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Saturday, November 20, 2010

my rockin reviews

Hi! I've been wanting to do this for a long while, and I think I did it a while ago, but here's my new-and-improved blog list! Only the best!

My A-list:

Loulou's Lil' Bits Loulou is sweet, funny, and totally nice! Her blog is fun and I read it most times (unless I only have time to drop a quick comment!) I def. recommend it to anyone, it's cute and really unique!

Bug Being Bug This blog is really amazing! I just recently found it, and I love it so much! Jade is a really great writer who's posts always make me feel super-good. Two thumbs up!

Puppies and Popcorn This is a rather new blog, done by my pal Katie's cousin Maria! New, random, and quirky, Maria likes pictures and currently has a really adorable dog pic on her page! Rock on.

Note that I can't put my friend Katie's URL because hers is a private family-and-friends only blog. Katie's blog is funny and neat, with a wicked back round! I'd recommend it, but she wants to keep it small. Even though you guys would totally read it!

[non-sens] Lily is sweet and awesome, and uploads the coolest pictures! She's defiantly got a lot of followers, and that's because her blog is so nice! Love the pics!

Random Gorgeouznezz Mizz Ali dominates the web! An awesome blog done by a teenage girl in South Africa, who's got A HUNDRED FOLLOWERS and never loses my attention! Ali is one-of-a-kind wonderful!

Let's Call it a Journey Amber is a home-educated girl in year seven living in UK. She wrote a nice story and happens to love one of my favorite authors, Cathy Cassidy. And I love chocolate!

Tiffany&co Tiff is awesome and her blog rocks the charts! Love it!

I hope you guys can check out those links! They're my personal faves! LOVE YOU GUYS! Now you should all comment comment comment comment!


Loulou said...

I LOVE YOU!!!! thank you sooo much!and about the writing contest, just go to this adress and sign up for this year or next year kk?

Thats the adress! So please tell me what your username is and ill be sure to add you!

↘Cassidy↙ said...

thanks loulou...i'll def. check out the link, but i'll have to run it through with my dad first. house rules :)

Tiffany said...

Aww :)
Thank you so much! I 'preciate it ♥