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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

haha, blahblahblah

You guys might have noticed that I went around to some of your blogs and typed a bunch of random letters, specifically B, L, A, and H. (If I didn't do this to your blog, then you really don't need to read this part of the post and skip right to the next colored paragraph) I was in a bit of a wacky mood the other day, and it's not because I interpret your posts as blah, blah, blah, it's because I felt like it.

Can you guys ever tell with me?

Okay, so, tonight's another rehearsal and I hope we're a bit better tonight. Aunt Vick and Uncle Dave aren't coming to my shows because they're going to see some kicking girls in New York that weekend. :( But if you're part of my family, come see the shows! (Contact dad for details)

I guess a lot of my family reads my blog. Gram H. and Aunt Terry do, and dad does, and maybe Grammy does...? I'm not so sure. If you're my family, HI!

For those of you not my family...DON'T YOU JUST WANNA HUG THIS GUY? HE WANTS TO HUG YOU!

Cassidy the Monisa
(What is a Monisa? Click here to find out. Tell me what you are, I'd love to know! <3)

Monday, November 29, 2010

ugh! LEO!

Tonight was another rehearsal. And as you may tell by the excitement in the tone of my typage, it wasn't a glorious one. This show is going to be interesting.

First things first, our lead role wasn't there half the time. Leo was too busy still moping around being sad about Mikaela, his ex-girlfriend who happens to be in this show as well, to do his lines. So Mikaela read them. How ironic. Finally, half-way through the show, Erin said she'd go "fix" Leo and dragged him out. Apparently, they finished the Grinch costume.

He looked like a green cupcake with feet and a fuzzy hat.

No one could remember a single line today, too. Mary Kate had two lines in her solo. TWO. LINES. "You're a vile one, Mister...uh, mister...line!"

Grinch. Mister Grinch. It's who the whole darn shows about! MISTER FRIKIN GRINCH!

And thanks to Pierce quitting, our blocking is thrown off. And nobody was having a whole lot of fun. Especially Ian. Taylor threw him off the stage today (well, actually, she more of pushed him) and he was a little irked after that.

And Holly choked me. Willow tripped on my leg. Emma stepped on my foot. And we accomplished nothing.

Haha, well, such is life. The show'll be fine on opening night, though, right? Yeah, no worries. I've never been a huge worrier. Leo will get it together, Mary Kate will realize what show she's in, Holly will notice that I'm walking by her, and Carly will learn that when onstage, announcing you need to use the bathroom is not appropriate.

Cassidy the Monisa

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Sunday!!!!

It's Sunday morning. Me and Aidan and Casey are watching Youtube videos, specifically the Annoying Orange. They love that video. I also showed them Annoying Orange versus Fred. Ah, family moments. It's a good time to just do things like they did in the old times. Except now we have these things called BRAINS that they may not have had then. :)

Aidan is reading everything I type. He's a very good reader. :) The whole family appears to be down here by the computer. This is a very fun spot, I guess.

We're waiting for YouTube to load, so you guys can hear from us over here at computer station. I gotta go now, peace out!

Cassidy the Monisa

(PS) Casey wanted this post to be red.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A bunch of random letters...



dtyjguhggygfhgjjffgusjrhagtgshrgitugtydgfhyfurgytgghngghhggjdmgncbvncbfgbbs,sbc'b b bffgkhgjhhbtufjsggzgfkdiejchsghggdggggfhjjgkhfjgnffg nhhghdtggghhy4jhrfhhdgkgfjgglhfjjhjfhlgjjfnjfjhtughjnccnmbfvnbfgjjfukhyilkutghjkjyyoht.

heehee, I felt like doing that. :)

Cassidy the Monisa

Whatever I did, I LOVE IT!!!!

I'm blogging off the Wii today because Cassidy's laptop crashed. :( This is a lot harder then normal ;D

Okay, so, now I have 43 followers and I am soooo excited! Now I got three comments on posts that no one would have read a month ago! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!

Yeah, today we have to go Christmas shopping :O *yawning* But not now, right now I'm in my Grinch PJs and slippers, blogging off the Wii!

I gotta go now,
Cassidy the Monisa

Friday, November 26, 2010

i hate black friday

It's here again, with its bogus sales. Dad (along with every other old woman in the world) hit black friday sales this morning. He left at midnight. When he returned, he locked me in the bathroom so I couldn't see what he brought in! I spent my morning humming "99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer!" while he brought in stuff.

I never do two posts a day, but you guys get a special treat.

43 followers!!!! One day and I gain one! YAY! Seven more, guys, hurry hurry!

I love this picture. It's cute. My dad didn't camp out though, he just left at midnight and came back at 8:00.

Ugh. All those girls who participate in these sales, DON'T

Cassidy the Monisa.

(What's a Monisa? Click here to find out! Tell me what you are, I'd love to know!)

42 is 50 minus 8

There's a little math lesson for ya. And you guys should totally get me eight more followers! I have 42 followers!!!!!! Yay so you guys go get me eight more and I'll post a Fred video or sumpin for ya. :) I'll do something for 50 followers.

Okay, and I know I'm a dork but I've spent the whole morning playing Barbie.com. And Polly Pocket games. For those of you from other coutries, those are dorky little girl's toys. But I've been kinda bored.

Alright, go get me eight more followers!

Cassidy the Monisa

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Madamosel Monisa

I made up this chart the other day to see what kind of person you are. You can take the test yourself here And whatever catagory you fall most under, that's what you rank. I made the test so that my description was Monisa, but I like the name anyways. Tell me what you get!

HaPpY tHaNkSgIvInG! I love the day of thanks even though I be vegetarian. :) I'll see what Aunt Terry eats, (HI!) because this is my first TG trying it. If anyone has any advice for a new veg head, I'm all ears! (And other assorted bodyparts)

Oh, and for those of you who care, my father got a huge box of toaster waffles and Cassidy is pleased. :)

Cassidy the Monisa

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

turkey day be tomoz

i love thanksgiving, its so awesome. i always feel happy.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mister Steamy

This is pretty much the most outrageous thing I've seen in my entire life.

Comment comment do the comment comment.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

how the heck do i have energy to post?

But I do. I'm so exhausted that I think my fingers will fall off whilst I type, but I love you guys so much I think I have enough strength to do this after three naps today.

Last night was the church youth all-nighter. I got there at seven and hung out with Krista and her friend, I think her name was Kirsten. Everyone had Monsters or sodas or sugar packets (that was me) to keep them up. We were planning on no-sleep.

The night was so fun! We played hide-and-go-seek in the dark, board games, and someone had Rockband. Ozzy invaded that pretty quickly, and screamed into the mic making the most obnoxious, off-key, high-pitched noises. We didn't really play while he did, at risk of getting headaches.

We watched Napoleon Dynamite. And we were all mostly still awake. Then we hit the three o'clock in the morning DEATH WAVE.

Anyone who's ever stayed up all night, run a marathon, been drunk all night, or anything like the following, you should know that at one point, you feel like you're pretty much going insane. Luckily, we had a wimp party of Morgan, Steph, Ozzy, Jacob, Bethany, and Summer. But those of us who were too proud to sleep pressed on, even if it meant going insane.

The weird things we did were in the foyer, I'll make this clear. It was me, Kirsten, Krista, Corin, Corin's boyfriend, Josh or Jeremy or something, and this guy named Jessie, who was really odd. And it was us pretty much slowly but surely losing our minds.

When I noticed that if I slapped myself, I could stay awake, I found that Jessie, Corin, and that kid with a J name were WHACKING A BLANKET. Why, I still do not know. They just whacked it. For some purpose of their own.

Jessie came out of the kitchen around 3:30 with this gross pepper popper he kept shoving in my mouth trying to get me to eat. I don't know what his problem was, because he was Corin's friend, and he probably should've been shoving gross food at her.

So, yeah. Then he put it on top of my HEAD and then I finally took a bite because he was SO annoying. It was really gross. Really. And then we just talked gibberish until five, when we all kinda woke up.

We cleaned up and played more rock band. Then we all had to clean up and eat breakfast and stuff like that. I admitted defeat along with Ozzy, Morgan, Bethany and Jacob and finally fell asleep at seven o'clock in the morning and slept like a baby until about nine thirty.

I've taken several naps and am totally exhausted. Goodnight now, I have to sleep or I'll collapse. I'll go to bed nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Hey. What's up? Homies! Hahaha. So rude! I'm done.

That was an announcement from Krista. Who I think is too extremely tired to be logical and not notice that I typed so rude and no one even knows what we're talking about.

The end.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

my rockin reviews

Hi! I've been wanting to do this for a long while, and I think I did it a while ago, but here's my new-and-improved blog list! Only the best!

My A-list:

Loulou's Lil' Bits Loulou is sweet, funny, and totally nice! Her blog is fun and I read it most times (unless I only have time to drop a quick comment!) I def. recommend it to anyone, it's cute and really unique!

Bug Being Bug This blog is really amazing! I just recently found it, and I love it so much! Jade is a really great writer who's posts always make me feel super-good. Two thumbs up!

Puppies and Popcorn This is a rather new blog, done by my pal Katie's cousin Maria! New, random, and quirky, Maria likes pictures and currently has a really adorable dog pic on her page! Rock on.

Note that I can't put my friend Katie's URL because hers is a private family-and-friends only blog. Katie's blog is funny and neat, with a wicked back round! I'd recommend it, but she wants to keep it small. Even though you guys would totally read it!

[non-sens] Lily is sweet and awesome, and uploads the coolest pictures! She's defiantly got a lot of followers, and that's because her blog is so nice! Love the pics!

Random Gorgeouznezz Mizz Ali dominates the web! An awesome blog done by a teenage girl in South Africa, who's got A HUNDRED FOLLOWERS and never loses my attention! Ali is one-of-a-kind wonderful!

Let's Call it a Journey Amber is a home-educated girl in year seven living in UK. She wrote a nice story and happens to love one of my favorite authors, Cathy Cassidy. And I love chocolate!

Tiffany&co Tiff is awesome and her blog rocks the charts! Love it!

I hope you guys can check out those links! They're my personal faves! LOVE YOU GUYS! Now you should all comment comment comment comment!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Me and my now official brothers are FAMOUS!


YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Today is National Adoption day in the United States where I live and today WE were the main event! We went to a courthouse bright and early, had breakfast there, and waited around a while.

It gets better. After we waited a while, the boy's social worker Sarah asked us if the MEDIA COULD INTERVIEW US. We said yes, duh, and we went into the courtroom and BOOM there was a set for 22 news and WE WERE GOING TO BE ON TV!

Only gets better! Me and mom gave interviews (HA, Ian, so what if you got the lead role in Willy Wonka, I got INTERVIEWED on TV!) about the whole process and AHHHHHHHAH it's going to be on the NEWS! Yay!

And guess what, it only gets better! We went into a larger courtroom for the opening ceremony where it was PACKED in there. So guess what? While everyone else got regular seats, WE got to sit at a TABLE in SPINNEY chairs at the very FRONT of the ROOM! And I keep CAPITALIZING random WORDS!

IT ONLY GETS BETTER! After they took more pictures and stuff of my family, we headed back to the smaller courtroom for the actual grand event to take place. A few ladies from newspapers interviewed us, and we did a little more for the TV stations.

It gets better STILL! THEN THEY ANNOUNCED THAT THE BOYS WERE ADOPTED AND I WAS SO FRIKIN HAPPY THAT I RAN UP TO THE BOYS AND HUGGED THEM AND SHOOK THEM AND SCREAMED! Everyone took more pictures and it was so awesome, it was the greatest thing of my life.

Guess what I'll say now? Then more newspapers and TV and stuff interviewed us and I was soooooooo happy about the boys that I was almost completely exhausted! Then we went out to Friendlies (<3) and now I'm so exhausted and happy that I thought I'd go home and blog and sleep.

I thought wrong because it only gets better. MY NEW CAMERA CAME! It's so cute and awesome and it comes with a little tripod and an HD card a REMOTE for it! Yay!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Look out for the blahblahblah!

I will most certainly look out for them.

It's Wednesday, the middle day of the week. Not that much happens on Wednesday, we go to something at Lily's church, but that's about it. Yesterday was rehearsal, and Liz was a drill Sargent. We only have three rehearsals to go! AH!

NOTICE: This weekend, I'm going to an all-nighter with church. Crysta's going, so I might as well. We're gonna stay up all night, so don't expect a lot of posting from Sunday to Tuesday, I'll probably be exhausted. Who wouldn't be after spending a night with Summer and Morgan and Ozzy and Liam and Pizza Boy?

Yeah, okay, not all that interesting of a post. But you know what you should give me? Comment comment comment comment!

Monday, November 15, 2010

A to the w to the a to the r to the d

Hola alla yalls. I got an award from the wonderful, funny, and very nice Loulou. And here it be:

If you know what versatile means, I'd like to meet you.

Okay! Now we have some requirements.
1: thank and link back to the persona who gave you the award.
2: Share 7 things about yourself.
3: Pass it along to seven blogs that you've recently found and enjoy.


1: Thanks sooooo much, Loulou! You can check out Loulou's blog Loulou's Lil'Bits here

Next step: 1 I can play piano
2 I have an imaginary friend named Greg
3 I hate socks and puffy winter coats
4 Even though I like a lot of people, I only have four best friends
5 I'm a terrible singer
6 When I was little, I took karate for about three weeks. I just wanted to do the obstacle course, but not any of the actual stuff. :)
7 I hate all kinds of soup

And numba three

1: Katie
2: Maria
3: Amber
4: Jade
5: Lily
6: Corrina
7: Tiff

Yay! Okay, now I've been told to leave comments for these guys and if you got the award, you should too! Bye! <3

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Annoying Orange: Lady Pasta

I hope Casey's watching, because this video just screams "Caseycaseycaseycasey!"

Papapapapapapasta face!

Friday, November 12, 2010


YAHOO I'M TWELVE THAT'S TEN PLUS TWO AND I'M SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER EXCITED! And in honor of that I spent all this morning watching Fred videos and drinking coffee coolatas and eating chocolate Munchkins! (Special thanks to dad for hookin' me up with the yums)

I have too much to talk about! Katie, Shannon, Bridged, and Jessica came to my sleepover and we stayed up till midnight! My presents were the greatest things ever, I got a wicked hat and shirt from mom and dad, along with, like, forty bucks! <3

From Shannon and Bridged, I got a water bottle full of random stuff! This included tootsie pops,  a bouncy ball, a Lego action figure, and a Pokemon card.

Jessica's card was cute, it had a dog with cheese curls on his face on it. She also gave me a book and twenty bucks!

We made movies, talked, watched a movie, watched YouTube, and played video games. We had a lot of fun, and on my cake was a LLAMA! It was awesome. Yeah, and on Sunday, I get to go over Grammy's for other presents and stuff! If I get forty more dollars, I have enough for a FLIP CAMERA!!!!! :D

BTW, Aunt Terry, when you called earlier, I was watching YouTube and didn't hear the phone ring. Sorry.

Okay, well, I'm gonna finish my coolata. In the meantime, please enjoy Charlie the Unicorn.

Oh, gosh, I love this video.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I don't have much of a topic for today, so I'll just ramble. I shall now recite five things off the top of my head.

1: ONLY ONE DAY UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY! Yay yay yay yay yay! I'm twelve! And as being the youngest in my group at church, I value every month that I'm the same age as everyone else! But now I am only third youngest in my class, so I am only somewhat ecstatic.

2: My party is tomorrow! Shannon, Katie, Jessica, and Bridged are all coming for a sleepover and it shall be off the following: The charts, the chain, the hook, and most importantly, the wagon.

3: Today was rehearsal. A lot of the kids there are also in Willy Wonka, which I auditioned for, but didn't get :( Ian asked me to the opening night (which happens to fall on my birthday), and I turned him down. Would that be considered being asked out?

Oh dear. I think that would fall under that category.


4: Jessica just called. We talked for, like, half and hour. She's coming tomorrow at six thirty. (if anyone cares.) Yes.

5: Dad's going to paint a llama on my birthday cake. Everyone loves the llamas.

 Ecaep tuo. (Peace out spelled backwards/ sdrawkcab)

Monday, November 8, 2010

It snowed here. I totally <3 snow, :) I'm really really excited. First break today, I grabbed my snowboard and went outside. There's not much, but it's there! Yay!

I love snow. :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tired, tired, skinny-jean wearing Cassidy

Hi. It's a football game, and as most of you know, the first thing I do when I get here is blog. Sheesh, Kaylyn, Stink and my family are the only ones here. Hopefully Christa comes. She's cool, and I like her.

And yes, for those of you who read post titles, I am wearing skinny jeans.

Today Pizza Boy told me I had attitude. Whatever.

Oh, wait, would that be considered attitude? Anyways, no one told me I had to be polite to him. I don't even talk to him all that much, what right does he have to say that I have attitude? And it was all because I jabbed him in the stomach with a Foosball thing and told him it was being used.

He was trying to play with that one. I was using it.

Hence the fact that I stabbed him. He still doesn't have the right.

Friday, November 5, 2010

We've been invaded!

...By the sets of Tommy. At rehearsal yesterday, our director, Erin, told the whole group that the sets of Tommy were building up and that for 90% of the day, since the other rooms are invaded, Kid's Tour and Center stage would be combined. That means the older kid's group was IN WITH US almost the WHOLE TIME.

So we didn't do a whole lot. Mostly, we watched Kid's Tour do their blocking (which is a fancy term for moving while saying their lines) for the Grinch. We had to sing when we knew the words. And the older kids certainly have been busy.

Well, Leo (this sixteen-year-old guy who looks like he's about twenty-five) is the Grinch, and he does fine. He's got a really deep voice. And there are four kid whos, Cindy-Lou who (played by an eight-year-old Asian girl with glasses named Emily), Danny who (played by Ian, the director's son who's in love with me), JP who (played by Pierce, the gay boy) and, uh, a teenage girl who who's name escapes me. (Played by a teenage girl who's name escapes me)

Their show so far consists of everybody talking in funny voices and spazzing around the stage singing and shouting "Who likes Christmas!" "I DO!" "WE DO!" And then we got a nice moment of Pierce hugging Ian in his sleep.

So as you can see, our rehearsals are rather interesting.

Not to mention that me, Anthony, and Ian were late for rehearsal because of Ian's water bottle (yeah, I don't want to go into detail with that) and dad was a few minutes late.

We ended early (which is rather uncommon; we usually end late) because all the parents were there. Erin split, ditto with Liz, our music director, and so only Darcy, the assistant director, was left. All the other kid's rides were there, and that left me, Anthony (who's father hadn't come), Cassia and Willow (Darcy's daughters) and Darcy.

I waited outside for a minute with Anthony (who whined that he couldn't get any service) in the cold rain until dad came. He really wasn't all that late, but the director told me I had to go outside and look for him. Yup.

Hopefully you found this post interesting, because it was very interesting to live. :) 

Thursday, November 4, 2010



You are so not a pleasant person! (Incase you don't know what I'm talking about, oh American public, I did a post a while ago and my pal Katie and Cookie Ross had a nice discussion about whether Birdo is boy or girl. And Katie said she avenged me!) And whatever avenged means, don't do it to me again!

(you know i'm just playing with ya. <3)


All I can say is

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

BJs mishap (if you like to see other people's problems, here's a nice post to read)

Okay, last night, me and dad went to a store called BJ's. It's forty minutes from home, so it's a bit of a drive. We got a ton of food and thought that we were ready to leave.

Until the computers went down.

Yep. The whole credit card system shut down. It took TWENTY MINUTES for the flippin guy to fix the problem, and even then it broke a minute later! Oh gosh, it was b-o-r-i-n-g. Dad was waiting, everyone was doing a whole lot of no help, and Jim couldn't fix the problem.

Where was I through all this? On the dirty, concrete floor with nothing but a 9-14 Switch magazine and a cell phone to entertain myself. I know, feel sorry, boo hoo, but there's not all that much to do. Except look at trashy teen mags.

"Look beautiful in just three months!"
"Glamour shots of Thomas Edison!"
"Justin Beiber! POSTERS INSIDE!"
"Find out if a nerd likes you! Quiz!"
"Find out what your poodle thinks of you! Ten easy steps!"
"Solve your romance problems in just two days!"
Yep. That's Monday night.

We got home at, like, ten. Happy November second.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Boring day

Today wasn't all that exciting. I didn't do all that much. Last night, I went to youth group (a second time) and we carved pumpkins. Ozzy somehow destroyed his. Figures. Him+knife+pumpkin=be thankful you aren't a gourd. Ouch, I don't know what he did, but it was bad.

Isaac made this cyclops thing. It kinda looked like a scuba diver, but with a M with an L on the back. (He was trying to make the Yankees cymbal...we don't live in New York...?) And Bethany made a ballerina. It was probably the best one.

I made one with a T on it. T doesn't stand for anything,  it's just a T. T for tortilla. So there.