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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Sorry Katie's coming in like ten minutes just have to draw out a blog first please don't mind my total ignorance of punctuation and possible spelling flaws. Let's proceed with this fast-paced blog, shall we?

Okay as I said Katie's coming to visit today. She's coming for(phone ringing please hold) I will not pick that up thank you for waiting so patiently. So yes she's coming here but the boys have their visit today and it's gonna be a little weird that she has to go with us all the way there and back but the visits have been moved closer to us THANK YOU GOD and so we're only going a little bit there and the boy's grandfather is going the rest. Woohoo.

Sorry if I'm not using periods like I said I'm in a rush must take shower hair as greasy as McDonald's burger terribly sorry if y'all can't understand. Okay, Kristen, 'ello to you glad to see you're back I was wondering where you were. I'm glad to see you're back in WOC hemisphere. Oh, and I haven't been swimming the last few days even though it's been blazing hot. But I finally got rid of my weird problems and now I feel awesome because me and Kate today are hitting the pool honey AWESOME!

So yes today is going to be crazy I have five minutes AH! Okay, I guess I have about three minutes to blog so I can start using proper punctuation again.

Sorry about that. When I'm in a rush, I just type. This sounds so much calmer like this. Like I'm not a spazz anymore. Ah, spazz-free blogging is a lot better and easier to type. I bet you can understand now. Oops, clock is ticking gotta go back into rush mode.

I'm downstairs on the monitor, which is slowly but surely breaking so I'm gonna need a new one well my family is I don't pay for new computers. So, yes, Katie is the one with the blog but this weekend Jessica and Alyssa are coming over and they're going to go to CHURCH I'm so excited because they're not Christian and I am and so I really want something to MAKE SENSE IN MY LIFE! Uh. Soz about that one, still rushing it up here!

Okay, checklist. I'm dressed, pretty much showered up I can do that tonight, teeth brushed, hair brush, earrings cleaned, bed made, room clean, blog almost done, goody. I guess this isn't such a quick post after all. Okay, maybe I shouldn't be in such a hurry after all. Wait, Katie's mom did say 9:30 right? I hope so. Oh, Addie, once again, you're not following my blog! Ha, uh, what's up with that? I that boring? Okay, one minute to go!

Since there's such a short time limit I'm just gonna announce something: Next month's BOTM award is, uh, I forgot. I'll have to check later but please start preparing if you want it this post is seriously boring now I'm gonna go I think there here LATER DUDES no time for YT. P.

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Kristen said...

hahahaha I love how you type so fast yet manage to still make sense! ^O^ now try the next level up: type WITHOUT LOOKING, like me. it's really easy if you know your keyboard letters by heart! try a whole paragraph.