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Thursday, July 8, 2010

So much to say, so little time!!!

Oh, I have soooo much to cover in my one post here, so this is gonna have to be a long one! First of all, let's say there was a small mix-up in the award yesterday and I'm gonna ask no one to click on the small box please. We have some photos on my computer not worth sharing and I may have accidentally endited one of those. Whoever recieved the award, please plan accordingly. Sorry about that.

Okay, last night was the cookout at Mary and Denis's house. It was so fun! First, me, Corrina, Dad, Aidan, and Jeremy had this huge splash-fight that went on for a LOOOOONG time, and then we had dinner, which were some awesome burgers. So then a bunch of people (mostly kids) went out of the boat because they have a lake there, and it was SO MUCH FUN! We all jumped off and swam everywhere, and I pushed my share of people in!

Then, all the kids begged dad if we could swim back to M&D's house, so D took the boat closer and me, Kaylyn, Sheesh, Corrina, Dad, and Jeremy all swam back. It was awesome, and the people with glasses (Dad and Jeremy) had to be "blind" until the boat came back, because that's where their glasses were!

Then the more mature people headed out for boatride round two, and the rest of us stayed back and talked and got eaten by bugs and stuff. It was REALLY FUN!

Okay, next topic. It's time for MY BLOG OF THE MONTH AWARD! This month's theme is the PRETTY BLOG AWARD! Here it is:
Here are our nominees:


What you have to do to get this, lucky winner, is a) tell something no one knows about you, b) clean your room, or c) drive downtown and buy the PINKEST LIPSTICK YOU CAN FIND!!!!

Here's our second-runner up:

Out first-runner up is:
Very nice blogs, but not pretty enough, apparently.

And our winner iiiiiiiiiiis:
Congradulations! You won the BOTMPBA (Blog Of The Month Prettiest Blog Award)! Best of luck to you!

Well, that was a long post.

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Gabrielle said...

haha, cool. like your idea of doing a blog award once a month! Im glad you're doing this blog again! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!

<3 <3