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Monday, November 17, 2008

Stupid things

There are a lot of stupid things in our life. For example: Why are carrots orange? Why is the sky blue? Why are my blogs so wacky and crazy and weird and silly and....well, you get the idea of how much they rock. I have the answer to all the questions by my own theory. Why are carrots orange?- If you look at them closely, they are actually kind of yellow. When you think about it, there are so many more stupid questions you could get off of this. Why are apples red, or pears green, or peaches pale? So many things that we ask. Why is the sky blue?- The sky is blue because there is no other color. Try having a green sky when your trying not to think about the money issue. Or a red sky when your trying not to be angry. Would that work? No, not really. Why are my blogs insane?- I myself am a crazy person who is driven to write down her every thought during the day and loves to share her wild hopes and wacky dreams with people who care no about beauty, but about how interesting the blogger is. And yes, I am not the most sparkly princess in the castle. And anyways, who would want to be a sparkly princess? The dress would make it SO uncomfortable to read these blogs with. I hereby forbid all sparkly princesses from reading this blog. So there. Well, gotta go.



Anonymous said...

here is the the reason the sky is blue


BostonBrown said...

I don't qualify as a sparkly princess, right?