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Friday, February 18, 2011

7 lists with 7 tips each

List 1: 7 ways to have a good day.
1: Laugh at everything, even if it's stupid.
2: Read in all the spare time you have that day.
3: Try to be nice to everyone all day.
4: Go to a pet shop and pet all the dogs.
5: Eat three cupcakes in a row.
6: Play with the toys you played with when you were 4.
7: Wear miss-matched socks.

List 2: 7 ways to start the morning.
1: Wear your father's clothes and then show someone.
2: Sing along to your favorite song at the top of your lungs while you get ready.
3: Eat chocolate syrup for breakfast.
4: Jump on your bed for three minutes.
5: Feed a goldfish.
6: Go hug everyone you see until 11 o'clock in the morning.
7: Dance like crazy.

List 3: 7 outfit ideas when you have nothing to wear.
1: Wear knee socks, pants, and your father's t-shirt.
2: Wear the weirdest dress you own.
3: Wear a bathing suit.
4: Wear your pajamas all day.
5: Wear your Halloween costume.
6: Wear a suit.
7: Wear a cape.

List 4: 7 ways to make everyone happy.
1: Sing with them.
2: Give everyone as many hugs as they can stand.
3: Share. That. Cookie.
4: Tell the funniest joke you know.
5: Smile too much.
6: Show them a funny video.
7: Be as nice as humanly possible.

List 5: 7 books to read.
1: Dizzy-Cathy Cassidy.
2: Captain Underpants-Dav Pilkey.
3: Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotisim-Georgie Byng.
4: The Bible.
5: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-Ronald Dahl.
6: Chabigail goes to Mexico-ME (Teehee!)
7: Fairy Tales.

List 6: 7 things to do outside.
1: Make a fort.
2: Climb a nice tree.
3: Sing a song you made up.
4: Play basketball.
5: Go bird-watching.
6: Have a jump-rope contest.
7: Spin around until you throw up.

List 7: 7 things you can do in a blog post.
1: Upload awesome pictures.
2: Tell hilarious jokes.
3: Put on your favorite videos.
4: Quote whoever you feel like.
5: Talk about YOU.
6: Tell the world who you are.
7: Make seven lists, with seven items each. :)


Jen @ The Purple Pants said...

I love your outfit tips and your start the morning tips!!
Especially the chocolate-syrup-for-breakfast one!!
Love this post!!!

Tiffany said...

Love this :)
Your posts are always so unique and happy! They make my day ♥

Mike Brown said...

cute blog.

Brookie said...

I love this!!!!!!!
Your posts always have a way of making me happy,
Thank you for that :)
Lots of love,

T-WAC said...

I like to sing along to music at the top of my lungs when no-one's around.