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Monday, August 5, 2013

if i was a sculptor

I attended a wedding this weekend. It was my Aunt Terry's, and she married my new uncle Mike. pretty crazy stuff, although it was fun to see my family. i wish them luck and lots of love along the way.

cam is back! i missed him so much. i've talked to him tons this summer. i love my cameron.

school starts in twenty three days, and that makes me kind of sad. i really do not want to return to a public school environment. ever. especially without the boys. although i will have erin, and ezra's coming to my school next year, i think. still. i don't want to have to deal with all the drama and other crap. i don't want homework again. it's not even like "oh well i will see my friends again" because i saw my friends ALL summer, so that's not even promising. i'm just dreading it a ton.

tonight i'm sleeping over kyla's house and going to the beach tomorrow. i love the ocean, really. i'm with ally wednesday and thursday, and hoping to be with erin thursday into friday. doing a thing with the family on saturday. cookout sunday, oh my. super busy.

SIDE NOTE! I have indeed begun my summer school assignments! it's literally the worst. i don't like it but i will get it done in time. i started today. oh, the motivation.

alright. that aught to do it :3 byye