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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dave and Mellisa's house

Hi. Today we are going over my parents friends Dave and Melissa's house, a place I do not think I have ever been before. They have a daughter named Sophia and a son who's name escapes me. They are nice people. They went over my house last summer for a cook out. We have a lot of cook outs at my house. It's because we have an in ground pool. I like my pool a lot. It's really big. As for comments on the last post, yes Pastor Mike, we are having typing lessons next Thursday. My mom and dad took me and my sister to see HSM3 last night. We went in our costumes. I was an alien. Fits my personality perfectly. My dad says Halloween trick-or-treating has lost it's luster. I don't know what luster means. I wish i had a dictionary for some of these blogs. Gotta go.



1 comment:

BostonBrown said...

Glad typing's still on.

I will be visiting your pool again next summer of course.

Definition of luster:

a superficial attractiveness or appearance of excellence