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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Giving in (here's to you, guys)

I've been reading through some poetry I wrote when I was little. I was really into poetry from when I was about six to when I was eight. Most of the stuff is either pure hilariousness, randomness, but there was one that was actually good.


A true friend
Is not the person who bribes you with cash
Tells you you're great
Treats you like gold from space
Is not the one who brings you money,
Calls you honey,
Loves you.
The true friend will be there for you
Won't care what you say or do,
And listens.
Listens to what you have to say.
Is your friendship that way?
Or do they bribe you to stay?

It kind of reminded me of something I saw on someone Else's blog,

A good friend will bail you out of jail.
A best friend will be in there with you saying, "That was awesome!"

Now that one describes my life! Hahaha. I just want to say thank you. For listening, for being my friend. I have thirty-seven followers, but I don't think most of them read or even care. If you care, remember, this blog is for you. Even down to the people who can't comment, like Aunt Terry, thanks guys. Most of my posts have comments. And I admit, some of them are negative. Some are criticism. And it's my job to tell if it's stupid advise or something that's genuinely wrong with the blog, ex: can't read, can't comment easily, links don't work, ect.

Some examples of stupidity are: I don't like the colors, it loads too slowly, it's dumb, it doesn't make sense, it's too random, it's not for grown-ups, anything in that area just ticks me off! Offencive comments are just really lame, guys. I thought some people would notice that the majority LIKES the colors! If it doesn't load quick enough, I'm sorry, but that's the computer, not my site! Anything to do with my writing style def. deserves a written apology! JEEZ!

Enough with comments. I want to thank the people who comment every post, or at least try and read. Just reading is enough. I understand, some things just don't need feedback! I love you guys.

Yours truly,



Addie said...

Haha, is that quote from Gabrielle's/my old blog? We had something like that on there...

I LOVE THE COLORS!!!! And I don't see why colors would make a computer load slowly. Whoever wrote that needs to switch to a faster internet browser!

Terry said...

Hey Cassidy,

I set up an account so that I could respond to your blog. I was feeling that it was just unfair to you that I read it so often but then had to give you feedback by telephone. So, here is your aunt coming out of the 'dark dinosaur ages' as far as technology goes . . .

I love your writing and hope you never get discouraged by critics. What do they know anyways?

I look forward to reading more of your work (even the earlier stuff).

love ya,

Aunt Terry

Tiffany said...

Aww :) :) :)

You always make me happy! Thank you, for that. I do always read your posts, but I don't always comment on them. I will now ♥


Kristen said...

Incredibly sorry I haven't been posting in what seems like eternity, but the excuse is that "I'm always busy." Had marching band camp last week AND this week, and it lasted all day, so no time to post. And I just totally forgot over the weekends (facepalms) >__< I love your blog; and the best friend jail quote was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!