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Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy, uh, two-hundred and fifty-third post

AUGH! I missed it! Oh, =( to that. Well, I missed two-fifty by three. Yippie-doo.

Well, in the uneventful silence, I'd like to say AUGH! again because I'm so frustrated I could eat a carrot. I don't like carrots very much. They taste like rocks.

I don't like to eat rocks.

Anyways, well, happy two fifty (as of belated) and thanks for being here to share the moment that's in the past. I'm sad. How could I forget something like that? Oh, oh well. Oops! Gotta go! People are here! Will post tomorrow, soz for not posting yesterday.

Yours true-and-in-a-hurrily,



Tony said...

253 blog posts.. think you need more chores to do or something. hahahahaha...

llamas hate cheez whiz..

i like that chocolate ice cream with the peanut butter swirl your mom got.. need me more of that..

love ya kiddo.

Tiffany said...

I love it :) Happy belated post! It's okay- we'll just pretend this is your 250th! ♥


Kristen said...

dude, that's wickedawesomecool that you've already posted 253 TIMES!!! i only have like, 22 ^o^