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Monday, August 9, 2010

It's time for...the blog of the month award!!!!!

Well, it's that time of the month again, folks! This month we've got the Stylish yet Perky blog award! It's got a picture of a jellyfish on it. As usual, this is how it works. I'll pick four nominees to run for it, and the top three will be named! The person who wins can pass this award onto blogger from their blog by telling their favorite color, jeans size, and favorite vacation!

I'll start. My favorite color is purple, my jeans size is zero, and my favorite vacation was Disney world! Yay! Okay, now, here is the award:
It's so pretty! Okay, here are the four nominees!

Lily (heart. I don't know how to do those)
And Ricky! (Yay!)

Here we go!

Second runner up is: RICKY! Sorry, pal, maybe next time. Oh, and don't bag about me on your blog about this. It'll get terminated. (By the way, you can see Ricky's blog (on my account!!) at http://www.rickysstory.blogspot.com/)

And the runner up is: TIFFANY! Better luck next time. Remember, there are plenty of other months left, so keep trying! (You can see Tiff's blog at http://www.dancingkoala.blogspot.com/!)

And the winner is: ADDIE! For her blog, teen vegitarianisim or something like that! (Sorry, I'm not good at spelling.) You get the award because I totally love your blog! And thanks for following me, even after me getting all emotional and stuff!

Well, thanks guys! Oh, and sorry Addie, when I tried getting your blog link, it didn't work! Just find her somewhere!

Yours true-and-bloggily,



Ricky said...

I should've gotten the award.


Just kidding! =) haha

Anonymous said...

This is a test for anonymous. Not a comment, just a test.

Addie said...

WOW thanks so much! I will add this to my next post :)