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Sunday, February 27, 2011


Blogfest is going to be tomorrow!!!! I did the video today with Pastor Mike, his cute baby Genevieve, and we had a LIVE AUDIENCE!!!! Corrina, Kaylyn, Felicia, and Peter (this guy at my church) were the audience! The video is awesome! So I'll upload the video to YouTube tonight and post it as tomorrow's my blog post!

Right now, guess what, I'm at my aunt and uncle's house. Tonight I'm going to youth, and then, uh, home. Not that exciting. No Smachary at church today...maybe he got, like, eaten by sharks or something. Okay, so, I'm gonna go look at Pastor Mike and Polly's BABY!! :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I'm at Jessica's house today, and we stayed up until TWO IN THE MORNING very late! Today we sat around and watched TV, made a video, and other stuffs! Last night we talked, had dinner, watched a horse movie, and did other stuffs! Now I go to someplace, so leave some comments, peace out, and blogfest is coming soon! BYE!!!!

Friday, February 25, 2011


Wha? Huh? Uh? Eh? Pah? Sheepdog? Ha?

No, er, of course I didn't stay up late to watch all of American Idol last night to see if Brett got into the top twenty four and then sleep in until ten o'clock this morning.

Okay maybe I did!

So I'm pretty knocked out of my sleep schedule and tonight I'm sleeping over Jessica's house. I'm probably going to go to bed about two in the AM, so I'm gonna be one hyper kid on Sunday (sarcasam!). But this post is not about Jessica, or me, or BRETT WHO GOT IN TO THE TOP TWENTY FOUR!!! Who else was clapping like mad when he made it? (I WAS!)

It's about the world's favorite green frog Muppet. KERMIT THE FROG.

Oh, this was a random post. But who doesn't love that totally awesome guy? You know what he likes? Comments. So let's go get some.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Who's Crack Stuntman? <--Click there to watch the video!

Okay, I didn't really know what to title this post, so why not something random, fun, and, uh, Cassidy-y.

You all best be clickin' on that link.

Lately I've kinda been in a Whatever mood. I've been feeling emotional and sad and all I'm-Cassidy-who-is-dramatic as usual. Today our real estate agent (Cindi) who likes to talk and wears high-heels and chocolate-colored lipstick is coming to take pictures of our house. Like I said, we are moving.

Blogfest...I promise this isn't all I'll blog about in ever history, but I am patiently waiting for a time when I can do this. If PASTOR MIKE wouldn't mind maybe...I dunno...assisting me with asking the parental units about when it can be going on? I'm going for this Sunday, after church. If not, maybe, um, before? I dunno.

Loulou, ma dahling, have fun at that concert! It's so cool that you're in the States! If you're in Massachusetts, you best be over here. YOU BEST BE. Glad you're okay and, once again, I'm sorry about the whole Blogfest mixup. I might have made you feel a little bit bad, if so, I'm sorry. No offence.

Okay, I'm gonna go watch the Crack Stuntman video again. Oh, first, here's a checklist of what I have to do today:

1: Watch video. Haha, don't play with too many knives.
2: MUST FINISH PACKING FOR JESSICA'S!!!!! I'm sleeping over tomorrow and have procrostinated long enough!! It is time for battle, Cassidy vs. The Horrible Canvas Bag.
3: Must go eat a fruit bar.
4: Finish book.
5: GET DAD TO DOWNLOAD SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6: Do the chicken dance. (Ooh, that sounds like fun)
7: Get Casey to pronounce the word BAG. He says it BAY-GUH. Beig. Beige? Beige pants?

Time to watch CRACK STUNTMAN!!!! (It's a funny video that's really random and weird)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


HI ALL YOU GUYS!!! I know that I got, like, half the blogosphere excited about my blogfest that I'm hosting! I WILL NOT MAKE YOU WAIT ANYMORE!!!

The vlog with me and Pastor Mike is going to be posted on Monday. That's for the major awards, for blogs in general. DON'T MISS THAT. But I'm going to take on the posts category today! Here we go!

If you win any of these awards, here is something for you to keep:
So let's get this thing STARTED!!!!

First, I'm going to say that not everyone is going to win an award. If you do, then congratulations. These were selected fairly and I didn't play favorites. Here we go!

First up is the FUNNIEST BLOG POST category. I had a lot of trouble with this one. If I say your name and then the title of your blog, the award is yours!

The funniest blog post of the year, 2011, is...JEN IN THE PURPLE PANTS, Jen in the Purple Pants: Middle School!!!!!

Hooray! I thought Mojo Jojo was really funny. Good work. :)

Next up is BEST PICTURE ON A BLOG POST. This one was tough, because I had a lot of great pictures in mind.

The best picture on a blog post of the year 2011 is...AOIFE, Ace-of-Aoife!!!!!!!

I love the pig with wellies.

Next we have the BEST SHOPPING-THEMED BLOG POST. You guys don't post about shopping a lot, so I had to go back a little bit.

The best shopping-themed blog post of the year 2011 is...JEN IN THE PURPLE PANTS, Jen in the Purple Pants: Middle School!!!(AGAIN!)!!!!!!

Wow, you got two? Mattress shopping...yeah, I did go back quite aways.

Okay, next on the list is the BEST VEGETARIAN-THEMED BLOG POST. This one is just a fun one, because I, myself, am vegetarian.

The best vegetarian-themed blog post of 2011 is...ADDIE, Teen Vegetarianism!!!!!!!

Who would've guessed that one? :D

Last but certainly not least, BEST BLOG POST OF ALL TIME. This one really struck me as amazing. I had a tough choice, and almost went with someone else. However, I know this one is a keeper.

The best blog post of all time goes to...MELANIE, The Purple Lab!!!!!

Her post is called It's What we All Want...I bookmarked it and I've read it over and over. You can find it here... it's absolutely amazing. I'd follow her blog, it's really cool.

Thank you all for making this a fun and cool event! I congratulate those of you who won awards today! Didn't win one? Check back soon for PART TWO, which will be a VIDEO BLOG post done by me and Pastor Mike. We'll be here with his baby, Genevieve. Don't miss it, it's going to be really cool!

See ya!
Cassidy the Monisa

Monday, February 21, 2011

Stupid Teenager Moments

Yesterday there was a meeting after church and me, Ozzy, Liam, Krista, Corrina, Abby, Sheesh, Kaylyn, Aidan, and Casey were all there. We decided it'd be a great time to go outside in the ice (yeah, the snow has frozen into ice) and ice skate.

Well, the only people who can ice skate are me and Corrina, so we just slid on the two-foot-tall blanket of ice on the churchyard. So we had to get creative, and this is where we had our STM.

Ozzy and Liam were goofing off and they asked me to go join their alliance or something. I accepted, ran inside to get Krista, and said, "Krista, come with me to the Dark Side. We have cookies."

So that's when I kinda established that we were playing Star Wars. Ozzy was Darth Vader, Liam was Darth Mol, I was Bobaphet (WHO ELSE?!), Abby was Yoda, Sheesh was Luke Skywalker, Corrina was Princess Laya, and Krista was a storm trooper, even though we begged her to be Jabba the Hut.

Well, that ice was sharp, Krista tore her sock (yep, sock) and three of my fingers were bleeding and my knee now refuses to work (only one of the fingers is seriously injured, and do what you will with my knee) but Ozzy decided to climb the hill.

THE HILL is the place where all parents forbid us to go because it's dangerous, steep, and some people STILL think there's poison ivy up there, even though they cleared that up before Zach started coming.

I may have gotten my foot stuck on a tree, Abby may have tried to yank it out, I may have fallen backwards, and I may have then busted my knee. So me, Krista, Corrina, and Abby may have gone inside because that was no longer a fun game.


Ozzy and Liam gave it up too, so we then played a game of keep-away (aka, me and Ozzy throwing a ping-pong ball around trying to keep it away from Krista) and then All-Against-Ozzy. Because he wouldn't let Krista give him a hug. Yep.

I went the youth last night. Pizza Boy showed up, which was weird, because he hasn't been to youth (or church in the past few weeks) since I've started going weekly. We talked about smoking pot and drugs and stuff, and the guy who wrote the article was smoking something as he wrote the article!!! (It was completely irrelevant)

Corrina's watching Elmo now, it came on and she's really excited, mostly because she loves Elmo with all her heart. I'll go watch now. I'm gonna go get some hemp brownies! (Pastor Mike will get the joke)

Sunday, February 20, 2011


This is a post mainly to Pmike, so the rest of you just sit tight. Read it, though.

I CAN'T DO THE VIDEO TODAY. Parents say we need to get the house ready for real estate agents. LOULOU NEVER GOT BACK TO ME. I'm not ready! I need another week. Hope you get this message before church!!!!


I can't really congratulate you right now. I was kinda counting on you here to do your stuff. I did the job myself. Not happy Cassidy. I hope you understand that when I granted you this task, I rather assumed that you'd get back to me ASAP. If you were punished or something, I understand, but please explain this!

Okay, guys! So sorry about that, but blogfest (if it happens at this point) will be soon. PLEASE SIT TIGHT! Thanks.

Friday, February 18, 2011

7 lists with 7 tips each

List 1: 7 ways to have a good day.
1: Laugh at everything, even if it's stupid.
2: Read in all the spare time you have that day.
3: Try to be nice to everyone all day.
4: Go to a pet shop and pet all the dogs.
5: Eat three cupcakes in a row.
6: Play with the toys you played with when you were 4.
7: Wear miss-matched socks.

List 2: 7 ways to start the morning.
1: Wear your father's clothes and then show someone.
2: Sing along to your favorite song at the top of your lungs while you get ready.
3: Eat chocolate syrup for breakfast.
4: Jump on your bed for three minutes.
5: Feed a goldfish.
6: Go hug everyone you see until 11 o'clock in the morning.
7: Dance like crazy.

List 3: 7 outfit ideas when you have nothing to wear.
1: Wear knee socks, pants, and your father's t-shirt.
2: Wear the weirdest dress you own.
3: Wear a bathing suit.
4: Wear your pajamas all day.
5: Wear your Halloween costume.
6: Wear a suit.
7: Wear a cape.

List 4: 7 ways to make everyone happy.
1: Sing with them.
2: Give everyone as many hugs as they can stand.
3: Share. That. Cookie.
4: Tell the funniest joke you know.
5: Smile too much.
6: Show them a funny video.
7: Be as nice as humanly possible.

List 5: 7 books to read.
1: Dizzy-Cathy Cassidy.
2: Captain Underpants-Dav Pilkey.
3: Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotisim-Georgie Byng.
4: The Bible.
5: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-Ronald Dahl.
6: Chabigail goes to Mexico-ME (Teehee!)
7: Fairy Tales.

List 6: 7 things to do outside.
1: Make a fort.
2: Climb a nice tree.
3: Sing a song you made up.
4: Play basketball.
5: Go bird-watching.
6: Have a jump-rope contest.
7: Spin around until you throw up.

List 7: 7 things you can do in a blog post.
1: Upload awesome pictures.
2: Tell hilarious jokes.
3: Put on your favorite videos.
4: Quote whoever you feel like.
5: Talk about YOU.
6: Tell the world who you are.
7: Make seven lists, with seven items each. :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My house smells like primer

Yes it does. We're redoing a lot of the house. Why? We're moving.

Yep. Out.

Where, I shall not say, but we don't even know for sure yet. So, goodbye nice, white house with a forest of trees, hello only one bathroom and living next to a library! (To those of you who know me, in real life, I will send you my new phone number) So, why not make a bunch of changes at once.

As some of you remember, I'm going back to public school next fall. So that means I'd be (if we go to this house that we're looking at) going to school with...ZACH?

Okay, that wouldn't be awkward at all. Nope. Not in the least.

Blogfest is going to be sometime this week, or as soon as Loulou gets back to me. I have an announcement regarding that, however, so stay put!

Pastor Mike (whose not-as-colorful-as-mine blog can be found here) offered to help me with blogfest. He said we could do a video post, and just not show my face, because my parents won't allow that. So, I've given it some thought, and here's what I'm going to say:

I accept the offer, if your adorable baby can make an appearance. My mom said that I could wear Casey's Iron Man mask or something. Cut out a magazine picture and tape it to my face...you get the idea. So, yep, we're on.

This doesn't mean I won't be needing Loulou's help though, (who can be found by clicking here) because I need her to get back to me for that. (If you could please hurry with that list I sent you, I'd like to do these ASAP, darling) So, keep an eye out for those!

Also, tomorrow I'm going to COCO KEY!!! Which one, I'm not saying, but it's one of them!!! EEEE! So excited!!!!! And also, I get to go ice skating in the daytime, and see Shannon (and Tim) after that! So I can't wait until then! YAY! I hope my bathing suit still fits...

Well, gotta go! You know what has four wheels and flies? COMMENTS.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day.

Happy Valentines day to everyone. Today I got a box of chocolates and A PAIR OF PURPLE CONVERSE SNEAKERS from my parents!!!! What did you get? Who's your valentine? :) :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

More blogfest stuff...

Okay, as some of you know, I am hosting my second blogfest here at TSOAAT. I need to have these things completed before I can do this:

1: Need someone to help host.
2: Need to finish nomination counts.
3: Need to make awards for posts and blogs.
4: Need to finish notifying nominees.
6: Need to get a snack.
7: Need MS paint on my jetty computer to function right.

For a recap, some of you weren't quite sure about how this works. Once again, I left a link on my last post with more information. However, here's the thing:

This is a really high honor that only I give called the Today's Golden Words Awards, TGWA for short. There are thirteen catagories this year, like most inspirational blog, funniest blog, and best blog post of all time. I'll nomiate two or three people per catagory, and one person gets the title.

The cool thing is, this year, I'm having someone help me host this year. Now, let's get onto the topic.

Loulou offered to help me host!! Thanks love! I think you'd make a GREAT co-hostess! Here's how you can help: I'll send you a list of blogs that I need reccomends for, and you give me links to check them out! That would be a really big help, and it'll be fun too! After all, I already have a million notes. Thanks so much dearie! :) :) :)

Okay, that takes care of number one. (I'll send you the list once you respond) Loulou needs to help me with the second one, and I'll do the third one after, and I need help with number four, too! When can I do number five?? Number six...hold on.

Sorry. Okay, number six, check mark. Number seven refuses to happen, so Loulou, please get back to me soon! :) If anyone else has any really good blogs I could look at, please let me know! Thanks! I probably won't post tomorrow, so I'll get back to anyone soon! Thanks! :) LEAVE COMMENTS!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Blogfest 2011

Hi everyguys!!! Guess what? I'm holding ANOTHER BLOGFEST!!!!

What is blogfest? Click to this link for more information about the first blogfest, held in September of 2009.

Okay, so, some of you guys (Pastor Mike, Pastor Mike, Pastor Mike, and Pastor Mike) already know how this works. But I don't think Pastor Mike was even there for it. So let's just explain.

This is the highest honor given by ME. I nominate you for awards, and here are this year's catagories!
Funniest Blog
Most inspirational Blog
Best Pictures on Blog Sidebar
Cutest Blog
Best Twenty Followers or Less Blog
Best Twenty-Five Followers or Above Blog
and Best 100 Followers and Above Blog.

These are called TGWAs, or Today's Golden Words awards. If you want to earn these, then GO AHEAD! This time of year, I'm watching!! (Creepy, eh?)

This year, I'm also doing a posts catagory. Here are the themes:
Best Sneaker-Themed Blog Post
Funniest Blog Post
Best Picture on a Blog Post
Best Shopping-Themed Blog Post
Best Vegetarian-Themed Blog Post
and Best Blog Post of All Time.

If anyone wants to help me host these, or give me reccomendations, please contact me via comment or (for those of you who I know) phone call. I'm always open to suggestions about blogs to check out and nominate.

If I nominate you, I will notify you. If you win, there are no prizes, except a picture for award that you can keep. You can't award anyone else though, these are secret!

Also, I don't play favorites. If one of my friends (Corrina, Shannon, T-WAC, Jessica, Pastor Mike) get awarded, it's because I think they earn it. Even though I love some bloggers a lot (Brookie, Loulou, Aoife, Jen in the Purple Pants) this doesn't mean they get an award.

So, I'm open to suggestions and I could use another person to help me host! You guys know how to comment! (Remember, these don't come around often! If you want to help host, TELL ME NOW!) Okay, now, people who comment get TGWAs!

(Well, not REALLY, but it might!)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The sides of Cassidy

I'm a very individualistic person, and I always do my own thing. If everyone else is white, then I will be blue. But I'm not always the same; I think the "side" of me changes with emotions or who I'm around.

The funny side: Well, some people tell me I'm funny all the time, but there's actually (I know how weird this is) a time when I'm funniest. Whenever I'm concentrating hard on something (I mean, REALLY hard) I actually think that I'm funniest. How odd is that?

The shy side: This is a rare occurrence. I'm very outgoing. But sometimes, I kinda blend into corners and stay by myself. Usually, you can get me to snap out of this by talking to me or showing me something cool. This only happens when, like, the friend that I was with vanishes to go talk to someone else and I don't know anyone else at the place.

The thoughtful side: I'm constantly goofing off and making my friends do stupid things, but sometimes I'm really quiet and observing. This is when I "frenzie" my poems/song lyrics. I use the term frenzied because this mood is another rare one.

The Aidan-and-Casey side: This is my goofier, tickle-monster side that I use around little kids. They seem to enjoy it.

The cousins side: Here's a list of my cousins: Ronnie, Rob, Katie, CJ, Cory, (I guess you'd count Christine, Ron's wife) Felicia, Kaylyn, Jordan, Hunter, Kalina, Bethany, Paige, Sage, Nicole, and Harry (named after Uncle Harry). I don't see them (except Sheesh and KK) a whole lot, but when I'm with my younger cousins, I am the boss of them. Just kidding!!! No, we usually have a good time, and I show them how older kids have fun. This means not playing with Barbies.

The youth side: When I'm at youth group or something where I'm hanging out with the older kids, I tend to be a little more calm and less hyper, but I don't show off or anything dumb.

The church-class side: My middle school group is a chaos-zone. Here, I make sure the class goes on without being boring (not that Tom or Jeanie are ever boring, of course) and liven it up with my skills of making people laugh and not be bored.

The friends side: When I'm hanging out with Shannon, Jessica, Krista, or anyone else who I consider my friend, I be myself. Of course, if I'm playing video games, it's the funny side. If we're in class, then it's the church-class side. With my close friends, I'm whoever I want to be. That's what makes us friends. :) :)

(PS. I've only been getting three comments per post these past few posts. Am I getting boring? Oh no. That's not a good sign. Well, comment about how I can get more comments!)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to be a sucessfull blogger

Hi alla yous out there! I now am aware that I have SIXTY-TWO FOLLOWERS (dance) on this blog!!! Thank you to Finn. Well, sometimes I'm asked what keeps me going and, heh, how am I so awesome. So I will now share my blogging secrets with all who care!!!
ALL CAPS FIRST SENTANCE: Very important, don't skip this one.
Ends with an exclamation point!: This is a good tip, but it's not absolutely neccesary.
Ends with a period.: These are my personal reccomendations, not standard.

1: The classic saying "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything" is one of my mottos for this blog. If I don't have ANYTHING to talk about, then I usually don't post. Sometimes, it's the complete opposite, and I have to do split topic posts.

2: BE CREATIVE, ORIGINAL, AND YOURSELF. Your blog should express how YOU see things. Sometimes, you might want to re-word things, or correct yourself, but if it sounds like a completely different person, there's a big chance that you'll be setting out a wrong image to people. Like if you're a fourteen-year-old girl, but sound like a thirty-year-old lady.

3: If you follow other blogs, who knows, maybe they'll follow you back. They might even read all your posts, leave tons of comments, and award you all the time!

4: Never, ever, ever, EVER make the drastic mistake of using your email address or website link as your username! Not only does this give away some information you might not want to, it also a) hides your real name and leaves that odd mystery, and b) confuses people.

That last one was, again, to (two friends of mine, who shall remain nameless. I saw you at MRS. ELISA'S HOUSE TODAY) who have been USING THEIR EMAILS AS BLOGGER NAMES and confusing the heck out of my father! Dad: So, now, who's T-WAC? Me: Oh, that's, uh, ******** (The name of this blogger. I'm not sure if he wants us to tell him his real name). Dad: Oh. Who said......blahblahblah... Me: Still him.

5: BE NICE. If you always sound mad or angry, then chances are people aren't going to be all that happy reading your blog. If you're happy, postitive, and funny, there's a better chance. I'm not saying you can never blog you emotions, like angry or depressed, but if you're ALWAYS sad, don't blog until your depression is cleared up.

6: Chose a topic that you think will interest people. Some of my posts that got great feedback are my videos, the doctor's office, and about me going to middle school. If all you blog about is your breakfast (Today I had toast and jam...) there are slim odds that someone's going to follow you.

7: POST OFTEN. If your averege is once every two months, nobody will read your blog! My thing is that if you haven't posted in SIX MONTHS, no matter how much I love your blog, I will stop following and remove you from my blog list.

8: Read other people's blogs! Everyone loves it when they get comments or new followers, so if you want others to do it to you, at least drop by SOMETIMES. Do on to others as you want them to do to you!

9: Theme your blog. Mine is sneakers and the life of a typical tween girl. Some others I like are themed on middle school (Jen in the Purple Pants), vegetarian cooking (Addie), and chocolate (Corrina.) Rambling is awesome, but if your blog is so free, it's a jumble-ish mess, no one can say what they like about it, like, "hey, I like your sneaker pictures."

10: Post pictures, videos, and quotes to liven up your posts! Nothing to say, but haven't posted in three weeks? Upload pictures from your camping trip in Nevada, or a funny video you and your friends made! You'll get comments about if people like them, AND you'll get comments saying how much people like your pretty face!! (Or handsome!)

11: DON'T GET COCKY. If you've just topped 250 followers, don't be a jerk, leave comments about how your blog is better, stop following blogs with less followers then yours, or think you'll get an award or something. Do a post about how excited you are, and then DROP IT. No one wants a show-off.

12: If you're going on vacation, announce it! Don't leave everyone hanging by just saying, "alright, bye for today!" and then disappearing for two weeks! This gets people worried if you're not posting. Make sure that if you don't include it in your blog post, that you put it off to the side on your sidebar or header. This is a DEFINITE for those of you who post every day.

13: DON'T GET OBSESSED/FORCE YOURSELF. If blogging is stressing, work, or boring to you, STOP. If blogging is a must and if you don't blog, you feel worried, sick, or need to computer, STOP. Blogging is fun and I blog nearly every day. IT IS NOT OKAY. Calm down and relax. If it gets bad, delete your blog for the better part.

These are my personal reccommends, but you don't need to follow every one. But if the last one is a problem for you, talk to me or someone else. Blogging is fun! Don't trouble yourself. :) :)

Next time, I might upload another video. :P (Only if you guys leave comments!)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Award for free/400TH POST!!!

It's time for another one of my famed SPLIT-TOPIC POSTS!

1: I got an award!
Is it not lubbely? Brookie said that anyone could take it, so I took it.
Seven random facts about myself:
1: I'm wearing a gray sweatshirt right now.
2: I have a YouTube account and have 84 video views already.
3: My dad's training to be a pastor.
4: I loved Pooh Bear when I was a little kid, as well as Blue's Clues and Teletubbies. (All US adorable kid's shows)
5: My brothers Aidan and Casey are adopted.
6: I'm allergic to tree nuts, not peanuts, and I had a reaction on Sunday. I had trouble breathing. I'm also vegetarian!
7: I like doing split-topic posts to save time and posts.

Okay, now I award:
Loulou- I'm glad that you've found Tumblr, but we're going to miss you if you leave. Tell me if you do so I can throw you a going away party.
Abby-A Random Blog!
Jade-Bug Being Bug
Melanie-The Purple Lab
and Aoife-Ace of Aoife


It's my four hundreth post!!!! YAY!!! Okay, I have to go now. BYE

Monday, February 7, 2011


Wow, sorry about the last post! In case you didn't read it, I got Zach and Krista mega-high on sugar, and, seriously, they lost it. Don't worry, they're both perfectly okay now. Zach sobered up around eight thirty at night, and he didn't remember ANY of it, except for banging his head on my aunt's staricase. Krista got back to normal shortly after. Zach only passed out once, and don't worry, they're both perfectly fine now.

Thank you guys so much for all your encouragement! Thanks, I know I'll do great in middle school. You guys are all so nice. :)

Okay, gotta go! Bye! (Leave comment...NOW!)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Zach and Krista are HIGH

We're at the superbowl, and we decided it'd be a great idea to give Krista and Zach a bunch of sugar and then let them lose it. Well, now they're all CRAZY. They can barely talk English. I'm gonna make them talk to you:

Hi Mr. Person Sir. I like....coffee. Teehee.-Zach (He's reading what I said...he can't read. :) :)

(Still reading)

(He's laugh) (No, he's more of giggling) (I think he's gonna lose it soon) (He lost it like thirty minutes ago.)

I slipped and fell on the stairs. That was fun, hitting my head.-Krista She's talking about Elmo now...they're really out of their minds. I took videos. I'll upload them. They're seriously reading over my shoulder (barely) because they can't really read right now. Zach just whacked Krista. Krista's crying. Zach just passed out OMIGOSH!!!!

Sorry. He just collapsed on the floor. (I wonder how long they're going to be conscious) They're a combination of hyper, high, and drunk. Zach's, like, cross-eyed. They're talking to themselves, I can't understand them.

They're all giggly. I'd better go, y'know, keep them awake. :) :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Must-read post.

Okay, well, I know that I've kinda been hiding something under a darklight with you guys for a little bit. I've mentioned that my family had a decision we had to make, and that I wasn't revealing the exact problem just jet. Well, sorry to keep you all in suspence. (Heh, especially Aunt Terry!) However, I will now explain the whole thing:

As a lot of you know, I am a fairly normal tween girl. I listen to pop music, play video games, I go to church, I have little brothers. But I'm also different in a lot of ways. One of those ways is the fact that I am homeschooled.

You've all asked me a lot of questions about me being homeschooled. And it's fun. I know lots of families do it, and it's a way of keeping your kids away from all the bad stuff they're going to witness in public school.

Well, I've been homeschooled since first grade. Two of my friends, Shannon and Katie, are homeschooled, too. But I barely ever see them. My mom really does try, but I can't honestly feel like a normal kid with a normal social life while homeschooling.

I've been feeling very lonely, depressed, and alone for a long while. Really, I was getting obsessed with this blog to make up for my lack of sociality. I was depending on Aoife and Loulou and Brookie for the friends I wasn't talking to here. Really, my social life was a blog page, full of comments from girls I've never even met.

I love you guys, but I needed something more. In December, I realized that my life cannot revolve around a misfiring browser box. I have my needs to. So I began considering SCHOOL and talked to my parents, praying about it for eternity.

They said that I could go to private school. You know, those ones that cost MONEY. It seemed like a great plan, Cassidy could go back, the others could stay home, and everything would be perfect. But it really wasn't perfect at all.

Think about it. Mom would have to get a job, drive tons of hours for me, and still have to homeschool the others. Money would be tight and we'd have no family time except car rides and dropoffs. I wouldn't be able to see Jessica or Shannon MORE, I'd see them less because I'd be going to a far away land, full of preppy, Christian girls with lots more money then us.

My grades aren't that great. I've gotten lectures about trying my best and double checking. Most of the time, I didn't double check or anything. I whizzed through to do the stuff that I wanted to do, instead of the important stuff. Mom and dad said that if I didn't get my grades up, there wouldn't be a way to send me away to one of these schools.

I wanted it to be over. I wanted to confusion and mystery to be over. I prayed to God, asking for his help.

We asked what Christian school I should go to.

But notice that sentance. We were missing the whole thing. Look at that sentance. Look really close. Don't you see it? That work in the middle: CHRISTIAN.

We were knocking at the wrong door. My mom called me in today with the answer. She said that there's no way I can minister to others IN A CHRISTIAN SCHOOL. She can't hide me from middle school. Middle school can't hide from me.

Yep. I'm taking a journey from the land of unknown to the much-feared middle school. We never considered it. But think about it: I'm a people person. I come on strong and stick. I make friends easily. I don't like to brag, but, people say I'm funny, original, and I could make it.

I could just be the loner. I could be the person no one likes. I could be the weird kid with her nose in a comic book and headphones in her ears. I could be rejected miserably.

Or I could whirl middle school around and make a change in the whole school. There's nothing stopping me from dominating the local junior high. I could revolutionize the way the world thinks of vegetarians, of kids who don't smoke, of underdogs, of Christians.

That's it. That's what I was keeping from you. Tell me what you think. Wish me luck, or discourage me. I don't care. But I'm taking middle school by storm, and no bully, principal, or presidant can stop me.


Well, when Sonic the Hedgehog turns into Yu-Gi-Yo on the CW, it's clearly time for me to blog.

Okay, so I won't admit that I like watching kid's cartoons on weekends, but only shows that I like. Yu-Gi-Yo is just lame. (Sorry if I offended any Yu-Gi fans out there) I like the really dorky ones, like GogoRiki and Winx Club and Mew Mew Power, stuff that I used to watch when I was younger.

So, yep, toast and eggs for breakfast, mom and dad are going out on a date and the boys are visiting their grandfather. The boys are watching cartoons and Corrina's eating breakfast. Obviously, I'm blogging.

On to a rather random topic, seriously, did anyone know that all babies are born with blue eyes? How weird is that? I didn't know that until recently, last term we studied the human eye. Now we've moved on to the ear. Who knows the name for the ear flap? Auricle.

Oh, sorry! Sonic's back on! Who knew they were back-to-back episodes? :) :) Gotta go back on the couch and watch my share of the speedy blue hedgehog! :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


You're on the bridge, waterfall on one side, lake on the other. The sun is down, but the moon and the stars, along with all the flashlights, give you light. Sleepy and out of it, you sit next to the green, paint-peeling railing along the side. The waterfall makes a nice noise. The parents talk below, you hear music and laughter and moms talking and dads playing guitars. You hear your friends talking and you laugh over stupid things. You're sleepy and cold but don't want to ask the older kids for their sweatshirts. Your little sister and cousins are washing up and soon your mom will call you back.

Everything seems peaceful. You're a little thirsty and tired. Nobody's mean or hurt and nobody's making fun of anyone else. The park rangers are out and won't yell at you for making dams or screaming or keeping the campsite awake like last time. A bit of smores still remains on the side of your mouth. The big girls talk and compare cell phones and sing and laugh a bit. The older boys fish and, well, watch the girls compare cell phones and sing and laugh.

You're in your bright orange tent, the sounds of camp in your ears. The waterfall and sleeping kids in the tents next to yours. The sound of the adults lazily sipping juice boxes and water bottles and talking about how wet their kids got, how muddy their kids were, how TIRED their kids were. The teenagers stand outside singing the Ugly Betty theme song outside your tent, the girls tripping over tent ropes and their boyfriends coming to rescue them. They're making noise but the adults told them to shut up and sleep. You hear the moms and dads lumber into their tents and someone puts out the fire.

The teenagers continue to sing until you go outside and tell them they're off-key and you're trying to sleep so they need to shut up. Then their mothers and fathers come and tell them it's time to turn in and you go to your sleeping bag and fall asleep.

-This was the church camping trip two years ago, on the first night. For the record, yes, the youth were singing rather obnoxiously outside our tent and it was driving me crazy. Next time they do that, I'm going to start singing the Camp Place song I made up in their faces.

(The Camp Place song lyrics:)

Going to Camp Place, (clap, clap)
Going to Camp Place, (clap, clap)
We're going to Ca-amp Pla-ace!
Swimming, (clap, clap)
Fishing, (clap, clap)
Food and water too! (clap, clap)
And that's all there i-is to-o dooo!