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Monday, August 2, 2010

Diary/ Thing eight: Pillowfighted with Troy, Ozzy, and Liam without using the pillows much

If I had a diary, it wouldn't be too interesting. Diary's are like daily notebooks on what you do every day. If I kept a daily diary, it'd go something like this:

For a weekday:

Woke up. Ate breakfast. Wrote on the laptop/computer. Blogged. Ate lunch. Played volleyball with kids at home school camp. Swam in the pool. Did chore. Played on Wii. Watched Netflix. Ate dinner. Wrote more. Brushed teeth. Went to bed.

For a weekend:

Woke up. Got dressed. Ate breakfast. Drove to church. Got annoyed out of skull by Zach, Yuri, Ozzy or Troy. Did lesson. Got out. Went to coffee corner. Had a treat thingy. Annoyed youth by sitting in room and refusing to leave. Pillow fight that doesn't involve pillows with Troy, Ozzy and Liam. Went to Sheesh and Kaylyn's. Ate lunch. Played dance dance revolution. Went outside. Came in. Dad came. Went home with boys. Had Chinese food. Watched The Toy on the Wii. Brushed teeth. Went to bed.

My weekends are a lot more exciting. And that's where my eighth thing comes in! I've never pillowfighted with those people before. Unless you count, oh never mind! Let's just say I've never done that with those people before!

Okay, gotta go. Oh, and don't forget. My grandmother bought these imitation cheesy things. (Dollar tree probably) I don't think I want to eat them. (Aunt Terry, you heard nothing, RIGHT? Right.)

Yours true-cheese-perfectly,


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