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Monday, August 23, 2010

Hey yall

Just checking in. Another day in my life, which I can't go without blogging, apparently. Not too much happened today, except the fact that it's really gloomy and dull out today. A perfect day to go for a swim in the eyes of Aidan and Casey, it would seem.

Today, my dear darling brothers kept pestering my dad to take them outside to go swimming. It feels like October here today, which is odd, but they wanted to swim. So, they changed up, and went outside into the cold, wet backyard.

It was a sight to see, my amigos. They were pretty much crying of cold, while they whined and fussed. Just learn, children, that on cold, wet, glum days, NEVER go swimming in a very cold pool. That is the moral of this post.

That is all for today. Sorry such a short post. Gotta wrap up a few stories on the laptop. Yours true-and-glumly,


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