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Sunday, August 8, 2010

I don't seem to have time anymore...=(

Sorry if I haven't been doing a good job on keeping up on any blogs lately! I've been busy. Sometimes I might drop a line once in a while, but I'm too busy to really read a lot of them through! Maybe someday I can really read the blogs like a good follower, but that's going to have to wait. While I'm this busy, I might not be able to read/comment at all!

Oh, and this is the thing right now: The boys are hooked on the old series Transformers! AHH! Those things are what we used to watch in the morning before the good stuff was on, right? Or at least that's how it was with me. Now the theme song's stuck in my head (Aidan sings it sometimes) and HE'S WATCHING IT RIGHT NOW! Come on, Netflix, take it away! I want my movie (Coraline) to come now! MA!

Sorry about that extremely random MA right there. My fault. :P I know I'm goofy. It's awesome. Well, oh, my dad has this huge case of seltzer water around the kitchen. I won't drink it. I think seltzer water is DISGUSTING! Bleaugh. He's got about four flavors, like, raspberry lime, original, and something else that I forgot. I probably should get fully dressed now. Like, put on a shirt that's not pajamas and maybe brush my hair or something because it's church today! :o Wish me luck, lqtm.

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