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Sunday, July 11, 2010

A post today

I haven't been doing well on posting every day. This is gonna be short because I JUST got rushed out of the shower by impatient little sister. Hair still wet, in shirt people at church may not like, rippy skinny jeans, hey, I didn't put a lot of thought into this one.

In my house, I have a few rules for myself.
1: The french toast left in the fridge is for EVERYONE, not just Casey
2: NO ONE touches the reduced-fat creamy peanut butter in the back of the cupboard. No one
3: Cassidy gets a fifteen minute shower after Mom's on Sunday morning because she needs to wake up and that's the day she can't have coffee
4: Not too much sugar after nine PM. I go crazy
5: Count to ten when Smachface annoys you instead of punching head in
6: T-shirts must be approved by mom before wearing to church or public place
7: NO ONE (especially Casey!) gets the last serving of cream cheese in the fridge except Cass
9: Must not scream when little brother barges into room when getting into PJ's
10: Try not to die from craziness

The ten rules of The Cassafrass's house. Oh, yesterday, my dad took a picture of me sleeping in the car, and I was, like, eating my hair. So funny!

Yesterday we went to Newport, RI, which is a LONG drive from here. We had a little picnic lunch, then went on this walk around town. We saw some awesome boats, and a guy in a pink shirt with his wife that dad knew. We stopped off for a FAMILY TRADITION, fudge! We all had it on this nice little park near the shop. I, of course, had it in a tree. Then mom got the great idea to put all four of us in the tree for a picture, smooshing me. SO PAINFUL. =( But then we went in the car and drove, and we saw all these really cool kits flying. We went near the ocean and jumped from rock to rock, and threw rocks, it was so fun! Then I fell asleep and we went out for fried chicken. It was awesome!

Okay, g2g. Church 2day. MP3's done charging. Got to un-charge! Peacey!

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Mizz Ali said...

cool post, loved ur list!