyone) in my family on that side was born within two weeks! Isn't that odd? Aunt Terry says she reads this, so I shall shout out to her. (Get ready for the caps) HEY, AUNT TERRY! HELLO! THIS IS ME, TALKING IN ALL CAPS! DAY AFTER TOMORROW, YOU AND AUNT FRAN ARE TAKING ME AND CORRINA SHOPPING! JUST IN CASE YOU FORGOT OR ANYTHING! OKAY, I'M GOOD. I'M GONNA STOP YELLING NOW. Aunt Terry is nice. I have four aunts on dad's side, two uncles, and five cousins. Aunt Terry, Aunt Vick, Aunt Fran, and Aunt Pam are the aunts (as if you couldn't tell by the "Aunt" in front of each name) and Uncle Chuck and Uncle Dave are uncles (ditto) and cousin are Robbie, Ron, CJ, Katie, and Cory. Okay, that's dad's side. Yup. And I have a, uh, Ron's wife, whatever she's called, named Christine. (Not to be confused with Kristine, my sister) I see all but Ron and Christine this Sunday. They're in Salt Lake Cite, for what reason, I do not know. I think my dad told me...I guess I just forgot. So, yeah, everyone (that means you, Kristin, sorry I left you out of the last post) wish Casey a happy birthday. Corrina's is coming up (24Th), so just wait for that! Thnx. G2g.

PS: It's vacation! I get to stay up AS LATE AS I WANT TO! YEAH! All night Homestar Runner! (http/www.homestarrunner.com)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Glum, sock-foot, spring days

Around here, spring isn't always the same. We have two types of weather during spring: beautiful and hot or cold and gloomy. Today it's type B. The weather is completely dull and sunless. It's not raining, yet it's not sunny, snowing, hailing, or much else. It's just clouds, endlessly covering the sky. There isn't even any gaps, it's just empty clouds, still, boring, not a lot to look at. It's chilly, too, so I have to wear my yellow Cape Cod sweatshirt just to go outside. I never wear sweaters. Except in spring. When it'll be either freezing or blazing. So, weather is the main topic. And my feet. Most of the time, I go barefoot. Except in spring, again. I wear socks to go outside. Mom sometimes questions the socks with grass stains. Well, since the ground's kind of wet and soggy, my feet are cold. They are cold now. Cold footses. Feets. Feeties. Footie-os. Toesy-os. Toasty toesies. Trust me, I got loads of 'em.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

BFs and BFs

In the title, you may see I wrote BFs twice. It's not a mistake, I wrote it twice on purpose. The two BFs both, yes, have the same initials, but they stand for different things. BFs number one stands for Best Friends (as most teenage girls prefer to name their friends as, along with numerous others, such as biffles, besties, and bees). BFs number two stands for Blogging Friends. As most of you know, my best friends are Shannon, Katie, and Jessica. They're the people I call and talk to and have over my house for sleep-outs and b-day parties and video-game-athons. They're awesome. But, apart from them (and my ever-awesome God) I don't have many friends. So that's where the other BF comes in! My blogging friends (of course, it's Internet explorer. I don't know the names or anything) are funny, send me comments, and talk to me. Like this techie guy. He's cool. And there are, like, three home schooled sixth-grade girls from UK. And another home schooled girl from US. And then there's the ninja knitter, and Corrina, and Pastor Mike's a little out of it, but he still kind-of keeps up. So, my friendship level is a little down. However, I always have virtual pals!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Only a few more to go!

Well, april vacation is only a few more short days away. That's good. Did you know that the keyboard on the Wii is qwerty? It is. Like the other post, this post is straight off of the Wii. Thank you, internet connection! It's very cool, let me tell you! Oh, it's so much easier to see what letters you're typing when it's on your TV screen. Well, that's about it. Keep waiting for vacation! Monkeymoolah out. Peace.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Have you seem my.....mouthwash lately?

As of the random title (shown above) you may have guessed that we are talking about mouthwash. We are not. We are talking about a common problem striking our generation at late. The fatal siege of wrath taking over the entire system of children ages 6-to-18. This common but hazardous problem I speak of? School lunches.

They're greasy, they're unhealthy, they're expensive, they're bland. They're slimy, they're spitty, they come from a microwave, and they're infilling. I've done research on this, believe me. I've asked three children (Kaylyn, age seven, Felicia, age nine, and Zach [Ozzy Zach], age twelve [happy birthday, Ozzy! Phew!] [that was confetti sounds]) Kaylyn says that school lunches are "yucky". Felicia told me this crucial bit of information: "School lunches are gross. They taste like old garbage". Ozzy Zach told me "they're gross" and I didn't ask many other people. Some people just ask me a million questions (hint:Zach) or whine at me (hint:still Zach) or sing at me (sometimes Ozzy, but he didn't do that this particular time) or talk at me in an annoying Italian accent (hint: Yuri) and, okay, you get the point. So, yeah, school lunches are wrong. Go, Jamie Oliver! (he's the guy from food revaluation)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blogging off Wii

I am blogging off the Wii! This is so awesome! Oh, g2g. Bye from Wii geek.

Finally hooked up

Right now, as I speak, my Wii is downloading the check Mii out! channel onto the Wii. That means that the Wii is officially hooked up to the internet! WOO-HOO! At last! Okay, now I'm gonna make friends with Jessica, Sheesh, Shannon, and whoever else has a Wii! Right now on the screen, Mario is racing across the screen, collecting coins and there are three blocks telling me how much time I have left. Now he's jumping up and down. Now I'm getting the loading thing. Download succesfull! G2g to try it out!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

'Sup on saterday

Hey peeps. It's Saturday. Yay! No school until Monday! YA! Well, next Monday (not this one, the one after) my Aunt Terry and Aunt Fran are taking me and Corrina shopping! Woo-Ho! Spending money! I have my list of places I want to go: GameStop. Maybe pop into Justice, if I need clothes. Mom's taking me to SA today to get me some shorts. I don't have any jean ones. So, I guess we'll shop today and next week. Cool. Things. I have enough things, but sometimes it's cool to get a little more. As long as I need it. Well, I don't need video games, but it'd be nice. Oh, and dad just got Sonic racing game. I played it at Liam's house, like, two years ago. It was fun, though. Dad said it's recommended for fans of Mario Kart. (Which me, Dad, Casey, Corrina, and Aidan are. Aidan's been banned, though, and mom doesn't like it. Kristine's never played) For those of you who don't know, UTD info. (Up To Date) Kristine is my former foster sister and she has a baby sister (Even though Kristine herself is only two) named Darlene. They're cute. So, yeah, dad's getting that. It's been shipped, that's all I'm aware of. Well, it hasn't come yet. So I'm just here waiting for that. And for mom to finish eating her breakfast. The boys and dad are going fishing. Good luck. I hope Aidan doesn't freak out about those worms. Sometimes, I think those boys could see a cranberry and be afraid. Well, time to go. Bye.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Amanda show

I'm on the laptop in mom's room. Corrina's next to me, watching this show called the Amanda show on the TV. It's funny, actually. It's a bunch of skits, most of which are completely random. It's the kind of show I'd love to be in or write for. Right now there's this skit about these people running a restaurant, but they keep on messing up. It's really funny. Oh, now it's this little skit called "Amanda's Jacuzzi". She's interviewing Frankenstein. Now it's a "hillbilly moment", and it's really funny and very random. These people go around hitting people in the head with stuff. And they're hillbillies. Okay, just wanted to share that. Oh, sports resort news. Got past cliffs. Gotta beat castle level. Okay. Adios.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Grapple Snapple

Snapple is a juice. It kind-of combines flavors together to be something better. Take Grapple. That's GRape and APPLE. Grapple Snapple. But, it's somewhat a bit against the way juice should be made. I mean, grape juice should taste like grapes. It shouldn't taste like an awkward mixture of apples and grapes. One or the other. It's like blurgeen. Blurgeen is BLue, pURple, and GrEEN. Mix it up, and it's blurgeen. Some people consider blurgeen an actual color. I don't. It's a lot of colors! If you call grapple Snapple grape juice, it's not grape juice. It's grape and apple. It's both. Like, if you call blurgeen green. Yes, it is, but it's also purple and blue. Colors and juice are pretty complicated. It would take a while to fully understand the way that Snapple takes fruit juice then adds six tablespoons of sugar. It's healthy! It's fruit! It's also about three-hundred calories! Woo-ho! Well, you can't be perfect. Just because it's a concoction of pure sugar and juice doesn't mean it's healthy. It's Snapple. It's juice. It's gonna be empty calories. We should adjust to that. However, I think they're modifying fruit to make it worse for us. Pears seem to be tasting sweeter, HM. Something to think about.

(haha.....this post is in blurgeen!)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter, everyone!

Easter morning here in the woods. It's beautiful and sunny out, and I'm dressed up. A nice, pretty purple shirt (it's actually not that bad, for a dress shirt), good jeans (no frays, rips, or paint), and my hair has been brushed and washed. Ate a lot of candy this morning. GOOD! Well, thank you Jesus for rising from the dead! That was the best thing I got this Easter, forgiveness. Well, speaking of gifts, I got a cool guitar t-shirt, a new devotional book (thank you, Easter bunny, I needed one), another book I haven't really checked out yet, fruit-scented bubbles, and, like I said, candy! So, this is the first Easter with Aidan and Casey. They both found eggs (Aidan found more then me, just because I couldn't leave the kitchen and Aidan found some in there. Corrina got, like, fifteen eggs. I guess being born older means that the bunny thing is pretty much over and you stick with a t-shirt and candy) and had a lot of fun. They ate candy before breakfast (one per child, except for me, who had about three before and one after) and now they're dressed up for church service today. Well, I hope everyone has a really happy Easter. I hope you're getting the real message, too. Well, I've got to go. Bye.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hey, Easter bunny! Gimme my candy!

Okay, so, it's the day before Easter. Already died eggs and made sure that I have a nice shirt. How to define a good shirt, by mom's standards, is one without words, comics, or rips. By my standards, it's anything that fits that's not pink. Shirts are one of the many things I don't care a lot about. All my favorite shirts, though, have words. Words are something I am very fond of. Hence the writer title. Oh, and, speaking of shirts, got a new one. Fry guys. It's cool. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you guys. Me and my dad tried to hook the wii up, but something keeps going wrong. I hope we can figure it out. Well, that's it. Peace out.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good good

Well, it's good Friday. Day Jesus died. This Sunday, he rose from the dead. Well, I got the day off today. Tomorrow, we dye eggs. Easter, we find them, go to church, then whatever. It's gonna be an eggy weekend. Good thing I like eggs. Oh, I'd like to say that I've been recommended as someones favorite blog! That's awesome! I'm someones favorite! I'm gonna fill out the interview tomorrow with my dad. Thanks, whoever sent it in! Well, I wish everyone a good good Friday. Peace out, peeps.