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Friday, July 16, 2010

6 FLAGS!/My shower/random

First topic: I actually ended up going yesterday! See, dad checked the weather yesterday, and it said nothing about storms! It was SOOO fun! Except I didn't get to ride the wicked fast roller coasters. Oh well. There's a time and date for everything! Thanks, dad, for letting us go. It was awesome.

Second topic: My shower of this morning. So, yeah, I got into the tub, but Corrina had just taken a bath, so I plunged my foot into burning hot water. Yay. Then, the shower wouldn't work. It was all crazy. And I'm barely obscured by a towel, but I go downstairs, turn the washing machine off, run back upstairs, and take my shower. Then, someone flushes the toilet and cold water goes all on me! Ugh! Can't I just take a stinkin' shower in peace, here?

Third topic: Whatever I want to say! Um, okay, today we're going over to one of my mom's friend's houses to look at some educational games. For home school. BORING! Okay, so, guess what? Every year, for my dad's work, they give away prizes, and every year, one of them is a stuffed animal for kids. And this year IT'S A LLAMA! We all know just how much I love llamas! And this year I get my very own stuffed one! Everybody do the chicken dance of joy! YAHOO, CHICKENS! Chickens and Llamas and blogs, oh my!

Ha ha, that's about it for now. We're nearing post two-fifty. I'll post something cool then. Lqtm. You people wait.

'Kay, gotta go! Yours true-blue-ly,


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Tony said...

you're very welcome.. lovely daughter of mine.. i am glad you enjoyed yourself at sick flags