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So how y'all doing? My name's Cassidy and the gentleman you see in my picture is Sam. I like cats and music a lot and oh I play the ukulele, piano, and other shtuff. Have a nice day :)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Would you rather be a...tag

Hi yous guys! Thanks for being patient for a little bit. I'll probably post over the next few days, but you might not hear from me until the Superbowl, 'kay?

So, okay, I made up this tag. Here we go:

Would you rather be a...
Fabulous dancer or an amazing singer: Singer.
Potato or carrot: Potato. Duh.
Window or a door: Window. Then I could see what goes on outside.
Glue gun or roll of duct tape: DUCT. TAPE.
Guitar or drums: Guitar. I don't want anyone banging the crap out of me.
Spoiled brat or homeless person: Homeless person. Because I can't take the money home with me.
Truck driver or sailor: Truck driver. I love to ride in cars.
Dog or cat: Dog.
Motorcycle or car: Motorcycles are so much cooler.
Super popular but cleche person or unpopular but a much better person: Unpopular.
Tooth or toenail: This one is kinda obvious. Tooth.
Stuffed animal or action figure: Stuffed animals rip too easy; I go with action figure.
Cell phone or credit card: Cell phone.
Famous actress or famous artist: Actress.

Okay, I tag:
Aoife (Ace of Aoife)
Kristen (Kristen's Kreative Korner)
Loulou (Loulou's Lil Bits)
Brookie (This Freakish Lullaby)
and Jade (Bug Being Bug)

I can't wait to see everyone's answers! I know Lily tagged me a while ago, but I'll get to that in a little bit. Nobody has to tag five people, tag as many as you'd like.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A heads up

Hi guys. Just to give you a little warning, I might not be posting all that much for a while. Don't panic, I'm not dying or terribly sick or getting my electricity cut or something crazy like that. But we're having a bit of trouble with something around here that will probably be solved soon. I'm not quitting blogging, but you guys aren't going to be spoiled with a post every single day anymore (well, at least for a while.)

You: What? Oh, come on, Cass! What's up?
Me: Not much, but not that many posts shall follow.
You: Crap. Okay, fine. Then what do I do?
Me: I dunno. Go buy me a veggie burger.
You: What? Why would I do that? Oh, fine. I'll be back. (Fifteen minutes) Here's your veggie burger, Cassidy.
Me: Thank you, oh faithful slave. Now I shall go eat my veggie burger in the kitchen.

Well, it would appear that I have a veggie burger in the kitchen waiting for me. So, bye-bye.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Um, yeah.

My family's facing a big decision, and we still don't know what to do about it. However, since it's still a mystery, I can't really tell anyone what it is. I've only told Jessica, Krista, and Shannon this news. So if Jessica's reading, remember what I called you about last night? That's the decision.

I'll explain all about this after a while. But right now, I'm only telling really close friends. My best friends know, but I think there's one person that I need to tell that I haven't told.

I've been thinking a lot about how much little things matter. Like, just today, I found an old shirt. It's absolutely covered in paint. I remember Yuri decking me with paint when we painted fishes for Harvest Fest. Most people think memories means big things that happened that you'll think on as "that one time," but really, a memory is kicking your legs in the air at my eleventh birthday party, or watching TV when I was seven with Morgan and Ozzy.

Maybe I'll have big memories soon. But now, sledding in my yard with Kristine and being a Who in The Grinch are what I've got.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A visitor

hi! hi!
I'm Krista I'm chillin with Cassidy. its cool and stuff. now I'm playin the piano.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Z is the last letter of the alphabet

Abundantly true. And you know what?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I don't really have much to say, but I must say something. Pastor Mike asked told me I should do a weekly installment of the question thing, but I'm going to say no and here's why:

I have a habbit of doing/saying things without thinking, and my mother and father get offended by some stuff. I posted the other day that I get bored with homeschooling. I think I miscommunicated that. It must have sounded a little like homeschooling is droning and I never have any fun. That's not true.

What I really meant to say is that although homeschooling is fun, I miss my friends sometimes. Homeschooling isn't an amusement park, but my mom tries very hard to do special things with us.

And another thing is that I kind of jumped ahead of myself when I saw that Abby was doing this. I thought it might be fun. I wanted you guys to ask me stuff, because I have a habit of (like I said) miscommunication. Some of the questions were awesome, like about movies and stuff. But I think some people (unintentionally, of course, because I love you guys) kinda gave me a few too many questions about our schooling systems.

The people who asked me these questions will remain anonymous, but I can't answer some of them without making my mother sound like a bad guy, which she isn't. Homeschooling isn't for everyone, but that's what we're doing right now. I appreciate your curiosity, but two people in particular (whose identities remain undisclosed at this time) kinda gave me awkward questions that neither me or my mom approved of the answers.

My Aunt Terry reads this blog, and so does my grandmother, sometimes. They probably tell the rest of my dad's side of the family. I don't want them thinking that my mom never lets me do anything fun, so, Aunt Terry, if I said anything about my mother or father negatively, please erase it.

I'm not saying you guys are horrible or anything, I'm just throwing it out there that I goofed and will not be doing this thing again. Some questions were fun to answer, like what kind of drink I'd prefer, and what I'd do if I had three wishes. I appreciate you guys taking time to ask me something.

One quick thing I want to add to Miss Aoife: You're welcome. I try to be nice to you guys (well, all the time) when you sound depressed. Well, erm, TYPE depressed. I can't hear you, heh. Thanks for following me :)

Okay, whoa, long and really serious post there! So, you guys need to hear something random/funny! It's time for, da da da!, SUPER-RANDOM-CASS-PERSON!

I'll now say ten unrelated words randomly: Igloo fish hope is sixteen Earl and pepperoni zoo.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Question day...

Okay, you wonderful guys asked me a lot of questions! I'm going to answer them in the order that I feel like it:

Brookie asked me: WHO IS PIZZA BOY????

My answer: Hahaha, yeah, I guess I never fully established who he is. Pizza Boy is a nickname I gave to a fifteen-year-old kid at my church whom I particularly dislike. His real name is Anthony. He's Zach's older brother. (Zach is an annoying child whom turned twelve a couple of days ago) You can find out a little more about Pizza Boy by clicking here.

Brookie asked me: You're homeschooled?

My answer: Yes, I am. But that will change in eight grade, when I plan to go to private school.

Brookie asked me: Where do you get all these cool blog headers?

My answer: To tell you the truth, I make them. And as I get bored with my blog often, I change it up a lot. I think this one's here to stay though. I love it!

Brookie asked me: What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

My answer: Well, one time I convinced Zach and this kid named RJ that I was drowning on purpose! Oh, that was pretty awesome. That might not have been the absolute craziest. Just what comes to mind.

Jade asked me: Do you ever get bored of being homeschooled?

My answer: Yes, I do! And I miss my friends very much. Like I told Brookie, I am going back to school in eight grade, so this problem will probably be resolved.

Pastor Mike asked me: Have you ever considered making a chart...to show your mom why you should get a snow day?

My answer: This was a rather long question, so I put in some dots. And my mom always gives me an excuse, so I simply don't bother.

Jen in the Purple Pants asked me: What inspired you to start making movies?

My answer: This was a great question, Jen! Actually, there is one group that inspired me called the KayTee group. They do some fake commercials and are my inspiration. PinaButter wouldn't exist without them.

Loulou asked me: Is you had to choose between sugar-free fruit juice and sugary water, what would you choose and why?????

My answer: Well, I'd choose juice because 1: It's yummier, and 2: sugar free is slightly healthier.

Loulou asked me: What keeps you posting ever day, or almost? How come you never run out of ideas?

My answer: Another good question. I really like you guys, and I'm kinda proud of myself that you like this blog so much. Most of the time, I talk about my life, (church, annoying people, my family, video games...) and poems are when I'm frustraited or in a quietish or depressed mood, but sometimes I have nothing to say and do crazy posts that make 0 amout of sence.

Pastor Mike asked me: What are your aspirations in life?

My answer: Heh heh, no I did not just look up what the word Aspirations means on dictionary.com, heh. And I want to be a writer, and write teen books when I get older. I want to grow up, marry a Christian man when I'm old enough, adopt children, and write.

Brookie asked me: If a geenie popped out of a latern, what would you wish for?

My answer: Well, let's say I got the ole cleche three-wish thing. My first wish was that there'd be a delicious vegetarian cafe in my town, close enough for me and Corrina to bike to and get a veggie burger or a cocoa or something. My second wish would be that we could get a water slide for our pool. My third wish would be that my family could go on one of those home decorating shows where my bedroom could be awesome.

Thanks so much for asking me, you guys! I hope I got them all...If I missed one, I'm sorry. Anyways, thanks for reading! :)

Cassidy the Monisa-and-Corrina-now-wants-to-use-El-Laptopio.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Still not a snow day...

Sigh. I'm home schooled and haven't had a snow day in five danged years. But maybe there's hope, maybe some day, mom will give us one.

Ah, who am I kidding with that one?

Anyways, school or not, I shall blog on into the wind!

I'm working on a pretty big video project right now, which I shall post sometime once it's done, but it's hard and requires a lot of editing. Which means CASSIDY does a lot of editing. I started it last week, about Thursday, and I'm STILL not done! So I'm pretty busy.

This is the LAST post you guys will be able to ask me questions on, so ask away! There is not a limit to questions that one person can ask. If you guys have been wondering something about me, don't be shy! No secrets among us, eh, guys?

You know what they say, early commenter gets the, uh, thing that commenters get. Heh.


Monday, January 17, 2011

No. Topics. Allowed.

Why I've titled this post "No topics allowed" is because I can't think of anything to say! Oh, and to prove how much snow there is here, here's a picture that I took of Krista on Sunday after church:

She was so cold after that! She loves that white sweatshirt, though.

This is what it looked like outside the church...yow, right? That's my van, on the right of the picture.

AUGH what do I say? Oh, we had my cousins over and stuff. And stuff. We sledded. My dad made this crazy sledding track that goes down, cuts through the snow, and, woah, it's like an Olympic event out there! I'll upload those pictures another time, though, they aren't on the computer yet.

Oh, and for those of you who care, I DID end up going to youth last night. We talked about stuff. That had to do with not. Drinking. Booze. Yes.

I've been adding periods in random places, haven't I? Oh, dear. Oh, cotton balls. Oh, sugar daddy. Oh, Jim bob. Oh, Harold. Oh, Swiss cheese. Oh-

OKAY THAT'S GETTING ANNOYING! You guys only have, like, three other posts to ask me questions, so ask 'em. I'll try my best to answer them, I think.


Do you guys wanna see more videos? I got a bunch on YouTube now. I've already got, like, sixty-five channel views. That's awesome, right? I'm working on a big project right now, so that's why I can't think of anything to say. I'm doing this video thing, and it's kind of a task that needs to be planned out. I have to get the order of videos right, and I still need to see Krista, and Sheesh, and stuff.

You all must be bored to death right now, so I'm just gonna call it done and leave you guys with a random band from the sixties:

Jefferson Airplane.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A rambling

Okay, you guys all know I make movies, right? I've uploaded a lot. Well, not a lot. So today, there was a meeting after church, so me, Abbey, Corrina, Kaylyn, Krista, and Felicia popped out the camera and WHOOPED THE HECK OF MOVIE-WATCHER BUTTS OFF!!!

Krista didn't want to be caught on video, though. But we took some pictures, had a lot of fun, and we acted like typical tween girls. It was a lot of fun. We skated around the parking lot, having fun, and getting our shoes snowy.

Who thinks I should go to youth tonight? I'm thinking about it. I helped in the back rooms today. With Dave. Who you can find in my post about this year's harvest fest. Dave. Id. David.

Okay, KK and Corrina want to watch some of the videos.

Oh, I mean, Kimberly Annandra and Corri...forest...er. Corriforester.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Um, what?

oh. OH! Oh, yeah, I guess I should blog today. ahhhhhhhhh, yep. What should I say to you guys? I mean, you're here for something. Maybe you came to see a long, funny, random post, commonly involving pictures or videos.

If that's the case, then go jump in a lake.

I'm sorry! I usually do that, but I'm out of ideas at current. I don't really know what to say without boring you guys, getting one or two comments,

Loulou said...
Hi Cassidy! Cool post! Yeah, I agree with that. As to your comment...(ect.)

and then I'll say, "oh, yeah, I need to get back to her on that," and then I'll go on her blog,

Cassidy said...
oh. okay thnx louls. btw...blah blah blah (you get the point)

and then she'll comment, and it'll be like,

Loulou said...
Yeah, I know, and stuffity stuff stuff (you know...)

and then Tim'll comment

T-WAC said...
oh. my. gosh.
I'll say it again.
oh. my. gosh.

and then I'll check my blogroll, go, "ooh, random rawr posted," and I'll clicky-click on that, and it'll be all,

(Posty post post)
4 Love Notes (or something like that)
and I'll click on that, and comment,
Cassidy said...
oh, yeah, something about my life and how this post relates to it.

and then I'll back-button and see if my A-list posted, ya know, Brookie and Melanie and Jessica and Katie and Shannon and Tim and stuff, and then I'll do my stats check, and see what Pmike posted, leave a comment going something like,

Cassidy said...
oh, look, pmb, you posted about weight loss. AGAIN. and i can't wait to see your little baby...stuffs (I'm notorious for leaving longer comments for Pmike)

and then I'll check and see if I have any new followers, and then something funny or weird will happen, like mom will call me up for dinner, or my YouTube 'loads will have finished, or the dog's barking his face off, and then dad'll come up and say, "I need to get on there," and so then I leave to computer.

WOW! That was all one, REALLY, long sentence! So, yeah, I guess you guys do get a post today. Lucky lil follower dudes. Now, I'm gonna wait for Loulou to comment so I can respond and have something else to do!

Until that happens,
Cassidy the Monisa

Friday, January 14, 2011

Photo contest

Okay, I'm entering in Lulu's unedited photo contest! here's the picture I'm using:
Photography Challenge

wish me luck :) :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Breakfast for Bunnies

You guys are gonna love this: I edited it to make it extra-corny and cut everyone off! It's awesome and you can barely understand what we're saying sometimes!


Call said number that's not a real number!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

blizzard warning!!!!

It's a New England-style snowstorm here in The-No-Where-Town-Where-I-Live, and we got the blizzard warning at two AM. My dad's work got called to emergency stay-home, and most kids got a snow day, 'cept me, cuz I'm homeschooled and that DOES sound unfair but at least we're get to get field trips on some days.


So, in honor of the snowyness, here's a video in honor. My cousin Sheesh and Casey made a snowman, and they wanted me to film it. I admit, fine, I over-reacted. BTW, for those of you whom care, (improper grammar use intended) I am the voice in this video. That's Cassidy's voice.

PS: Tim, I will ship your The Stick ASAP.

I'm still open to questions! Ask away! :) COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm on YouTube!

Hi you guys! I'm officially on YouTube now, here's a video me, Jessica and Abbey made! It's pretty cute, right? Find my channel!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Casey Tells you Sumpin

hello pastor mike!I duhno what 2 say. casey is a cutie cakes! cassidy. aidan. casey. corrina.

That was from Casey. Isn't he a good speller? I helped a little with the spelling and typing and stuff. He really wanted to talk to Pmike. Last time he talked to Katie. Weird.

I also found out that a certain person who certainly may or may not be the older certain brother of a certain girl named Shan-certain-non. Named Tim. Certainly. Or just some certain Tim impostor. If so, then certainly contact the FBI.

Oh, and I'm still open to questions from yous guys. So ask ahoy! Also, my pet mice love fan mail! And now, a random word! (IN BLU RAY ADDITION!)


Sunday, January 9, 2011


Heh, okay, whatever, I know I'm stealing this idea from Abby, but I wanna do it to!

Okay, so, in a couple of posts, I'm gonna do a Q&A post. So you guys ask the questions! Here are some FAQ so that you guys don't ask me the same question a million gazillion times:

Do you have green sneakers: Omigluegun, yes, you guys, geez, I mention that like every post!
Are you vegetarian: Yep, I certainly am!
You're really 5'7: Well, no, actually, five-six and a half.
Your brothers are adopted: Uh-huh.
Is Zach older then Pizza Boy: No, Zach is turning twelve on Wednesday, Pizza Boy is fifteen.
How long have you had this blog: About three years, actually.

Those are the ones that I get asked most often! Here are some questions that I don't want to see!

Are you a girl: um, yes...
Do you wear pants: YES!
Spell "quickly": Why?
Are you standing on a fish: How the heck would I
How many teeth do you have: What the noodles, I don't know!

Stupid questions are not my favorites.


True or false: Is this a real word? ANSWER!

Remember, the mice love fan mail!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sweet Lemon Drops!

OhMyGrabness Grabness! You guys won't ever guess what happened today!

If you guessed I visited a paper factory, then you're WRONG! If you guessed Zach got run over by a steamroller, then (sadly) you're WRONG! (Just jokin') (well, about the sadly part. He didn't get run over by a steamroller!) If you guessed I got a dwarf mouse, then you're RIGHT!

Yes! I got a little mousie! His name is Senior Cardgage! (He's named after this crazy charictor, whom you can find a video of here, but this video's a little big. If you can't see that one, then click here instead) He's white with big brown spots, he's adorable, friendly, climbs up my arm, cute, and I'll post pictures of him sometime!

Corrina got a mouse too! Her name is Cindy Brade Lady. (Whoever has watched that show would get it) She's white, clingy, unwilling to be held by any other then Casey, and spazzy. They're both so cute!

Leave comments for them! They love being talked to. :)

How to make Cassidy Soup

1 Teaspoon Sarcasam
2 Cups Comedy
1 Cup Randomness
10 Dashes of Love for Jesus
5 Pinches of Skinny Jeans
1 Teaspoon Vegetarian
and just a pinch of Pretty Powder

Mix them all together in a bowl with Homestar Runner's head on it. Stir until nice and tasty. Serve with french-fries and peanut butter.

I got this idea from Jade. Her blog is wonderful. I thought it was a cute idea. :)

Now, a lot of you asked me which museum I went to yesterday. Due to parental protection, I don't care to share that information. You know, some crazy dude with a pickax might try to find me. gotta go out to breakfast. :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Thank you

Thanks for all the nice things you guys put in your comments. You guys are so nice. I'm still feeling depressed, but I'm feeling a little better today. We went to a nice museum in Connecticut. I bought a cute new pair of skinny jeans. Dinner was yummy.

I feel really happy knowing that you guys care.

Dear Older Cassidy,
Always remember that when you were twelve, sad things happened, and you felt better. Always remember the sweet people who left comments every time. Always remember how lucky you were to have people who care. Always try to do the same thing to others. Always remember to love and you will be loved. Always remember that happiness comes from little two-line messages. Always remember how much people cared when you were younger.

Never forget that life isn't about how long the storm will last, it's about learning to dance in the rain.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Right now, I feel

Really sad. I don't know why. Just hope for me. Hope that I feel less alone. Hope that somehow, this sadness will go away.

Dear Pictures,
You’ve changed the world with your beauty and I’d love to make more of it. I love the way that you can hold a memory, a moment, and a love story in midair and never let it go. You’re what help me see the brighter side of things. I only wish I could make better ones so that I could inspire people the way you do. You really do inspire us. I thank you for being the pictures, because you are pictures that we see. You are the most amazing thing that’s happened to my world
I just wrote this. I hoped it would make me feel better. I love you guys.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A-w-a-r-d-o, and Awardo was it's name-o!

Guess what? I got another AWARD! Yee-haw! I feel like jumping up and clicking my heels! And here it be, oh lovely people who want to read me!

Le oui madamoselle blogger. And it be moi! So here we goeses.

1) Accept this award (checkity check check)
2) Name 5 things you love about blogging
3) Give this award to 5 other bloggers
4) Make sure to notify them that they got this frabulous award!

Okery-dokery, let's get startedio! Five things I love about blogging comin' right up!

1: I like seeing the bizzare people who pop in over here. I never thought some of my best friends would live in Europe and other cool places! Amazing, huh?

2: I feel really proud of myself when I sign in and see that I got eight comments on my last post! It gives me a self confidance boost.

3: Writing and photography are really important to me, and this blog really helps me keep them both active and improving! It's a learning experience.

4: Seeing how much talent some people have! It's astounding! Some people are absolutely amazing photographers and writers, it blows me away!

5: This blog gives me a small chance to express myself and the way I feel about the constantly changing world around me! It's also a great way to share my world with you.

And I award:

and Jade!

Okay, just do what I did (you'll probably do it better) and you're good. Pastor Mike, I would nominate you, but it says little MISS blogger. Sorry, not my name.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"Happiness is not caring who sees you. It's being you and not caring who's looking. It's singing in the pouring rain and enjoying every freakin' minute of it."-Eighteen names for...series

"Whoever says sunshine brings happiness has obviously never danced in the rain."

Monday, January 3, 2011

A visit to the DOCTOR

Heh heh, let me explain something:

Last summer, while everyone else in our junior high class at church was getting their tentis boosters and chicken pox vaccines, I was tubing at Jessica's aunt's house and hanging out in Vermont with my cousins, staying up in bed reading and watching lame firework displays behind trees on the fourth of July. So I got mine today at the DOCTOR's office.

DOCTOR's office stands for Dirty Old Clinic To Operate on Roadkill. I am not a roadkill. However, waiting nervously in the office makes me feel like a soon-to-be roadkill deer. But they called my name, weighed me, checked every ear, eye, nose, and finger (pricky, pricky one might say) and told me to change.


Man, I hate those things! They gave me a sheet if I was uncomforable. Yes, I love wearing bedsheets. So I decided that if I was gonna wear these things, I was gonna look darn good in one.

I slipped it on, tied it in the back and around my neck, took my sheet, wrapped it around my middle, tied it on the side in a large, fluffy bow, and put back on the ole green sneakers. Mom laughed at my OGS, and then the doctor game in.

She asked if I brush my teeth, and food allergies, where I get my iron from (I am, yes, a vegetarian) and blah stuff like that. She did a physical and then AH shot time.

Well, Zach got his last summer about a week before he dissappeared into nowhere like every year. But he was whining about how much it'd hurt, so I will admit, I was slightly nervous. Of course, to whom it may concern, I have never taken Zach's word on ANYTHING before, so I wasn't exactly shaking in my boots. Then again, I made up my mind not to play the ole dumb after-she-does-the-shot-say-"When-are-you-gonna-do-it?" trick. I hate people who do that.

THAT BIG WHINY IDIOT!! My chicken pox one was fine and so was my tetnis! I think he purposefully fooled me into being nervous! You creep!

Ugh. Never trust a kid who dissapears every year in the summer. Also, never trust a man in a white tuxedo. Also alto, never trust a girl with too much lipstick.


So my arm hurt a little after that, but nothing major. Of course it is a little hard to type with this bandaid on my finger from the blood test prick they gave me. Okay, that's all, peace out, comment ahoy, blah blah blah.

Oh, fifty-five followers! Nice! I'm going for seventy this year, keep 'em coming!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hi from football game with Jessica

Hello everypeoples in the party place to be! As you all know, my name is Dr. Demento, and I am here to share the lovely life of a person who's chewing on a coffee stirrer. I am sitting next to my wonderful friend, Sarah-Bob (aka, Jessica) who has just been to my church again and still has not met Captian Idiot. (aka Zach)

Okay, my name is not Dr. Demento and Jessica IS Sarah-Bob, but that's another story. The story is that Jessica does have a blog which you can get to by clicking here. I'd advise checking it out. It's off the following: the charts, the chain, the hook, and most importantly, the wagon.

And yes, we are at my oh-so-lubbely aunt and uncle's house for the frootball game. And my coffee stirrer just almost fell out. Pastor Mike put on some odd children's program, and there are all these kids on a bus and the teacher has hammer earrings. I want hammer earrings. Jessica just told me that it's called the Magic Schoolbus. That seems to be all for now. Remember, I am still accepting applications to my photo contest. Just send me the link to the post with your entry.

Cassidy the Monisa