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Saturday, August 7, 2010

VICTORY/ Sorry about the other day

Okay, first of all, let me explain. When I last posted, I was really sad. Me and dad had gone to Walmart to get me and mp3 player because I'd saved up enough money. Well, I'd saved up thirty dollars to get me one. Turns out, I needed seven more dollars then expected! Omigosh, you don't know how sad I was! I wouldn't even talk until me and dad got out of Stop n' shop. But I saved up the money in good time and now it's MINE!

So now I have a new one. I'm adding some stuff to it now, and it's charging. I'm gonna take really good care of this one. I'm so happy! Is anyone else happy for me, or am I just overrating the whole situation here? Oh well, even if I am, the pleasure is mine.

Well, today we went to the beach, after dad took about thirty wrong turns (oh, dad, how did you get that licence?) on the way there, lqtm. It was fun, but I'm pretty tired! The waves were really awesome. I boogie-boarded a lot of the time, had a lunch break, chilled, and I'm sunburned! My cheeks only though, as funny as that sounds.

Well, after an awesome day at the beach, I went and FINALLY got an mp3 at an mp3 somewhere else. Then we went to this awesome outdoor restaurant, and had clams and stuff, and then ice cream for dessert!

Okay, gotta go do something slightly more important!

Yours true-and-gladly,



Addie said...

Yay! glad you got it finally :)

Loulou said...

I am truly happy for you!!!