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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Casey b-day!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CASEY! TOMORROW, WHICH I MAY OR MAY NOT POST ON, IS THE 18TH! THAT'S CASEY'S BIRTHDAY! HE'S TURNING FOUR! THIS IS GETTING A LITTLE TOO BOLD! LET'S TURN IT DOWN A NOTCH! I'M GONNA STOP SHOUTING NOW! Okay, that's better. Well, I was right. Tomorrow, April 18Th, is Casey's birthday. It's also my dad's family's big party! Everyone (well, almost everyone) in my family on that side was born within two weeks! Isn't that odd? Aunt Terry says she reads this, so I shall shout out to her. (Get ready for the caps) HEY, AUNT TERRY! HELLO! THIS IS ME, TALKING IN ALL CAPS! DAY AFTER TOMORROW, YOU AND AUNT FRAN ARE TAKING ME AND CORRINA SHOPPING! JUST IN CASE YOU FORGOT OR ANYTHING! OKAY, I'M GOOD. I'M GONNA STOP YELLING NOW. Aunt Terry is nice. I have four aunts on dad's side, two uncles, and five cousins. Aunt Terry, Aunt Vick, Aunt Fran, and Aunt Pam are the aunts (as if you couldn't tell by the "Aunt" in front of each name) and Uncle Chuck and Uncle Dave are uncles (ditto) and cousin are Robbie, Ron, CJ, Katie, and Cory. Okay, that's dad's side. Yup. And I have a, uh, Ron's wife, whatever she's called, named Christine. (Not to be confused with Kristine, my sister) I see all but Ron and Christine this Sunday. They're in Salt Lake Cite, for what reason, I do not know. I think my dad told me...I guess I just forgot. So, yeah, everyone (that means you, Kristin, sorry I left you out of the last post) wish Casey a happy birthday. Corrina's is coming up (24Th), so just wait for that! Thnx. G2g.

PS: It's vacation! I get to stay up AS LATE AS I WANT TO! YEAH! All night Homestar Runner! (http/www.homestarrunner.com)

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