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Sunday, August 29, 2010

I've returned with A LOT OF NUMBERED THINGS!

Okay, well, here we go!

I went on vacation to NEW HAMPSHIRE! It was really fun! The hotel we stayed at was nice, with an indoor pool and a breakfast. Thing. Breakfast-related thing.

Thing ten: Climbed in caves in a cool, uh, cave climbing place.
Thing eleven: First vacation with the boys!
Thing twelve: Went to Six Gun City, a really corny and lame amusement park that was SO much fun! It was really cool, despite the corniness.
Thing thirteen: Played laser tag. Corrina was on my team and dad and this little boy was on the other team. Corrina kept shooting me, so we lost.
Thing fourteen: Used a hotel exercises room. I never use those things!

Like you may note from the number things, I had a ton of fun! The boys did too! They slept on the floor of the hotel room in sleeping bags, and Casey was convinced we were going to live in the hotel. We spent the whole time saying no, we're going to go back home in a few days.

Well, today there was a cookout at Mary and Dennis's. Man, they always have the cookouts! I guess it's because they live on a lake. I swam across the lake a few times. Well, I'm all out of time, numbers, and salad! BYE!

Yours true-lalalalalaluly,


Thursday, August 26, 2010


Not from blogworld, of course, but I am leaving for vacation with my family, we're going ALL together this year, heh heh, not just Sheesh and Kaylyn. We'll be back Saterday, so I'll probably post then or Sunday. I'll miss you guys!

While I'm gone, please recite Hobojibbietubawubb as many times as possible. Thank you. That will be all.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Guess what everyone? Last month, July of 2010, I beat my record for most posts in a month! YAY! Everyone feel happy for me and congratulate me because I'm awesome! I did twenty-seven totally random, totally awesome posts! They are:

Happy, uh, two-hundred and fifty-third post
Things six and seven: got totally exhausted and threw water camp
Thing five: Made tacos for family
Dropping a line to fill in the blanks
Today, we DANCE!
Have I dropped anything? (Anyone enjoy cheese?)
Soz gotta jet
Trying for 100 new things
Straw-hatted days
Funfact day
The mp3 hunt (smartshopping for the mp3s with cass)
Ello again
I want my friend to have a blog! I DEMAND IT!
Five words: You're a lucky one, Jessica
6 FLAGS!/my shower/random
VBS and a case of Tubingitis
Cassidy wants to kill someone, and he's not coming tonight
Aunt Vick's house and Monday
A post today
How to talk to people:the good way
So much to say, so little time
Oh! I must have missed it!
Long time no see

Well, I'm all out of posts and time! SEE YA! Yours true-and-happily,


Monday, August 23, 2010

Hey yall

Just checking in. Another day in my life, which I can't go without blogging, apparently. Not too much happened today, except the fact that it's really gloomy and dull out today. A perfect day to go for a swim in the eyes of Aidan and Casey, it would seem.

Today, my dear darling brothers kept pestering my dad to take them outside to go swimming. It feels like October here today, which is odd, but they wanted to swim. So, they changed up, and went outside into the cold, wet backyard.

It was a sight to see, my amigos. They were pretty much crying of cold, while they whined and fussed. Just learn, children, that on cold, wet, glum days, NEVER go swimming in a very cold pool. That is the moral of this post.

That is all for today. Sorry such a short post. Gotta wrap up a few stories on the laptop. Yours true-and-glumly,


Sunday, August 22, 2010


Lqtm, you might wonder what's up with the title. Well, today was my Uncle Dave's fiftieth birthday! HAPPY 50 UNCLE DAVE! The party, though, was at my Uncle Chuck's house. So me and my cousins Katie, Cj and Cory (along with Corrina, Aidan, and Casey) were playing the Wii, watching TV, just having fun.

Casey just wanted to talk to Cory.

It was really weird, whenever Casey had a question, he'd ask Cory. Or, Casy-itised version, "Cowy." Not like cow-ee, coh-wee. "Cowy, wheyuh aw the nakkins?" "Cowy, wheyuh do I put the Wii wemote?" "Cowy, wheyuh aw the fowuks?" "Cowy, wheyuh aw the mobies?"

Cory said the same thing every time. "I don't know, Casey, I don't live here. This isn't my house. This is Katie and Cj's house. Ask them."

I'm just kind of glad Casey's stopped going around calling everyone Uncle Chuck. Let's see, Uncle Dave, Cj, Cory, Mike (Aunt Terry's boyfriend), and Uncle Chuck himself are ALL Uncle Chuck. I didn't know Uncle Chuck was such a common name!

Well, toodle-oo! Yours true-and-toodle-oodly,


Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm back! (kind of)

Did anyone miss me? Well, now I'm at Sheesh and Kaylyn's house. We came home from Vermont a day early. So last night I took my room (the couch in the spare room) and stayed here. Today I'm going back to my house-like place after Uncle John's cookout. It's early. Too early for Cassidy on Saturday.

Well, anyways, Vermont was awesome! On the first day, we went to Ben and Jerry's and the cheese factory! IT WAS PURE AWESOMENESS! Our hotel was cool.

On Tuesday, we went hiking. We hiked down a mountain, which is harder then it seems. We took a ride up, but going down was pretty difficult, and steep. We were all really tired after that. We headed to the hotel to watch my dad's favorite show (and my mom's least favorite) TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND RERUNS! Once again, pure awesomeness.

Wednesday, we went to a maple syrup factory and saw all these creepy dolls that looked like they were dead. Except they had samples of syrup, and they were REALLY good. Then, we went to these cool things called Alpine slides. THEY WERE AWESOME! You rode on this sled down this cement slide and you can go REALLY fast. Corrina fell off. Rock on. Well, there were these trampoline-bungee things and you can do BACKFLIPS! Not front flips. Those are too hard.

Then, on Thursday, we went to a science museum. It was okay. There were some cool things. We creeped this guy out. He was trying to show us how to make boats, but we didn't talk to him. We just stared at him. It was awesome. That night, we went out to eat to this steakhouse. The burgers were fine, but HUGE! I barely ate half. Kaylyn only ate a fourth.

Friday, yesterday, we went to MORE alpine slides. These were the biggest in someplace-or-other. Those were fun. There was a lame water ride, a big swing, and a little zip line. But the most fun part were the trampolines there. Me and Sheesh did them a bunch of times. Some of the attendant's friends came over. She was a high school girl. I tried to see what would get her attention. NOTHING works on those people. I kept on trying to do front flips, which I can't, and I'd land on my head and scream.

Her friends could see me. They were saying, "You know there's a girl screaming behind you, right?" And she'd say, "Oh, don't worry, she'll be okay." Then I just started screaming for no reason. The other attendants were laughing. My attendant didn't care.

It was probably the greatest time of my life. I had fun. And then we came home and here we are, I'm blogging, and I've got to go. See y'all.

Yours true-and-backly,


Sunday, August 15, 2010

On vacation day one!

Alright, so I'm headed off for vacation with Sheesh and Kaylyn. I can't tell you where incase some weirdo tries to find me and kill me. Wow, that'd be weird. "Thanks for taking me on your vacation, guys. Oh no! Some weird is attacking! Because I mentioned where I was going on my blog!" Yeah, they'd love that.

Anyways, I'm forwarding posts for these few days. BYE!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Six flags two!!!!/thing nine: Went to six flags without being accompanied by adult I'm related to

WOO-HOO!!!!!! Yesterday, me, Corrina, and new friend Lily (and her cousin Jessica, who used to be in my girl scout troop. I'm not best friends with her) went to SIX FLAGS yesterday! It was SOOOO much fun! The first thing we did was this ride called Houdini's great escape, which was actually pretty lame. They just turned you sideways a few times and then turned you right side-up again. BOR-RING!

Then we rode the bumper cars. Hahaha, those were fun! Even Lily's mom rode those, and those were the only ride she went on all day! We bumped each other, after everyone getting confused on which way goes which. They were awesome!

The next ride we rode was called Tomahawk. It was one of those things where you go side-to-side and then spin in circles. Jess thought it was scary and terrible. I thought it was actually pretty good. Jess kept on saying she was so scared and hated every ride we went on. Later, that night, she said she loved them. That's so weird!

Next, me, Jess, and Lily waited in line for a long time for a ride called the Pandimonium, which was so AWESOME! It was a roller coaster on green tracks. You were in this cart, and it spun on the tracks while it spun you down. It was pure awesomeness, because it wasn't even scary, it was just fast!

After that, we stopped for chicken fingers and curly fries at a little place for lunch. After that, we rode the swings, and the teacups, and some little rides like that. We tried for Batman (which I really wanted to go on!) but the line was SO long, we didn't even think it was worth it!

Next, we went on this ride, the Kontiki. You rode in these cars and went around in a circle, and it doesn't look like it's going very fast. It looks lame from the outside. But, actually, it goes REALLY fast and it whips your head four inches from the ground, then ride side up! It was so fun, it had all four of us dizzy at the end! Best ride that day!

Then we rode this ride called the Buzzsaw. It flipped you back and forth on this platform, and the safety bars shoved into your stomach. It was fun, but it really hurts your stomach. As on every ride, Jess was freaked out, then loved it.

After the Buzzsaw, we rode the Tomahawk again. I pretty much fell asleep on the actual ride! It was so weird. Then we went on some errands, then went back home. We played on Lily's trampoline, then went to this kid's thing at Lily's church. Then we went back to Lily's house and waited for mom to come.

Mom (and the boys) came and we went home, totally exhausted. Now, today, is our day of rest. Except I'm babysitting Casey. Tomorrow, we go to some concert thing, then dad's work cookout, then Sunday (which is always exciting!) and then WE GO WITH SHEESH AND KAYLYN ON THEIR VACATION! I'll tell you about it later.

Yours true-and-it's-lunchtimely,


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Giving in (here's to you, guys)

I've been reading through some poetry I wrote when I was little. I was really into poetry from when I was about six to when I was eight. Most of the stuff is either pure hilariousness, randomness, but there was one that was actually good.


A true friend
Is not the person who bribes you with cash
Tells you you're great
Treats you like gold from space
Is not the one who brings you money,
Calls you honey,
Loves you.
The true friend will be there for you
Won't care what you say or do,
And listens.
Listens to what you have to say.
Is your friendship that way?
Or do they bribe you to stay?

It kind of reminded me of something I saw on someone Else's blog,

A good friend will bail you out of jail.
A best friend will be in there with you saying, "That was awesome!"

Now that one describes my life! Hahaha. I just want to say thank you. For listening, for being my friend. I have thirty-seven followers, but I don't think most of them read or even care. If you care, remember, this blog is for you. Even down to the people who can't comment, like Aunt Terry, thanks guys. Most of my posts have comments. And I admit, some of them are negative. Some are criticism. And it's my job to tell if it's stupid advise or something that's genuinely wrong with the blog, ex: can't read, can't comment easily, links don't work, ect.

Some examples of stupidity are: I don't like the colors, it loads too slowly, it's dumb, it doesn't make sense, it's too random, it's not for grown-ups, anything in that area just ticks me off! Offencive comments are just really lame, guys. I thought some people would notice that the majority LIKES the colors! If it doesn't load quick enough, I'm sorry, but that's the computer, not my site! Anything to do with my writing style def. deserves a written apology! JEEZ!

Enough with comments. I want to thank the people who comment every post, or at least try and read. Just reading is enough. I understand, some things just don't need feedback! I love you guys.

Yours truly,


Monday, August 9, 2010

It's time for...the blog of the month award!!!!!

Well, it's that time of the month again, folks! This month we've got the Stylish yet Perky blog award! It's got a picture of a jellyfish on it. As usual, this is how it works. I'll pick four nominees to run for it, and the top three will be named! The person who wins can pass this award onto blogger from their blog by telling their favorite color, jeans size, and favorite vacation!

I'll start. My favorite color is purple, my jeans size is zero, and my favorite vacation was Disney world! Yay! Okay, now, here is the award:
It's so pretty! Okay, here are the four nominees!

Lily (heart. I don't know how to do those)
And Ricky! (Yay!)

Here we go!

Second runner up is: RICKY! Sorry, pal, maybe next time. Oh, and don't bag about me on your blog about this. It'll get terminated. (By the way, you can see Ricky's blog (on my account!!) at http://www.rickysstory.blogspot.com/)

And the runner up is: TIFFANY! Better luck next time. Remember, there are plenty of other months left, so keep trying! (You can see Tiff's blog at http://www.dancingkoala.blogspot.com/!)

And the winner is: ADDIE! For her blog, teen vegitarianisim or something like that! (Sorry, I'm not good at spelling.) You get the award because I totally love your blog! And thanks for following me, even after me getting all emotional and stuff!

Well, thanks guys! Oh, and sorry Addie, when I tried getting your blog link, it didn't work! Just find her somewhere!

Yours true-and-bloggily,


Sunday, August 8, 2010

I don't seem to have time anymore...=(

Sorry if I haven't been doing a good job on keeping up on any blogs lately! I've been busy. Sometimes I might drop a line once in a while, but I'm too busy to really read a lot of them through! Maybe someday I can really read the blogs like a good follower, but that's going to have to wait. While I'm this busy, I might not be able to read/comment at all!

Oh, and this is the thing right now: The boys are hooked on the old series Transformers! AHH! Those things are what we used to watch in the morning before the good stuff was on, right? Or at least that's how it was with me. Now the theme song's stuck in my head (Aidan sings it sometimes) and HE'S WATCHING IT RIGHT NOW! Come on, Netflix, take it away! I want my movie (Coraline) to come now! MA!

Sorry about that extremely random MA right there. My fault. :P I know I'm goofy. It's awesome. Well, oh, my dad has this huge case of seltzer water around the kitchen. I won't drink it. I think seltzer water is DISGUSTING! Bleaugh. He's got about four flavors, like, raspberry lime, original, and something else that I forgot. I probably should get fully dressed now. Like, put on a shirt that's not pajamas and maybe brush my hair or something because it's church today! :o Wish me luck, lqtm.

Yours true-and-lately,


Saturday, August 7, 2010

VICTORY/ Sorry about the other day

Okay, first of all, let me explain. When I last posted, I was really sad. Me and dad had gone to Walmart to get me and mp3 player because I'd saved up enough money. Well, I'd saved up thirty dollars to get me one. Turns out, I needed seven more dollars then expected! Omigosh, you don't know how sad I was! I wouldn't even talk until me and dad got out of Stop n' shop. But I saved up the money in good time and now it's MINE!

So now I have a new one. I'm adding some stuff to it now, and it's charging. I'm gonna take really good care of this one. I'm so happy! Is anyone else happy for me, or am I just overrating the whole situation here? Oh well, even if I am, the pleasure is mine.

Well, today we went to the beach, after dad took about thirty wrong turns (oh, dad, how did you get that licence?) on the way there, lqtm. It was fun, but I'm pretty tired! The waves were really awesome. I boogie-boarded a lot of the time, had a lunch break, chilled, and I'm sunburned! My cheeks only though, as funny as that sounds.

Well, after an awesome day at the beach, I went and FINALLY got an mp3 at an mp3 somewhere else. Then we went to this awesome outdoor restaurant, and had clams and stuff, and then ice cream for dessert!

Okay, gotta go do something slightly more important!

Yours true-and-gladly,


Friday, August 6, 2010

=( 2 sad 2 post

I'm not gonna post today. Just a little too sad today. I'll post when I have the time. Don't worry, it's nothing that bad. Only to me. I'll be okay.

Yours true-but-sadly,


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WAIT? Today's Wednesday? REALLY? Are you sure?

Heh, this happens a lot with me! This year I forgot it was the fourth of July! Now I forgot it's Wednesday. Why can't I keep my mental calander straight? Because I barely even remember my middle name. SANDRA! Yes, there it is. All clear.

Well, I guess it's Wednesday then! Tonight's VBS at church (another jam-packed addition of Cass and Crysta vs Troy and Ozzy. LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!) I've got to read up on what our key verse is tonight so I can shout something. Never mind. I know that didn't make sence. I didn't intend for it to.

IN OTHER NEWS, we're going to mediate, which is people talking about things. The boy's grandfather, a lawyer, and mom and dad are going to talk about the things of the visits. We're going somewhere else. I hope we can go to see Kristine I haven't seen her in so long! I miss my little Jellybean. I haven't seen her all summer! I hope she's learned to talk. I bet she's taller.

A bit of a short one today. Oh, I CAN'T WAIT FOR FOOTBALL SEASON! As we all know, I love football games not because of the football games themselfs but because I get to torment the younth and other people. ADIOS!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another crazy list (get ready!)

Okay, today I'm making a list. Yay lists! It's about the top ten things a person can do! The thing is, it's not what I can do, it's about what ANYONE can do!

1: Skydive. Seriously PURE AWESOMENESS! 9 out of 10 for the fact that you could die. No worries, though. If only my mom would let me...

2: You can't DO better then live in Disney World! If anyone here DOES live in Disney World, you're so lucky you can come live here and I can go live in Disney World! How does that sound? To me it sounds pretty darn great!

3: Own a drill. I wish I did. I think my dad has one hidden behind his workbench in the garage...

4: Become a professional foot photographer. Now THAT guy has a) a great job, b) some serious problems and c) no girlfriend.

5: Star in a comedy series on TV. Now not only does that pay enough, it's making people laugh intentionally! Usually, when people laugh at me, it's because I did something insane or weird, or just because I'm Cassidy. These things happen.

6: Invent the blender. Whoever did HAD to be the greatest person ever. I mean, it blends things! It was a sure miracle! Hooray!

7: Be Tim Burton. Well, okay, only one person can really be Tim Burton, just like only one person can be you or me. Well, is anyone out there a Tim Burton? Please, if you are, I love your movies. I like Coraline, Alice in Wonderland, and Beetlejuice. And the other ones.

8: Own a trampoline that's as wide as a football field. Now that's what I call one large accomplishment! Also, you could have all of the football team bouncing on it at once, along with your whole family and the fish, Pete! Wow. That's a big trampoline.

9: Get an Oscar without doing any acting at all. Just go up on stage and take one! You'd be famous for the least amount of work done for an award! Okay, I know, bad idea, but, hey! At least you'll be on TV! On Cops, that is.

10: Adopt a fluffy little bunny. THEY'RE SO CUTE YOU COULD SQUEEZE ONE! Well, don't squeeze so hard they die. Now that could hurt a bunny!

Thank you and I hope you've enjoyed my list. Now would be the time to comment.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Diary/ Thing eight: Pillowfighted with Troy, Ozzy, and Liam without using the pillows much

If I had a diary, it wouldn't be too interesting. Diary's are like daily notebooks on what you do every day. If I kept a daily diary, it'd go something like this:

For a weekday:

Woke up. Ate breakfast. Wrote on the laptop/computer. Blogged. Ate lunch. Played volleyball with kids at home school camp. Swam in the pool. Did chore. Played on Wii. Watched Netflix. Ate dinner. Wrote more. Brushed teeth. Went to bed.

For a weekend:

Woke up. Got dressed. Ate breakfast. Drove to church. Got annoyed out of skull by Zach, Yuri, Ozzy or Troy. Did lesson. Got out. Went to coffee corner. Had a treat thingy. Annoyed youth by sitting in room and refusing to leave. Pillow fight that doesn't involve pillows with Troy, Ozzy and Liam. Went to Sheesh and Kaylyn's. Ate lunch. Played dance dance revolution. Went outside. Came in. Dad came. Went home with boys. Had Chinese food. Watched The Toy on the Wii. Brushed teeth. Went to bed.

My weekends are a lot more exciting. And that's where my eighth thing comes in! I've never pillowfighted with those people before. Unless you count, oh never mind! Let's just say I've never done that with those people before!

Okay, gotta go. Oh, and don't forget. My grandmother bought these imitation cheesy things. (Dollar tree probably) I don't think I want to eat them. (Aunt Terry, you heard nothing, RIGHT? Right.)

Yours true-cheese-perfectly,


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Give me time

No post today. Well, okay, this is a post today! But no topic or something cause I am pooped. Will def. post 2morrow. PEACE OUT.