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Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy, uh, two-hundred and fifty-third post

AUGH! I missed it! Oh, =( to that. Well, I missed two-fifty by three. Yippie-doo.

Well, in the uneventful silence, I'd like to say AUGH! again because I'm so frustrated I could eat a carrot. I don't like carrots very much. They taste like rocks.

I don't like to eat rocks.

Anyways, well, happy two fifty (as of belated) and thanks for being here to share the moment that's in the past. I'm sad. How could I forget something like that? Oh, oh well. Oops! Gotta go! People are here! Will post tomorrow, soz for not posting yesterday.

Yours true-and-in-a-hurrily,


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Things #6 and #7: Got totally exhausted and threw water camp

Thing six: I'm SO tired! Not my head, I mean, I don't want to go to bed or anything like that, but my body is! My neck hurts. I just need to get a little R&R and chill for a bit. But it's one of my 100 things!

Thing seven: Today, OUR family threw a water camp for the home school group. It was really fun but, like I said, I'm totally wiped out. We did these experiment things, swam in the pool, went down to the lake, went down my dad's crazy-awesome Casey-proclaimed "Swippy swide!" or the slip-'n-slide, hung out with Katie and Kyla, (and sometimes Sandra) and had jello for the snack. Yummy!

Addie, like everything I say, the thirteenth would've been random. But, uh, I said the 30Th, not the 13Th! Sorry for any mix-ups!

Right now I'm eating an orange Popsicle. I'm wearing jean shorts, a blue t-shirt, barefoot (as usual) and I've got black stud earrings in. They stick out really far. Oh, Jessica was at vbs at the other church with her friend Michelle (who dad claims is "catty" and jealous of me) and this kid named Timmy, who Jessica never stops talking about! ERG!

Well, gotta go do something else! Bye!

Yours true-and-exhaustedly,

Cassidy =)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thing #5: Made tacos for family

Tonight, for my chore, I made tacos for the whole family minus the Kristine! They were pretty good, and it was my first time making tacos! Thing number five on the list of 100 things to do. I'm setting a new things deadline. I must do 100 things before: SEPTEMBER THIRTIETH!

Okay, it's gonna be a challenge, I know, but I need to LIVE a little and do more fun things!

So, tonight is another VBS at the different church. Found a miracle already. Found girl named Lily who lives in my town, home schools, and (get this) is in my grade. That's a three-out-of-three shot there, and I wasn't aiming for one! SWEET! Also found another home school friend and girl named Syanne who lives somewhere near here. Cool.

Okay, onto the random part of the blog: SWEET BABY RAYS IS A BBQ SAUCE THAT I DON'T LIKE BUT MY FAMILY DOES AND IT SAYS THE SAUCE IS THE BOSS. I am not working for any bottle of sauce, that's for sure. Oh, and cheese sauce is pretty good on nachos, but not when you just eat it plain. When you do that, it tastes absolutely gross, but terrific on chips. I admit this. And I don't really like salsa. A hint.

Oops! Gotta go! Might post tomorrow. <3>

Yours true-and-happily,


Monday, July 26, 2010

Dropping a line to fill in the blanks...

Today, for home school camp, it was sports camp at Kyla and Cj's house. We played soccer, tug of war, and this throwing thing. I came in first in my age group in the hundred yard dash! =)

Okay, Kristen, I mean Z-a-c-h when I said Zucchini! I thought you'd get that, apparently not. 0_0 awkward!

Lqtm, g2g to vbs tonight at ANOTHER church near here, so-OH! Saw Avatar from Redbox, M&D got it to watch, and I <3>

Yours TrUlY,


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Today, WE DANCE!

The title has nothing to do with the post. I did no dancing today and my parents are having some people over. Sheesh is in Georgia visiting step brother Harry, step sister Nicole, and Harry's two little kids. Kaylyn's an aunt!

Okay, so, meal-bump is back from where ever he was. Blach, I mean. And that means Pizza Igloo has returned to give me the evil eye! Don't ask about that one. All I know is he's taking driver's ed next year and he's not a princess. 'Nuff said.

Also, Danielle's going to Paris! Good for her. Also, 37 followers! EEP! Awesome! And in other blog news, I will now respond to comments!

Loulou: Thank you. Sometimes, it's good to let all go random. I'll do more posts completely random to please your mind.

Kristen: OH MY GOSH. YOU ARE MY NEW BEST FRIEND! Hahahahahahahaha, yes, I read the comment on the other post! Mr. Z-ach HAS been hit on the head MANY times on my account. Very funny. Melting the cheese, my parent's wouldn't appreciate, but it's a good idea! Still, I like the part about Zucchini better.

Addie: I will do more posts in color! Thank you for that suggestion, I'm on it! Glad to see you're back, you're my 36Th follower, followed by the guy with the picture of Frankenstein no questions asked.

Okay, so, here's a little bit more news. Pmike told me this Wednesday that I can start being a youth in November if my parents are okay with it. HA! Liam, Ozzy, you're dead meat. NO LONGER WILL I BE HELD BACK BECAUSE I'M SEVEN MONTHS YOUNGER! Sorry. I just don't want to be left out. If I don't get to go in with them, I'll have to go in with Yuri and Mr. Garbage Pants! I NEED TO GET IN NOW!

Okay, one more thing. Who wants to go and eat some Ruffles chips with me? I DO! Let's go!

Yours true-cappuccino-ly,


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Have I dropped anything? (Anyone enjoy cheese?)

Is my blog still okay? I seemed to have dropped my comment circulation! To make sure this blog isn't totally lame, I'm giving you guys something to do:

1: Tell me if there is anything I can do to make this blog cooler, funnier, or better in any way. I want to get criticism! Fire away and don't feel bad about saying bad things!
2: If you like my blog, tell your friends! I LOVE new guys, so don't be afraid to spread the word!
3: Eat as much cheese as you think would be satisfactory. (How this relates to my blog? I dunno.)
4: Should I add more gadgets? Tell me.
5: Please, everyone, I know this is just a little blog in the blogoverse, but I really believe in this thing. Don't stop following because the only thing keeping this blog running is the guys who follow, comment, and check out my other blogs!

I think every person following this blog is great and I hope they love cheese, and, of course, respect my occasional randomness! See you, guys

Yours truyl,


Friday, July 23, 2010

Soz gotta jet

Going to the beach today. Really no time for post! May post tomorrow, but for now, Cassidy's got some waves to catch two hours away! See all y'all, PEACE!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trying for 100 new things.

This summer, I'm trying to do 100 new things. Something creative and new every day. Today, me and Casey went through a sprinkler. I've done that before, but I haven't done it in a while. The other day, me and Corrina made up a new TV show called The Hillbilly show. So here are the things I've done so far:

Made up a game show
Made up a TV show
Ran through a sprinkler
Ridden my bike with Corrina down to the end of the block without an adult

See? That's four already! Short post though. Must do MATH. Grr. Schoolwork is lame.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Straw-hatted days

The title refers to what is on my head. A straw cowboy hat. Why? Because VBS is tonight and it's western themed. I am wearing a straw hat. I'm wearing that, a blue t-shirt with (guess what!) words on it, and orange-and-white plaid shorts. I'm barefoot.

This morning, me and Corrina rode around the small block of my town. It's not that large, and we didn't ride the entire town. We just went from my house to this old, abandoned old restaurant that used to serve pretty good pizza and back. My bike is yellow. Shocks, pegs, LUCKY! (Who gets that joke? I bed my dad does)

Anyways, the kickstand is broken. And Corrina's breaks don't work very well. But it was fun!

Oops, g2g. Must go to church for 2nd vbs session. PEACE not enough time to sign off or do TGW or anything.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Funfact day

Here are some fun facts that are totally random that you can all now know!

Fun fact one: Did you people know that when you talk underwater, your voice sounds REALLY squeaky? Me and Jessica tried it out, it works! Just sing Lady Gaga underwater, and you're sure to sing the Alvin and the Chipmunks version of Poker Face.

Fun fact two: I've got David Archuleta's album. And I listened to it quite frequently, until my pm3 player broke, that is. I'm still pretty sad he didn't win American idol last year.

Fun fact three: I love taking pictures of my feet. I bet you knew that. Well, it's true. My excellent camera skills include, but are not limited to, taking pictures of shoes, people, Casey, my dog, t-shirts, modeling, and TV shows. Which shows? My own. Here's a snapshot I took on the set of my very own Cassidy Bear show! *Yeah, yay, woo-hoo, alright!*

As you can see, I was filming the show while taking the picture. Cassidy Bear is wearing her disco dress, and is sitting on my doggy slippers, Hope and Larry. Are those guys not awesome? And there's my little blue camera.

Fun fact four: My diet consists of three foods: Chocolate, peanut butter, and cheese. These are the best things EVER! I say so myself. I hate all other food, except bacon, of course.

Fun fact five: Lindsey Lohan starts her 90-day jail sentence today! I know this from radio announcements, and the Verizon homepage. Well, Lindsey, enjoy those 90 days of torture. I think you deserve it. She's blond now. Anybody else think she dyed it blond?
Fun fact six: This is the end of this post.
Yours true-and-smartly,

Monday, July 19, 2010

The mp3 hunt (smartshopping for the mp3s with Cass)

I must save 35 bucks to buy another mp3 player. Dad checked out some mp3 prices this morning. There are a lot of them at Walmart. I saw a cool one that was touch-screen, takes video and pictures, pretty cool, 8 gig, but the headphone jack doesn't work. Great.

I also seemed to spot a Zune. EXPENSIVE! One hundred, sixty-eight dollars and ninety cents. AH! How did Pizza Boy end up with that one? Don't even think about it. If I'm saving up, I don't want to have to go that far for an imitation Ipod.

Nanos are too fruity and too popular for me. SanDisks are terrible quality, I've had one. Terrible, terrible, awful, terrible. Ugh, never get one. Sansa's don't hold enough, Ipod touches break far too easily. Also expensive, and I don't go that far.

I'd only advise a Sony 8 gig mp3. They're about seventy bucks, and great quality. Very easy to use and pretty modern. They hold pictures, videos, music, play lists, and click-and-drag quick sync onto the devise. I loved mine, and I need another. But it won't be as cool as my other one, because that one was bought for me, lqtm.

See, we read the reviews for some. Except I'd rather not look at Zune. Um, yeah, don't even go there. Sure, they're hd and have all this space and they're fancy and expensive, but I don't want to save that much.

You'd be far better off with a classic, old-fashioned Walkman then an almost two-hundred dollar mp3.

Yours true-market-savvy-leeeeeeeee,


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ello again

It's Sunday! *_* So, yep, Jessica and Lyssa are coming to church today. Zachamary and Pizza Fish might still be in Florida, so, GOOD FOR THEM. I'm hoping they die in plane crash! Just kidding. Kinda.

Well, anyhow, Ozzy got a HAIRCUT! It's still ridiculously long. He's just a-a, uh, he's, I don't like him. So there, OZBORNE!

Okay, this is SO quick, but I wanted to post today. G2g now. Do something.

Oh, Mp3 broke. Fried in lightning storm. Must save 30 bucks for halfzies with parents. Mp3 was 2nd favorite thing. Not to pleased with self for forgetting and Casey for not reminding me to bring it in. Sony only lasted eight months. Don't really want another of those!

Yours true-but-sadly,


Saturday, July 17, 2010

I want my friend to have a blog! I DEMAND IT!

Okay, so, Jessica's right here next to me on the computer. AND SHE DOESN'T HAVE A BLOG YET! So this post is saying, "WHY CAN SHE NOT HAVE ONE THEY ARE AWESOME?"

I'M GOING TO STOP WRITING IN ALL CAPS NOW. Thank you. Well, we're hoping when her mother comes to-OH I TOTALLY FORGOT CHANGE OF PLANS AGAIN!

So now Lyssa and Corrina are coming over HERE to sleep over! Ugh why can't they just agree? No, she's not coming. She's going tubing. They're coming over here. Jessica can come. Alyssa can't. Corrina is. Corrina won't. Alyssa is. Jessica is. Corrina can. I...SUCH MADNESS!

So, I guess that means total oddness? That means, JESSICA NEEDS A BLOG! She turned twelve and every twelve-year-old needs a blog! Well, heh, I'm not twelve, but this is pretty much my whole life. I know I'm a geek. No need to shout.

Okay, I know I already posted today, but this is odd, but Jessica needs one but she has to ask her mom and she tried texting her but we don't get reception all the way out here! Can you believe it? My mom and dad do! AWKWARD. '_' Yeah. That gets the "eyebrows raised ' and _ and ' thing. Uh huh. I went there.


Five words: You're a lucky one, Jessica

Omigosh Jessica, you're getting the best treatment my family's gone through for one of my friends! We cleaned house this morning. Literally! I had to sweep and stuff, and hang laundry and stuff, and I'm EXHAUSTED because last night, my head, stomach, and eyes all hurt, so it took me until about eleven thirty/midnight just to get to sleep. UGH! It's so lame how eating reduced fat peanut butter can make you feel so late at night. I should think after two hours of eating, you'd feel fine, but my totally awkward body doesn't agree.

Anyways, 35 FOLLOWERS! Katie is my thirty-fifth follower on this blog! Thankyouthankyouthankyou! Oh, I'm so happy I could cry! I would give the link to her blog, but it's only for her friends and family, not mine. Soz, guys. Anyways, I HAVE THIRTY FIVE FOLLOWERS! YEE-HAW!

Y'all ready for this one? So, I came downstairs this morning, to hang some laundry out on the line for a chore, right, and I see Casey watching this old show, Saved by the Bell. It's a dorky show, but it's funny to watch how people acted in the '90s. Of course, I was around in the nineties, but I was a baby! I don't really remember anything for that accord.

The weird thing about Casey watching that show wasn't that he was watching the show, it was the Spanish subtitles! Casey doesn't speak Spanish, and I have no idea how or why they were there, but it was kind of funny watching them translate stupid things like "Stud muffin" and stuff. "Super attractivo!" Can you people believe that?

Okay, so, TEN MORE POSTS UNTIL 250! That's one fourth of one thousand! AWESOME!

Oops, gotta go! More stuff to do before our prime guest of honor arrives. Have fun, Addy-OS!

Yours true-true-true-truly,


Friday, July 16, 2010

6 FLAGS!/My shower/random

First topic: I actually ended up going yesterday! See, dad checked the weather yesterday, and it said nothing about storms! It was SOOO fun! Except I didn't get to ride the wicked fast roller coasters. Oh well. There's a time and date for everything! Thanks, dad, for letting us go. It was awesome.

Second topic: My shower of this morning. So, yeah, I got into the tub, but Corrina had just taken a bath, so I plunged my foot into burning hot water. Yay. Then, the shower wouldn't work. It was all crazy. And I'm barely obscured by a towel, but I go downstairs, turn the washing machine off, run back upstairs, and take my shower. Then, someone flushes the toilet and cold water goes all on me! Ugh! Can't I just take a stinkin' shower in peace, here?

Third topic: Whatever I want to say! Um, okay, today we're going over to one of my mom's friend's houses to look at some educational games. For home school. BORING! Okay, so, guess what? Every year, for my dad's work, they give away prizes, and every year, one of them is a stuffed animal for kids. And this year IT'S A LLAMA! We all know just how much I love llamas! And this year I get my very own stuffed one! Everybody do the chicken dance of joy! YAHOO, CHICKENS! Chickens and Llamas and blogs, oh my!

Ha ha, that's about it for now. We're nearing post two-fifty. I'll post something cool then. Lqtm. You people wait.

'Kay, gotta go! Yours true-blue-ly,


Thursday, July 15, 2010

VBS and a case of TubingItis

Last night was the VBS at our church. It actually was okay, despite the many problems that occurred that very day and night. However, in the end, everything turned out just fine. THANK YOU GOD!

The very problems started that morning. The boys were being little Wormkeshmophs. (Made up word, do not look up in dictionary) And then, here's where our case of Tubingitis comes into our story. I called Jessica.

As I said before, Jessica and her sister, Alyssa were supposed to come over for a sleepover this weekend. So I told her reminders, you know, bring your bathing suit, sleeping bag, video games, ect. So I must have mentioned something about Lyssa. Well, that roused something! Jessica wasn't aware Alyssa was even invited to the sleepover. She asked her if she wanted to come and guess what she said? "No, I'd rather go tubing at our Aunt's house."

So now Corrina doesn't have a friend for the weekend. But Jessica's still coming, so that really isn't a problem for me, but still, I'm sure Corrina still wishes that Alyssa could come over, though.

And it's supposed to rain today so I can't go to Six Flags but it's looking absolutely beautiful today! What is wrong with forecasters? Can't they see it's nice and sunny?

Check my new blog: It's got everything to do with me

Yours truliiiiiii,


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cassidy wants to kill someone, and he's not coming tonight

Soz about that title, it's a bit irrelevant to the main topic today, buuuuuuuuuut, I think I'll explain that first. See, I checked the VBS for our church sign-up sheet over and over, and I'm possitive, Zach isn't coming! It starts tonight, and it's "Wild West" themed, so there goes the boat of anything oriented for tweens like me and Ozzy, but I guess I'll just have to go cuz mom's running it! It'll be fine, I'm sure. Maybe.

Okay, I'd like to point out to Kristen: How do you think I normally type, hehe? lqtm. I don't often have to look at the keyboard, or the screen in general, sometimes. I write so much, I've memorized my keyboard backwards. It's a qwerty. And I love it.

Onto the main topic: There's ANOTHER social worker coming to my house today. His name is Kevin. It's a guy. We've had mostly lady social workers come before. Oh, for those new people, I have two foster brothers and had a foster sister. I'm not going to be taken away or anything, but social workers come every so often to talk about peanuts and dog poop and things that don't matter much. That's what ALL adults talk about!

Yeah, this is a bit of a short post. Oh, I think I'm going to start another blog. Not in place of this one, don't worry, heh heh, but I want another blog to keep me busy! And I don't think WOC2 is of much use. I might replace that.

Yours TURLY! (haha)


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Sorry Katie's coming in like ten minutes just have to draw out a blog first please don't mind my total ignorance of punctuation and possible spelling flaws. Let's proceed with this fast-paced blog, shall we?

Okay as I said Katie's coming to visit today. She's coming for(phone ringing please hold) I will not pick that up thank you for waiting so patiently. So yes she's coming here but the boys have their visit today and it's gonna be a little weird that she has to go with us all the way there and back but the visits have been moved closer to us THANK YOU GOD and so we're only going a little bit there and the boy's grandfather is going the rest. Woohoo.

Sorry if I'm not using periods like I said I'm in a rush must take shower hair as greasy as McDonald's burger terribly sorry if y'all can't understand. Okay, Kristen, 'ello to you glad to see you're back I was wondering where you were. I'm glad to see you're back in WOC hemisphere. Oh, and I haven't been swimming the last few days even though it's been blazing hot. But I finally got rid of my weird problems and now I feel awesome because me and Kate today are hitting the pool honey AWESOME!

So yes today is going to be crazy I have five minutes AH! Okay, I guess I have about three minutes to blog so I can start using proper punctuation again.

Sorry about that. When I'm in a rush, I just type. This sounds so much calmer like this. Like I'm not a spazz anymore. Ah, spazz-free blogging is a lot better and easier to type. I bet you can understand now. Oops, clock is ticking gotta go back into rush mode.

I'm downstairs on the monitor, which is slowly but surely breaking so I'm gonna need a new one well my family is I don't pay for new computers. So, yes, Katie is the one with the blog but this weekend Jessica and Alyssa are coming over and they're going to go to CHURCH I'm so excited because they're not Christian and I am and so I really want something to MAKE SENSE IN MY LIFE! Uh. Soz about that one, still rushing it up here!

Okay, checklist. I'm dressed, pretty much showered up I can do that tonight, teeth brushed, hair brush, earrings cleaned, bed made, room clean, blog almost done, goody. I guess this isn't such a quick post after all. Okay, maybe I shouldn't be in such a hurry after all. Wait, Katie's mom did say 9:30 right? I hope so. Oh, Addie, once again, you're not following my blog! Ha, uh, what's up with that? I that boring? Okay, one minute to go!

Since there's such a short time limit I'm just gonna announce something: Next month's BOTM award is, uh, I forgot. I'll have to check later but please start preparing if you want it this post is seriously boring now I'm gonna go I think there here LATER DUDES no time for YT. P.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Aunt Vick's house and MONDAY

Yesterday we went to Aunt Vick's house after church. It's a long drive to where they live, so I stayed in the car and listened to my mp3. When we got there, we went inside and said hi and the boys got a billion new toys. Cory gave me a little dog thing. He's cute.

So we "watched" a movie while the grown-ups talked. Me, Cory, Corrina, Aidan, and Casey sat down to watch Aladdin. Humph. The only people "watching" it at the end was technically me and Cory. Except I was off in Cassidyland. So only Cory, who's seventeen years old. Yeah, the boys and Corrina bailed. Bor-ing.

Dinner was good. We had shish-kabobs. And I don't like grilled food, but the chicken was good. That means that it was VERY good if I like it. I'm not a food-ish person.

After dinner, we went out to see these trees out in their forest. They blew over in a storm, you could walk right out on them! Me and Uncle Dave were the only ones wearing sneakers, mine, converse, him, athletic. Cory, bedtime slippers. Dad, Aidan, and Casey, clogs. Nice. Corrina, Mom, and Aunt Vick didn't bother to come, so when the six of us headed back, it was time for hot brownie/fudge sundaes! Yum. FUDGE SAUCE.

And now it's Monday. Ugh. Another start of another week, gr. Can't it all be weekends? Next weekend, Jessica and Alyssa sleep over. Can't wait for them! Okay, g2g.

Yours tru-as-cheescake-ly,


Sunday, July 11, 2010

A post today

I haven't been doing well on posting every day. This is gonna be short because I JUST got rushed out of the shower by impatient little sister. Hair still wet, in shirt people at church may not like, rippy skinny jeans, hey, I didn't put a lot of thought into this one.

In my house, I have a few rules for myself.
1: The french toast left in the fridge is for EVERYONE, not just Casey
2: NO ONE touches the reduced-fat creamy peanut butter in the back of the cupboard. No one
3: Cassidy gets a fifteen minute shower after Mom's on Sunday morning because she needs to wake up and that's the day she can't have coffee
4: Not too much sugar after nine PM. I go crazy
5: Count to ten when Smachface annoys you instead of punching head in
6: T-shirts must be approved by mom before wearing to church or public place
7: NO ONE (especially Casey!) gets the last serving of cream cheese in the fridge except Cass
9: Must not scream when little brother barges into room when getting into PJ's
10: Try not to die from craziness

The ten rules of The Cassafrass's house. Oh, yesterday, my dad took a picture of me sleeping in the car, and I was, like, eating my hair. So funny!

Yesterday we went to Newport, RI, which is a LONG drive from here. We had a little picnic lunch, then went on this walk around town. We saw some awesome boats, and a guy in a pink shirt with his wife that dad knew. We stopped off for a FAMILY TRADITION, fudge! We all had it on this nice little park near the shop. I, of course, had it in a tree. Then mom got the great idea to put all four of us in the tree for a picture, smooshing me. SO PAINFUL. =( But then we went in the car and drove, and we saw all these really cool kits flying. We went near the ocean and jumped from rock to rock, and threw rocks, it was so fun! Then I fell asleep and we went out for fried chicken. It was awesome!

Okay, g2g. Church 2day. MP3's done charging. Got to un-charge! Peacey!

Friday, July 9, 2010

How to talk to people: the good way

Okay, today I'm gonna give a little advice. It's a topic some of us struggle with, and it's called: How to talk to people. In special blu-ray edition!
How to talk to:

Bullies: Never start with an insult, compliment, shrieking, or whimpering. Remain calm and straight-faced and don't seem to effected when they horas you. Oh, and never end with sometime like, "yes sir" or something. I don't know a whole lot about them, because I've never had to deal with one. But I know things.

The youth: Talk quickly, fastly, briefly, and meanly. All conversations will be short. Talk tonelessly and don't compliment. Say something insulting then run. It works every time!

Your worst enemy: Start off whispers, bringing up to WHOLE SCREAMING AND YELLING AT EACH OTHER! Hold conversations from swearing, complimenting, and try and make the other as mad as possible, then put them in front of their little brother. Works every time!

Your annoying little cousin Kaylyn: Limit conversations to "hi" "bye" and "that's great, Kaylyn" Never speak directly to the suspect. Look at something else whilst speaking.


Weirdos: Laugh at jokes, intentional puns, and humorous actions. Don't make fun of clothing, speech, or attitude. Don't cry unless prompted. Never point out glasses, braces, or nose rings. Don't encourage bad breath and tuna. Always keep insect fan on hand. That's how you handle those weird guys who always talk to you.

Zach: Start with saying something about whiny speech problem. Then, push in mud. Then, start beating up. Then, set pants on fire. You don't do a whole lot of talking, actually, I try to avoid that kid.

Okay, that's it for that. Also, I have a shout-out: THANK YOU, AUNT TERRY, FOR THE TOASTER WAFFLES! YOU GET MY STAR SMILE FOR APPROVAL: *_* They're long gone.

That's it for today. Toodles!

Yours TRULY!,


Thursday, July 8, 2010

So much to say, so little time!!!

Oh, I have soooo much to cover in my one post here, so this is gonna have to be a long one! First of all, let's say there was a small mix-up in the award yesterday and I'm gonna ask no one to click on the small box please. We have some photos on my computer not worth sharing and I may have accidentally endited one of those. Whoever recieved the award, please plan accordingly. Sorry about that.

Okay, last night was the cookout at Mary and Denis's house. It was so fun! First, me, Corrina, Dad, Aidan, and Jeremy had this huge splash-fight that went on for a LOOOOONG time, and then we had dinner, which were some awesome burgers. So then a bunch of people (mostly kids) went out of the boat because they have a lake there, and it was SO MUCH FUN! We all jumped off and swam everywhere, and I pushed my share of people in!

Then, all the kids begged dad if we could swim back to M&D's house, so D took the boat closer and me, Kaylyn, Sheesh, Corrina, Dad, and Jeremy all swam back. It was awesome, and the people with glasses (Dad and Jeremy) had to be "blind" until the boat came back, because that's where their glasses were!

Then the more mature people headed out for boatride round two, and the rest of us stayed back and talked and got eaten by bugs and stuff. It was REALLY FUN!

Okay, next topic. It's time for MY BLOG OF THE MONTH AWARD! This month's theme is the PRETTY BLOG AWARD! Here it is:
Here are our nominees:


What you have to do to get this, lucky winner, is a) tell something no one knows about you, b) clean your room, or c) drive downtown and buy the PINKEST LIPSTICK YOU CAN FIND!!!!

Here's our second-runner up:

Out first-runner up is:
Very nice blogs, but not pretty enough, apparently.

And our winner iiiiiiiiiiis:
Congradulations! You won the BOTMPBA (Blog Of The Month Prettiest Blog Award)! Best of luck to you!

Well, that was a long post.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh! I must have missed it

What? No post yesterday? Sorry, I must have missed it. Don't know why, I meant to post yesterday, but...GUESS WHAT TIME IT IS?

SUMMERTHON TIME! And I've made a special award for everyone who participated! I just MSpainted my way through this photo:
Ta-da! Sorry the words are SOOOO small, they say SUMMERTHON and SUMMERTHON AWARD in tiny letters. Well, thank you for entering, those who did! I've put together the results and here they are!

Princess Agent said:

My favorite summer memory had got to be our 4'th of july cook-out on the 5'th of july.

Well, Corrina, to be honest, I wasn't aware of such a cookout. The fiveth for July? Is that even a date? Well, no matter. If you mean the fifth of July, then yes, that was fun. I remember now.

Amber said:

My favorite summer memory is laying on the grass outside our tent when we went camping, reading my fave book and eating icecream while the sun shon. :)

Awesome! Sounds really cool. Camping is fun, I know, and eating icecream while the sun shon, mm! Sounds great! (You know I'm just teasing, right?)

Mizz Ali said:

My fave summer memory? hmm, well, it's winter now here! I'd have to say when I went to these awesome botanical gardens with my bestest friend, Ashleigh C, an old family friend! (when I say OLD, I mean I've known him forever)

Botanical. That's a really fun word to say, isn't it? Too bad I don't know what it means! Sounds like a fun place to go, though. And, I know it's winter there, because you're on the other side of the world, but, hey, it's got to be summer somewhere, right?

~Abby~ said:

Ugh I'm so bad at remembering things like this...my best summer memory? hmm...
Uhh when I was at a nearby lake, and everyone says this lake has snakes...but my family's always been "nahh there's no snakes in here" so me and my cousin were swimming, and my uncle and my cousins boyfriend were a little ways from us. And then a boat near us said "SNAKE!!!" I didn't even look back, my cousin got up on the boat, and then me. I looked out and a huge black snake was coming really fast! It was just like it was swimming on land, it wasn't even sinking. My cousin's boyfriend got on the boat, and the snake was nearly here! My uncle made it just in time! The snake just kind of stopped for a second and looked up at us, and my brother hit it with a noodle it was so funny :P Then it just went under the boat and off to other boats I guess. We would've warned the others, but the other boats were wayyy far away.
It was weird and hilarious
See, me and my cousin were right in the path of it! I'm glad those people said something, or we would've been screwed, and I would've had a panic attack AND DROWNED!
So how's that summer memory for ya?

WOW! That took my so long to re-type out! That's a long memory there! Funny, though. See, I've never really been afraid of snakes, I've been afraid of walls. And killer bees, thanks to Pizza Boy. I'll get you for that, Anthony, you'll pay! (I haven't forgotten! You'll PAY!) Well, I'd thank those people! No one likes panic attacks, let me tell you!

Well, thank you guys so much! It was really fun doing this! Whoever posted their fave memory can have the award above, it's yours for the taking! (If you didn't post a memory, you don't get the award. All entries past the deadline didn't make it and you don't get the award because I'm on strict time limit)

That's it for now, guys! See you next time!

Yours tru-fe-fa-ly,


Monday, July 5, 2010


Ughmph! (Sounds of me being tired) I am exhausted! I need coffee pronto, here! Ugh! I'm not a big fall-asleep-in-the-car-and-wake-up-early-the-next-morning-type of person. Well, it's something I did anyways, because last night, coming home from the fireworks part two, I was sleeping pretty much in the CVS drugstore parking lot.

Okay, so the cookout was gross. Seriously. There's this pirate ship, and you could stand four feet away and still smell the stench of urine and feces. It was seriously gross, but I did get a burger. The cookout was fine, it in it's self. We went back to Sheesh+KK's house with Kaylyn, and I watched some of the parent trap, then Hoodwinked! (which is this awesome movie that so happened to be playing on Cartoon Network) We stayed there a really long time until Corrina and Sheesh got back from the cookout, where they were helping clean up.

I had a sandwich for dinner, and at about eight, we set off for the fireworks, which were a while away. I had to sit in the backseat, along with Sheesh and Corrina, because Kaylyn had gone with Abby, one of her friends. So we headed off!

We got there, and passed the many people selling glowy stuff on the street. No one bought any from our group, I tell you. Well, we walked past this carnival, and all this stuff, and then we found a spot outside a school parking lot. Mom took my, my sister, and cousin into CVS next door to get a snack. We came out with candy bars and fruit juice, and sat down to play "I'm thinking of an animal..."

Well, some guys had this awesome private fireworks show, and we thought that was it! But, five minutes later, the big guys came out and I finally felt like it was the fourth of July! They were huge, and awesome. They were bright, and big, and very loud! They found some other ones as we were starting to go. When we got into Auntie Fafa's car, I fell fast asleep. Corrina gave me heart attack by waking me up. We drove the way back home and here, I fell asleep FAST.

And that leads me to this morning. 0_0 wide eyes, not so wide awake. It's a long weekend because my dad gets the day off. You guys rock. Oh, and if anyone new wants to follow...DO SO!
Yours tru-lu-lu-lulu-ly,

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Hey guys. I've gotten quite a few comments saying "Tell us how the cookout goes", so here it is! My lovely cookout.

Well, the whole morning was pretty much eat breakfast, then work, then do chores. The boys, me, and Corrina all helped with the numerous chores that had to be done before the party. Around twelve thirty, the first guests arrived. My cousin Ronny and Christine. After them came my Uncle Chuck, Aunt Pam, and cousins CJ and Kate. So that was it for a little while, until Grammy, Aunt Terry, and, uh, Aunt Terry's boyfriend, Mike came. Then there was a lot of talking and eating.

People swam, and played games, and ate lunch. The boys woke up, then, from their naps, and joined in. About one o'clock (probably later), Aunt Vick, Uncle Dave, and Cory. That's it, the whole family. It was a LOT of fun! I got to talk to the relatives that I barely see, and it was really fun. At about five o'clock that night, people started to leave, we ate dinner, and then I got dressed out of my bathing suit. (that's what I was wearing the whole day) I put on some junky clothes: Hollister shirt and rippiest jeans. We went to the fireworks.

The fireworks were kind-of a dud. Like, really. We all got in the van, and went out to this little elementary school down in their neighborhood. Usually, the fireworks are all up in the mid-sky, but this year, we couldn't see them. Why? Because they were so low, I doubt the trees could see them. We did get a few good ones, though. High ones, I mean. And it was kind of fun, because we were messing around with the camera and taking crazy, funny pictures. The point is, with my family, anything, even lousy fireworks, become hilarious.

So, today is church, followed by Uncle John's cookout. Tell you about that later.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Today is the third of July, and it's going to be totally AWESOME! Okay, so, as I've mentioned before, today is the day of my dad's not-that-anual 3rd of July cookout! All of my relatives on dad's side are coming over here for an awesome BBQ! How awesome is that?

As if that simply weren't enough, tonight, me, Aunt Fran, my cousins Robbie and Ronny (along with Christine, who's Ronny's wife), Corrina, and dad are going to see the FIREWORKS in Shannon's block, so I can safely assume that I'll be seeing my BFF tonight as well.

I'm so excited! But I only have a minute to blog today because I need to help get everything ready for the party this afternoon. Everybody pray that Aidan and Casey behave themselfs! We don't need this to turn out like one of my Auntie Fafa's cookouts. We all know where that gets us. Spraying Zach with a hose and going home barefoot, sunburned, wet, and laughing. Or just eating chips and/or preventing Zach and Pizza Boy from eating all of them before hand.

Good times. But my dad's cookout isn't geared twards eleven-year-olds who do nothing but try and make eachother feel unhappy/wet/misrable. It's geared twards teenagers and middle-age people, because I might want to point out that I am fourth youngest in that family. Up from me is CJ, then Katie (cousin not friend), then Cory, then Robbie, then Ronny. Down from me are Corrina, Aidan, and little Casey, who's the youngest on both sides.

Ow! I have a cut on my finger and it's driving me crazy! Okay, g2g. Stay cool and I'm gonna start doin' it again. 0_0

Yours truly,


Friday, July 2, 2010

Long time no see


I FEEL AWESOME TO BE BACK HERE! Oh, I missed you guys!

Okay, this is a rescue post for everyone off the Llamas and Lipstick boat to jump off and grab on. So, comment if you made it, or if you're glad to see me! I missed every thirty of you! Well, comment if you made it!