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So how y'all doing? My name's Cassidy and the gentleman you see in my picture is Sam. I like cats and music a lot and oh I play the ukulele, piano, and other shtuff. Have a nice day :)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

What is nothing????

I was thinking earlier. (Shocking, isn't it?) We all know that we breathe air. I used to think that air was nothing. But it's air. So it can't be nothing. I tried to think, what has no air? So, I found one thing, water. But it's water. So it can't be nothing! If you take a blank piece of white paper, you don't see anything on that paper. When I was little I thought that was nothing. But it's paper! So, what is nothing? Not water, not air, not paper. As weird as it sounds, I used to think plastic was nothing because you couldn't see it. But it's plastic. If we lived in a world without air, paper, water, or plastic we would know what nothing was. BUT WE DON'T! This is going to drive me insane. Well, another news flash. Coming' at you live from Cassidy's house, here's Cassidy with the latest news. Today when I was at church, it started to snow outside! So I ran out at ten in the morning into a church yard in Dudley to look at that awesome stuff! And (I don't mean to embarrass you, Pastor Mike) Pastor Mike and Mrs. Polly just come running outside in vests and light coats, and Pastor Mike starts singing "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" and me and Mackenzie and Danielle and Corrina are just staring until they go back in. It was fun running around out there in the snow. We ran for about ten minutes until my dad called us in. It was a very fun morning. That snow was full of awesomeness!

Jingle bells all the way,

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Super mario brothers

Hi guys ( and girls). You are all so lucky to be listening to me talk about another awkward subject. My dad just downloaded super Mario brothers on to our PC. I am bad at it, but it's fun! I also know about this mahjongg game that my dad downloaded to the laptop. And don't get your hopes up Pastor Mike, my laptop ,not yours. It's these mind exercise games. They hide two of a kind of most any shape and you have to match them. I got a high score of ringjongg. Also, I have a list of new words to replace old.


Those are words about ME. I am unique,expert,childish,modern,naughty,and very awkward. Well, I guess I'll see you later.

Hope your day was full of awesomeness,

Friday, November 28, 2008

The breakfast alarm

Hi everyone. The other day I was sleeping over Sheesh and Kaylyn's house. It was six in the morning and we were watching cartoons. All of a sudden, my aunt's cell phone starts ringing. So I go, 'Who calls your mom at six a.m.?' And Sheesha's reply was simple. She told me it was a breakfast alarm. It is like a signal to her mom that basically says, 'We're hungry. Make us food!' And since then I have wondered, 'How can you set an alarm for when you're hungry?' Well, they go to public school, so they get up around six. The alarm is set that time as an estimate about what time they will want breakfast. Also, it's my aunt's alarm clock. Now, some news worth waking up for! Ha ha, that was a very corny joke. I hope you had a awesome thanksgiving. I had a thanksgiving full of awesomeness. And now, some holiday trivia. Why do we call the settlers 'Pilgrims'? Look it up! I have to know before the weekend ends. I have not been getting much feedback on these homework assignments, Pastor Mike. PLEASE! Hope you had a wonderful holiday full of awesomeness.

See you at the next post!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A to Z in my thanks

I have a lot of stuff to be thankful for. 26, to be precise. I want to tell you every one:
A for armadillos
B is for barbecues at my house in the summer
C is for Cassidy, the most awesome name EVER!
D is for drama camp at Upton town hall
E is for eggs in the morning for breakfast
F is for family that I can go to every year on this splendid holiday
G is for gorilla glue
H is for home that I live in
I is for iguanas
J is for Jesus
K is for K-mart
L is for lemons
M is for my Mom
N is for newts
O is for Oprah Winfrey
P is for party's
Q is for quacking ducks
R is for Ronald McDonald
S is for sweet pudding pie
T is for 'the world of Cassidy'
U is for U S of A
V is for the wonderful name Vinnie
W is for webkinz
X is for xylophone
Y is for 'Yes, you can go on computer'
Z is for Zimbabwe

I am truly thankful for these wonderful things. I hope God can provide all this awesomeness again next year. Everyone: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Hope you are blessed,


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

.......And a partridge in a pear tree!......

Know how you never remember the words to those Christmas songs? The trickiest one is the one about the partridge. What even is a partridge? Is it kinda like a bird? I have no idea. I always get mixed up with all those numbers and maids-a-milking and geese-a-laying. And to me, I never thought those golden rings were all that valuable. A lot of these songs get confusing. The ones like jingle bells and deck the halls are easy, but ones like silent night and Mary did you know and little drummer boy are so hard to get.Expert for 'Ba rumpapumpum', the drummer boy is the hardest. Well, I now regret this post for reasons because it's Christmas and I wanted to talk about thanksgiving tomorrow. Darn. Well, happy thanksgiving everyone!

Happy thanksgiving!


Monday, November 24, 2008

I am friendly

I am a very amiable person. I am also cordial and neighborly.I have lots of companions because I seem to a lot of people comical or witty.If some of these words are baffling for you, try making a catalog of words and next time I behold you I will admire.

I am a very friendly person. I am also kind and comforting. I have lots of friends because I seem to be funny and clever to people. If some of these words are to puzzling for you, try making a list and next time I see you I will be pleased.

Notice the difference between the paragraphs about me. They are different, but the same. They look different but they mean the same thing. And now you ask, "How does she know those words in paragraph one?" I have a thesaurus. Check today's golden words for the keys and/or morals of this blog



Saturday, November 22, 2008


Right now you're thinking, " What's with the nacho thing?". Well, I'll tell you something. I have no clue ether! The thing is, my sister's eating nachos, and that was the first thing that came to mind. And guess what? For once, I have nothing to talk about. There, I said that so you're all gonna go read such is life, or the magical world of Corrina or something like that. Nachos are a odd thing. You can put on sour cream, cheese, or salsa on. If you're feeling lucky, you can put on ketchup. Hey, I just said I have no topic, so how could I really be talking about corn chips? Maybe today's topic is fried food! Hey! We found a topic here at world of Cassidy headquarters! Corn chips! Yeah for deep fried salsa covered chippers! I like chips! I like them almost as much as I like cheese! And that's saying' something, because cheese is my favorite thing in the world! And I like chips because you can put cheese on them! Score two for one! Don't forget to check the label for today's golden words.

Until tomorrow,

Friday, November 21, 2008

Be nice

Today I was reading my devotional and I found the most wonderful thing since pie! It was about how we should be nice to each other and not expect any reward. When you do something nice, you expect a reward for your "niceness". Well, did the good Samaritan expect a reward? Nope. It doesn't even say he got a darn "thank you". Come on and wake up, guys! You don't need a reward for being a good person. And, bigger, can we ever say "thank you" enough for what Jesus did? He DIED for us. Is that more or less important than helping pick up your friends books? Can we thank that guy to much? No. God is a jealous god. He likes it when we worship him and call him mighty. It's just telling God the truth! Remember to check the label for today's golden words. Those down there are the only words that mean anything. So, next time you give someone a band-aid when they're hurt or help find your little sisters teddy bear, don't ask when it's done "Do I get a thank you?" Yeah, they should thank you, but remember not to ask for one, but to give one to God. Remember, he saved your sins.

Thank you for your time,


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today's golden words

In the past few blog posts, I have had morals to share, but have never really had a point of blog to put them. It's stupid and awkward, but in my blogs in the future try and check the labels part of the blog to see the moral and my point of the blog narrowed down. So, yes, I am actually trying to be efficient for once. I have homework! So wonderful getting homework on the Internet. Well, I want the look up on gesticulates.I wish to know this for no peculiar reason but because I like enlarging my vocabulary. Miss Polly and Corrina are watching home alone 2.We haven't seen the first. But the first one was downstairs, and so they didn't want to go down there to get it. Pastor Mike has kind of ditched out on typing lessons. Sorry to rub that in your face, Pastor Mike, but We haven't got off of RTYU yet. Well, gotta go.

See ya tomorrow!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The cassowary

Hi everyone! Me and my sister, Corrina, are learning about Australia. In Australia, there is a very large bird called a cassowary. They even wrote a song about it. Sing a long, if you want. And it has to be out loud. (To the tune of 'I'm a little tea pot')

I'm a cassowary,
A great big bird
I can't fly.
Have you heard?
Also, I am cute and shy,
That's the word
I'm a cassowary,
A great big bird

Is that not awesome? That is wicked cool! I love that song! It's catchy. I wonder if anyone else here has a song with their nickname in it. Do tell. I have a homework assignment for you who comment. I want a definition of eucalyptus. In English, Pastor Mike, please! And yes, that is due tomorrow. By the time there is a post in front of this, I want a respondent, O.k.? Sounds good. Well, if we must have time left I have a question. WHO IS ANONYMOUS?????I'm getting annoyed here! Come on up and tell me!If no one tells me who you are, person, you are forbidden from this blog! Or at least commenting. You're distracting the other readers.Miss Polly and Pastor Mike ask me every Thursday when I'm at their house, "Have you found out who anonymous is yet?" and I keep on having to say NO. Darn it,tell me!

See you soon, bring homework!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The single most bad thing I have ever seen

Today me and my mom and sister were shopping in a grocery store. Of course, there were webkinz. Me and my sister went to look at them. There were bulldogs, black horses, polar bears, black bears, and the cutest little seal I have ever seen. We were looking at the precious seal and looking all over the cutie. But then I saw one act of pure evil. Someone had torn of the code tag open and had left the toy! The toy was in top notch condition, but the code tag is the real value. In a webkinz, there is a code tag attached to the paw of the toy and contains a one of a kind code that there is only one of! If some one tried to put the seal online, they would have been printed as an intruder! They wouldn't be able to put the pet online. So the person had technically stolen the webkinz! Of course, I didn't look at the code. I may be a little mischievous sometimes, but I would never steal a stuffier. It was the worst thing I've ever seen. I don't want anyone to follow the example this person had set. I hate to think of this happening. So, let this be a lesson to everyone. Stealing is wrong! Don't steal!

Don't steal unless you want to go to jail!


Monday, November 17, 2008

Stupid things

There are a lot of stupid things in our life. For example: Why are carrots orange? Why is the sky blue? Why are my blogs so wacky and crazy and weird and silly and....well, you get the idea of how much they rock. I have the answer to all the questions by my own theory. Why are carrots orange?- If you look at them closely, they are actually kind of yellow. When you think about it, there are so many more stupid questions you could get off of this. Why are apples red, or pears green, or peaches pale? So many things that we ask. Why is the sky blue?- The sky is blue because there is no other color. Try having a green sky when your trying not to think about the money issue. Or a red sky when your trying not to be angry. Would that work? No, not really. Why are my blogs insane?- I myself am a crazy person who is driven to write down her every thought during the day and loves to share her wild hopes and wacky dreams with people who care no about beauty, but about how interesting the blogger is. And yes, I am not the most sparkly princess in the castle. And anyways, who would want to be a sparkly princess? The dress would make it SO uncomfortable to read these blogs with. I hereby forbid all sparkly princesses from reading this blog. So there. Well, gotta go.


Friday, November 14, 2008

My life, the 4:35 edition

O.k., before I start blabbing at you about something weird, comment alert. Yes, Pastor Mike, I know the anonymous is not you. But who are you?!?!?! I must know. O.k, now to the something weird. Right now my sister is watching Mia and Miguel on PBS kids. My dad just got home. Right now. It's true. Tonight I am sleeping over Grammy Emo's house. Which brings me to, um, what does it bring me to? I'm not sure. Oh well, maybe I'll remember next time. Um, I gotta go now. I wish everyone have a good next day. Or tomorrow. I'm not that good with pronunciation. By the way, does any know what externalises means? I must know this immediately. Bye.

See you soon!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who the heck are you?

O.k., I check for comments every day after I post something new. But someone has just crossed the line about not telling me who they are. Pastor Mike comments, my dad does, even my mom did for a time, but this guy is crazy. I want to know your name, who you are, if you have a blog and if I can read it. I read everything already, but there's always room for more in here. Tell me who you who you are on your next comment, and you get a prize. O.k., I can't give you a prize on the internet, but still, TELL ME! O.k., I have no idea what to put a picture of, and it does'nt matter anyways. I can't do google searches by my self. I'm at " Auntie Fafa's boarding house." today. I'm upstares in Pastor Mikes room on the couch watching Spongebob Squarepants. It's one of my favorite TV shows. Me and Sheesha love it so much, we started a fan club. Speaking of Sheesha and Kaylyn, today they gave me birthday gifts. They gave e two dollars and 5 pieces of candy. That was very thoughtful of them, I think. You know, I just won't add a picture.

See ya.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

10 things

10 things I want to talk about: 1: I got my ears pierced yesterday. I have rainbow flower studs. They look so awesome. 2: Today is my birthday. I'M TEN! WHOOP! 3: Today I opened my birthday gift from Corrina. It's a little Kinz Hippo named Buddy. 4: My auntie Terry bought me these: Fantail goldfish webkinz, Little kinz chicken,breakout by Miley Cyrus, Alvin and the chipmunks soundtrack,justice gift cards,Barnes and noble gift cards, and webkinz trading cards. I love it all. 5: For my birthday Shannon gave me a shining star named puff and Katie gave me and Alvin and the chipmunks CD. 6:I just cut my lip. 7:My parents just got netflicts. Now we have hoodwinked. 8: Including Ashlyn (fantail goldfish), Artie (chicken), and Buddy, I now have 14 webkinz. YEAH! 9:Last Sunday Pastor Patrick gave me a free candy bar for my birthday. WHOOP! 10:Thanks to everyone for reading this funny blog!

Bye for now!


Monday, November 10, 2008


Hi. My friends Katie and Shannon are sleeping over. Here is Katie, who I have mentioned before:

Hi people. -Katie

Here is Shannon, who I have never talked about in my life to you:

Hello.This is the five o'five edition. I can now do a backward roll into a handstand.I have my own tweezers. They are fun to use to pull out splinters. -Shannon

They want to see 'I don't want no Joe Shmo running my country' post.

Bye for now!


Friday, November 7, 2008

This blog's new look

Hi everybody! Check out all this cool new stuff that's here in the insane world of cassidy! It's all thanks to Pastor Mike, who put all this stuff here. Take the poll, become a follower,there's so much more to do here now. The world of cassidy has been expanded. When you become a follower, your icon shows up and you can see all my posts on your blogger dashboard. If other people reading this click on your icon, they can go take a peek at your blog. But, you have to have this feacher on your blog to be able to follow. I think I'm the only one following this blog, so click away. Thank you again Pastor Mike, for all your help. Become a follower here so people can see such is life.( That's his blog name.) So take the poll, become a follower, read the funny blogs, have some fun in the world of cassidy!

Take the pole!


Thursday, November 6, 2008


Hi. I write plays all the time. I like to write scripts for me and my friends to act out. I think it's fun to try and imagen fictional charictors doing the things I like. Right now I am writing the script to wonderland, a movie where I save the world. Wonderland will be a real movie some day, i hope. This may be a short blog, but I have short temper for evil villins such as in the movie. Right now I am at uncule harry's and he is watching cops. Oops, gotta go.



Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My fiftiest post

WHOA YEAH! This is my fiftiest post! This calls for a celebration! YEAH! Everyone tell me on your next comment how to celebrate on a blog. Homework today. Got a little challenge for whoever can do this: Without looking it up on the web or in a thesaurus/dictionary tell me what the word applicant means. I NEED TO KNOW! Right now. Comment away. And also, If anyone is a doctor reading this, tell me (without looking it up) what the word steroids means. Please. do tell. But you don't have to look it up, you're a doctor. So, that should be easy.And if your a pastor in the crowd ( meaning if you're pastor Mike) please tell me where you beat people up, I mean where you work as a security guard. I would like to know this, thank you. Well, that wraps it up. Thanks, Mrs. Workman, for commenting on my blog.

Good bye!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Why don't I have a dictionary?

Here are some words that i have absolutely no idea what they mean: Champlain, Victorious, Emanating, and elegant. I do know, however, what these mean: Exiting, daring ,bold, creative, wonderful, funny, and crazy. I know these words because they all describe ME. Here are some words that don't mean much: Pretty, ugly, poor, rich, and toilet. O.k., toilet is important, but the other one's aren't really. It doesn't matter if were' rich or poor, pretty or ugly, God's looking on the inside. Not where you can tell what jeans you wear. The words that describe me ain't words like " Beautiful" and " Great jeans". No, i don't have a very good fashion sense now. So i guess I will be on the non-modest list though. Anyways, try and leave a comment with some words that describe you. Try to make them not have a lot to do with your looks.

See ya next time!


Monday, November 3, 2008

Can you get bees in your body as well as bugs?

The answer is YES! My sister does not have a stomach bug. She defiantly has a stomach bee. She won't eat her eggs at dinner, threw up twice last night, and has been watching movies all day. But, i must admit, i watched movies all day too, so i can't say that she's the one with all the faults. We watched pink panther, Pocahontas, Three Caballeros, and HSM2. I, also, have a throat bee. It stings and itches and hurts every time i yawn, swallow, or burp. IT'S THE END OF THE THROAT RELATED WORLD! HELP! I need to stop capitalizing. It will divert people's attention from the point. O.k., I am glad Christmas is coming up. Santa, in my stocking, please put in a dictionary! I always ask everyone to look up words. Please, until i get a dictionary, someone look up divert! I don't know exactly what it means, but I've heard someone say it in a sentence like that. Well, i gotta go. Getting late.

Good bye! ( I'm working on not saying yours truly)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Genesis, Exodus, Levidicus.......

In our kid's church class we are memorizing the books of the bible. We are done with the old testament. Rather then write them down for you, I have more news that may be WAY more interesting. In 10 days, I am gonna be TEN! Double digits! My parents are getting my ears pierced. They are gonna pay someone to shoot a gun in my ear as a gift. But I want it. Now, for the bloggers of the crowd............................. Pastor Mike, I did NOT enjoy your last post. I know, I am incredibly DRAMATIC some times, but gossip and make-up? ME? IN MAKE-UP? Are you crazy?! I have to make a point here. For those of you women out there reading this, don't read Pastor Mike's last post. Well, I also ask The person commenting my blog by the title of anonymous to tell me who the heck you are. I wish to know you since you are a reader of my blog. Tell me your name and how long you've been reading this. Well, gotta go.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dave and Mellisa's house

Hi. Today we are going over my parents friends Dave and Melissa's house, a place I do not think I have ever been before. They have a daughter named Sophia and a son who's name escapes me. They are nice people. They went over my house last summer for a cook out. We have a lot of cook outs at my house. It's because we have an in ground pool. I like my pool a lot. It's really big. As for comments on the last post, yes Pastor Mike, we are having typing lessons next Thursday. My mom and dad took me and my sister to see HSM3 last night. We went in our costumes. I was an alien. Fits my personality perfectly. My dad says Halloween trick-or-treating has lost it's luster. I don't know what luster means. I wish i had a dictionary for some of these blogs. Gotta go.