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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Why don't I have a dictionary?

Here are some words that i have absolutely no idea what they mean: Champlain, Victorious, Emanating, and elegant. I do know, however, what these mean: Exiting, daring ,bold, creative, wonderful, funny, and crazy. I know these words because they all describe ME. Here are some words that don't mean much: Pretty, ugly, poor, rich, and toilet. O.k., toilet is important, but the other one's aren't really. It doesn't matter if were' rich or poor, pretty or ugly, God's looking on the inside. Not where you can tell what jeans you wear. The words that describe me ain't words like " Beautiful" and " Great jeans". No, i don't have a very good fashion sense now. So i guess I will be on the non-modest list though. Anyways, try and leave a comment with some words that describe you. Try to make them not have a lot to do with your looks.

See ya next time!



BostonBrown said...

Great post!

Words that describe me:


Cheryl said...

Words to describe me:
joyful, friendly, sincere

Words to describe you:
Fun, clever, creative

Until you get that dictionary you might check out dictionary.com. And if you looked up the word dictionary there, you would find out that dictionary stems from the Latin root word "diction" or "dictio" meaning style of speech or written word and the Latin suffix "ary" denoting an object.
I've enjoyed reading your blog Cassidy. Keep it up!