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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

rescue me

so tired of trying to be perfect
so tired of trying
even thought you see me smile,
inside im dying
i feel like screaming my heart out
but youll never see me crying
baby you know i love you
im just goodbying
im falling inside a pit so black
full of memories of my past
never wanted to see them here
boys ive hurt and countless fears
my heart is broken in so many pieces
i can barely see
locked up inside a tiny cage
somebody rescue me
somebody rescuse me
dont want to cry
dont want to scream
just hold me tight,
itll be alright,
and we'll be fine
this will all pass sooner or later
my day isn't over yet
we will stand up, overcome
breaking the dawn just yet
my heart is broken in so many pieces
i can barely see
locked up inside a tiny cage
somebody rescue me
somebody rescuse me
somebody rescue me
somebody rescue me


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

this HAD to happen...-_-

You have to ruin this?

Okay, I will admit, my most recent posts have been rather...nice. For me. They've been all writery and cute and poem-and-picturey, not my norm. But this post is going to have to just be me yelling at somebody for something they can't help. Like the good ole days!

So here's the thing: remember my friend Emma? Well, she slept over this weekend. We had a great time and stayed up late and painted out nails and listened to music blah blah. Texted my friend Brian a thousand times at three AM, he sent me a picture of his creepy demon cat, typical things.

Well we were just talking and out of the blue Emma goes "Ben likes you."

I choked on chips right about then. "What? Are you serious?"
"Yeah. I asked him, 'do you like Kitty,' and he gave me that look."
"What look?"
"The look someone gives you when you know that if you answer them with the answer they think you're going to give them will be lying so they just give you that look!"
"Not helpful at all."
"But yes, he likes you."


WHY? WhywhywhywhywhyWHY did this have to happen? I mean, I love Ben and all, but I don't want to date Ben! You saw my post! You saw our awkward friendship! HOW LONG HAS HE LIKED ME? Oh goodness maybe I'm just oblivious maybe it's been months.

This is starting to slowly kill me...

And the thing is: I haven't talked to him since Friday. So now I'm just gonna go to school and act totally normal around him? Right? Because this is something that happens to me every day, you know, your best friend ends up having a little crush on you.

ROAR couldn't it be someone I don't like? Like Jimmy? I don't like Jimmy. I wouldn't mind rejecting Jimmy if he asked me out. That I could handle.

But BEN? ARG why does the one person that I will not date happen to

I'm sorry. I haven't really loaded you guys up with boy drama yet. Because it doesn't happen often with me. I try to avoid drama. But this is like...sorry. I don't know what to do, you guys. I don't want him to know I know, because if he knows I know, then we'll both know that I knew and then the whole school will know and when they know they think we've been dating and we were lying and then that's going to be great for our reputations that are already so, so great.

The rumors. How do I react to those. "Hey, are you and Ben dating?"

Oh, no, actually, but apparently he gave Emma a look, somehow symbolifying that he likes me, but I was just recently informed of this and I don't like him back, actually, he's one of the many boys in our school that I wouldn't date, but not because I don't like him, just because we're too good friends to ruin it.

Well consider it ruined.

This is going to be an awkward day...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Feel like a zombie come back to life

She wears pink
I wear black
She plays sports
I get detention
Her hair is blond
Mine is pink
She kisses boys
I friggin time travel.
18 Names For...Series <333333 love that show

Friday, January 13, 2012


I mean, he's like a brother to me
He's always been there. ALWAYS.
When I didn't want him to be there
When I needed him to be there
Little kids fall and get hurt
And then the big kids help you up.
We grew up with the same rules
Same operation
Same plan.
You could see the love there.
It was always the same
We were the bad kids
You were my best friend, my brother,
The one thing that didn't change
And as you're slipping away from me
I have to think:
Were you there in the first place?

I can't believe I lost him.
I can't believe I lost
I can't believe I
I can't believe
I can't
I just can't.