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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Genesis, Exodus, Levidicus.......

In our kid's church class we are memorizing the books of the bible. We are done with the old testament. Rather then write them down for you, I have more news that may be WAY more interesting. In 10 days, I am gonna be TEN! Double digits! My parents are getting my ears pierced. They are gonna pay someone to shoot a gun in my ear as a gift. But I want it. Now, for the bloggers of the crowd............................. Pastor Mike, I did NOT enjoy your last post. I know, I am incredibly DRAMATIC some times, but gossip and make-up? ME? IN MAKE-UP? Are you crazy?! I have to make a point here. For those of you women out there reading this, don't read Pastor Mike's last post. Well, I also ask The person commenting my blog by the title of anonymous to tell me who the heck you are. I wish to know you since you are a reader of my blog. Tell me your name and how long you've been reading this. Well, gotta go.



BostonBrown said...


You'll have to say the books of the Old Testament next time I see you. I want to hear.

Anonymous said...

i have been reading for a few weeks.