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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Today, WE DANCE!

The title has nothing to do with the post. I did no dancing today and my parents are having some people over. Sheesh is in Georgia visiting step brother Harry, step sister Nicole, and Harry's two little kids. Kaylyn's an aunt!

Okay, so, meal-bump is back from where ever he was. Blach, I mean. And that means Pizza Igloo has returned to give me the evil eye! Don't ask about that one. All I know is he's taking driver's ed next year and he's not a princess. 'Nuff said.

Also, Danielle's going to Paris! Good for her. Also, 37 followers! EEP! Awesome! And in other blog news, I will now respond to comments!

Loulou: Thank you. Sometimes, it's good to let all go random. I'll do more posts completely random to please your mind.

Kristen: OH MY GOSH. YOU ARE MY NEW BEST FRIEND! Hahahahahahahaha, yes, I read the comment on the other post! Mr. Z-ach HAS been hit on the head MANY times on my account. Very funny. Melting the cheese, my parent's wouldn't appreciate, but it's a good idea! Still, I like the part about Zucchini better.

Addie: I will do more posts in color! Thank you for that suggestion, I'm on it! Glad to see you're back, you're my 36Th follower, followed by the guy with the picture of Frankenstein no questions asked.

Okay, so, here's a little bit more news. Pmike told me this Wednesday that I can start being a youth in November if my parents are okay with it. HA! Liam, Ozzy, you're dead meat. NO LONGER WILL I BE HELD BACK BECAUSE I'M SEVEN MONTHS YOUNGER! Sorry. I just don't want to be left out. If I don't get to go in with them, I'll have to go in with Yuri and Mr. Garbage Pants! I NEED TO GET IN NOW!

Okay, one more thing. Who wants to go and eat some Ruffles chips with me? I DO! Let's go!

Yours true-cappuccino-ly,



Loulou said...

Hey!!! Thanks for doing mare random posts, glad you understand! Have a great break!!!

Kristen said...

what did I say about Zuchinni??? I don't remember saying ANYTHING about Zuchinni!!