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So how y'all doing? My name's Cassidy and the gentleman you see in my picture is Sam. I like cats and music a lot and oh I play the ukulele, piano, and other shtuff. Have a nice day :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Well, before I say goodbye, I got one last award

Well, guys, hate to say it, but this right here is the last time I'm gonna write on this blog. I've had this blog for over 2 years now. But, sadly, now, I must press on. If you aren't already following, check out my new blog. http://www.llamaslovelips.blogspot.com/ is where you can find me now. I'm pretty sad to say it, but I don't think all of my followers are gonna smoothly make the transaction. I don't even think P Mike's even gonna be a follower, since he doesn't even read this one. I'll miss this old blog. But, onto a happier subject, ANOTHER AWARD! Here it is: (Shown above) Okay, first, I have to: A. List 7 things I don't have but would LOVE to. B: check out and follow three blogs I've never heard of. (Doing that later). C: Nominate 5 wonderful blogger peeps of mine. Here we go with A.
2: Dance Dance Revelation. (Def.)
4: Uh, chap. Stick. Chap stick?
5: A zip line.
6: Another Barlow girl CD
And I'll do the other one a bit later, but, for now, I nominate: Tang5 (Kristen), Corrina, Chelsea, P Mike (Follow the other blog, too, please), and Dad. (Tony)
Well, once again, that's it. Hope everyone can go. Well, bye, guys. (Off to the llamas)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Well, I have a few followers who aren't from around here. I got a bunch of people who I can't even say their names! Like, at least four people are from some place where they clearly do not speak in the english language. And, also, there's Chelsea, who is from england, I think. And, then again, plenty of people are from different parts around the country. So, I'm thinking about all the people who are from far-off, and I've noticed that everyone is somehow related to someone in some incredible, far-from-civilized place. I'm part-scottish, part-irish, part-polish, and part-french. And something else. Anyone else out there who's got cool herritage? I think Kristen is Chinese or Japanese or something. (Which one, please) Of course, we're all in the same family. We all somehow date back to Adam and Eve, so I guess that even the people I don't really like are my brother or something. Or sister. Wow. That'll teach me to be mean to people. (Nobody think I'm vicious or something like that) Does anyone know what this thing's called: ^? What is that ^ even for? It looks a little weird. What does it mean? Oh, I'm just changing subjects. Well, next post=last post. Next post we move along to L&L. I'll post the link again and leave it up there. So that if you don't come all the time, you can come back in a while and see the link. Like I said, my other wonderful blogs (You can visit World of Cassidy 2 at http://www.pureawesomenesswoc2.blogspot.com/ , and you can find my pal Ricky's blog at http://www.rickysstory.blogspot.com/.) Please, if you aren't following these fabulous blogs, do so now! If you don't like something about them, leave a suggestion! I love my blogs, so I won't be deleting this one. I do post on the others, though. So, that's it for now! (And if the links are dead, PLEASE inform me of this)

Monday, May 24, 2010

A day in the life of a Sterrance

Well, hi everybody. I just got a comment from Kristen, and I have an apology to make! Sorry, but I didn't know that you were tang5! You show up as Kristen on comments. No, I know a Kristine, a Christine, and I'm a Cassidy, but no other Kristen's. And I'm home schooled. I live at home, and do school there! It's cool! Boarding schools are weird. I would hate to be away from my large, amazing family for an entire school term! Oh, and a lot of people are probably wondering what the heck a Sterrance is. It's a made-up animal. I didn't make it up. Strong Bad did. (Another Homestar thing) Aidan had DENTAL SURGERY today. Now he has silver "Iron man" teeth. And a new Reverb car. From BF5. And he brought in his teddy bear. Now he's downstairs, watching TV. Casey and Dad are playing with with a Bumblebee transformer toy on the chair next to me; I'm on the couch in the living room. I did all my school today. I'm writing a new book. About aliens. Good things. Good times. Good people. Good cheeseburgers. Good people of Michigan, I salute you!*

*I don't live in Michigan. I'm actually nowhere near Michigan!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Guess who got 2 more awards? ME!

Hi everypeoples! Tonight, I just found out that I won 2 MORE AWARDS! Here is the wonderful first one: (Shown above) It's the music lover's award! Okay, well, in order to do this, I have to do a few things. Top ten fave songs, a-comin' up! 1: Green tambourine, 2: Hamster dance, 3: Riu Chiu, 4: Fuzzy, 5: Hello Sunshine, 6: I don't want to spoil the party, 7: She's a rainbow, 8: Magic carpet ride, 9: Cherry, Cherry, and 10: Venus. Mine is black, and here are the nominees: Kristen, Corrina, fitfortherace (Mom), Tony (Dad), Jenny, Ricky, Pastor mike, Mizz Ali, Addie, Gabrielle, and, uh, Tang5? I guess? Well, there we go! Oh, and I got another one: The inspirational blog one. I have to award: Pastor Mike, Addie, Kristen, Chelsea, and Corrina. Yay! Oh, and, no. Please continue following this blog. Do not ask me why. It's my little secret. You people just wait, mwahaha. Oh, Corrina's dance recital was today. She did great. Good job, Corrina! Zach actually cut his hair. Awesome. Just like Liam's. Mom said I can't be mean about it, though. Eh. I still owe him. Any more lawn raking?

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Okay, I'm almost never tired. And I'm totally bagging on myself, because I really didn't stay up that late last night. But, first, let me explain. Katie slept over last night, and we went to sleep at at least 1:00 am. That's not bad for me. I'm not a type of person to be tired because of staying up a little. But this morning, my brother Aidan decided to stomp and cry and scream and slam doors, so that might just have a little something to do with it. Oh, and if anyone needs to know my NEW BLOG URL, here it is! My new blog is: (da-da-da-DA!) Llamas and lipstick! The url is: www.llamaslovelips.blogspot.com . This is final post 1/5. Now everyone out there can start following before I even start posting! Won't that be fun? Oh, and if some people are complaining, "I just started following! Don't move!", don't worry, you can follow the other one too. Don't stop following this one, though. You never know what could happen. Okay, so, last night, me and Katie went for a hike in the woods behind my house, and it was all dark and there were plants all over the place, and the strange thing is, there's a river back there, so we would be stepping in the river and our jeans got soaked up to the ankles, and we ran into the swamp out there (which is how we knew we'd gone too far, because the swamp is really far away, so I had to take a detour to get back), and almost went in because Katie tripped. After we had navigated ourselves back to the Jellybean river (that's the river), we found a route home, and then we went back out and did a little yoga. I taught her how to do a little yoga. Then Corrina came out and we played a rather interesting game of hide-and-seek, in the pitch black dark. Katie just lied there on the grass, and I didn't know, and she just said, "Aw, Cass, you found me!" and it scared the heck out of me. I would have tripped on her if she hadn't said that, though, so I can only be grateful. Grateful for her scaring me out of my wits. Thanks, Katie. And when we were doing makeovers (By 'we', I mean Katie and Corrina), Katie put on some makeup that made Corrina break out, so now she's going to dance class, with an irritable rash and a breakout. Ah, gotta love my friends! Bye, peeps.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The resluts are in!

ATTENTION! ALL BLOG VIEWERS! I have a very important announcement to make! The results of my poll are in now, so there's not time left to vote!

This is just in. I would like to thank everyone who voted on the poll. However, enough small talk. Let's get to the results of the poll. Here we go. The first option: Yeah! Sure: 4 votes. No way, stay!: 2 votes. Hm, let me think about this: 3 votes.

I guess the answer is straight-out yes. Well, the next post will be (unless something comes up) a warning notice. I will do five more posts, one a warning, three regular posts, and one a goodbye. Don't panic! I WILL open up another blog soon, and feel free to follow it! (This blog will not be deleted and MAY be posted on if we move again. WOC2 and Ricky's Story are still going to be open) Well, bye, and thanks again!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Hey, everyone. Who's wondering about the title? My sister, who's right next to me!

Magamagaphoosybalm (NOT lipstick) is a long word with a simple meaning. (Since it is rather hard to type, let's just call it MMPB for short) MMPB is just a long word for my bedroom. I read on one of my varios favorite blogs (I'll post just a few more later) that someone's asking about a dream room or something. Here goes my Magamagaphoosybalm:

It would be all black, with purple stripes/peace signs/smiley faces everywhere. And my bed would have very fluffy purple/black pillows and, uh, a blanket. Of some sort. And there would be a flatscreen TV on the wall, and a Wii, with every video game that's awesome. And then a huge computer touch-screen (Or Ipad works) and a giant blue beanbag chair. Oh, and a HUGE bookshelf full of awesome books and sweet CDs. And then throw in an Idog Amp'd, maybe a little stereo action, nacho maker, popcorn popper, and dash in a little DVD/Bluray player, and you're good to go. This has been my Magamagaphoosybalm. Thank you and comment away.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Um, I think I just might know how these work...

Uhhhhhh, okay, I got this awesome award from Chelsea at Unschooled Musings (It's awesome), and I guess I'm supposed to give it to someone else! Okay. Well, um, let's see. I think I'll give it to, um, I'll go with Kristen. I think that's spelled right. Her blog is cool. (Kristen: please let me know if you know how these work) If I'm doing this wrong, anyone who knows what's going on, please alert me. Okay, posting picture...Done and done.
Oh, yesterday, like I said, was a thing for the boys. They were getting ID'd by some judge. So I had to go into this office in Springfield with my mom, Corrina, and brothers. There's a metal detector. I had to take my awesome green belt off. Just because the thing beeped on me. Gr. It took me a while to re-attach it. Okay. Oh, um, yeah. Corrina's dance recital is this Sunday. Great. I've got to go to that. I don't think it'll be that bad. Kidnerdance is doing We Will Rock You, so that aught to be amusing. Okay. That seems like it. Adios.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Quick post

Hey, it's a quick one. The boys have some court thing today, so I'm leaving in, like, a minute. Just wanted to say hi and announce that now, I HAVE 25 FOLLOWERS! Gabrielle (I sure hope that's how you spell it) is number 25. Yay! Thanks. Oh, and also, Casey just came in with a sweater and called it a "Cassidy coat". I guess he meant that because it's tye-dyed on the hood. Well, everyone, g2g. Do some math.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What can I say? It was a tiring day!

Okay, sorry for not posted yesterday. I guess I missed it, although we were home all night. Yesterday was the church whiffle ball game for BGMC. It was more of a dinner, followed by a whiffle ball game, but it was still fun. We helped set up, then the girls (Mwa) sold chips and the boys sold soda. Well, there was a one-chip, one-soda per person rule, and some of the youth tried to get past our kid's church impenetrable firewall. However, due to our superior marketing skills, and techniques on how-to-tell-if-Pizza-Boy-already-had-a-bag-of-chips serum, he only walked away with about three bags instead of one. Good. Then, the kids ate. I ate on a large rock with Liam, Sheesh, and Danielle. Then was the whiffle ball game. More like the "everybody just run around and get confused and have the youth sit and hog the little girl's pompoms" game. Entertainment! Oh, after that wasn't much. Zach is going to cut his disgusting hair. Classic. Oh, that reminds me, I owe him $4.50. Dang! Anyone need their lawns rake? I charge $4.50 a lawn!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Of Kaylyn

Corrina has just informed me that for her blog profile picture, she's going to put a bunch of pictures of Kaylyn, my cousin. I don't know if she means a collage or something, but I know what I'm going to put. A shot of my Heely sneakers. They're white and blue-like. Corrina says she needs to edit her picture really bad. I don't think so. I might, though. Because, now that my hair's longer, I think I need to edit my Weemee. I need a different hair. And back round. And, like, teeth. And, well, hey. I've never been on that website except making that thing. Oh, Katie read this thing last night. KATIE! If you're reading this, HI. Oh, and come over my house next something-or-other. I think you're sleeping over into a Saturday or something like that. Well, anyways, people! Attention! There is a poll on this blog that will go down in four days! If you would like to vote, please do so! I'm not taking a re-count! And all "Hm, let me think..."s, please change your vote or I will have to go with the only other thing! So, back to pictures of Kaylyn. She's blond. And she has two eyeballs. And one nose. And two ears. And possibly a mouth of some sort. And a few teeth. And some lips. And two eyebrows. And two nostrils. And some gums. And a tongue. Gr. Corrina wrote something, so I had to erase that. Gr to you, Corrina. Okay. Time for me to go crank-call Sheesh. Adios, amigos!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hey, look! It's a small, purple, greatful dead bear!

Okay, we all know my beloved Cassidy Bear. She's my awesome grateful dead bear I've had forever. (Even if you didn't know that, you do NOW) She's awesome. And I just made some brand-new DVDs of her three months ago! SODO, and SODT are out now, along with some more of my geekness. And so now, for that day, when CB fades her glory away, I'm gonna need a memorial video.

We all know what those are. Those videos with pictures fading out slowly and some dramatic music playing in the back round. There are all these photos of when the person was young and happy, and then, when it's over, there's this message that says something totally phony or mushy, like "Rest in peace, Mr. Dan" or "We'll miss you, Barbra" or, sometimes, the occasional "I'll love you forever, Jannie." Yeah, they're soupy, but they're what every funeral needs.

So, I took a bunch of pics of Cassidy Bear about a week ago for this project that I intend to put a lot of work and effort into. Today, I play to work out the soundtrack. Probably some no-name-band hit that's only been in every car commercial ever. Like that song on the Herb Chambers commercial. It's some twisted version of Shocking Blue's Venus. Yeah. That's not gonna be at CB's funeral.

What I really need to finish is the editorial of the photos/videos that I'm going to be using. I mean, one wrong shoot, and someone in Pakistan could be highly offended! Some people are just was too sensitive. I hope I don't offend any Pakistanis with the picture that I'm posting above, of my beloved bear.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Rock on

Okay, so now I've got Corrina rocking to all of my very old and awesome music. I leave my MP3 playing while she's getting ready, and so I make her listen to all the great rock stuff (Rush, dcTalk, the Beatles, Monkeys, Coldplay, too many more to name) and so now she can sing three Beatles songs! 1: Drive my car, 2: Hello Goodbye, and 3: The continuing story of Bungalow Bill. Those are really random songs, I know. She's also doing well with Rocky Raccoon. And she knew all the Monkey's songs. My dad played those for us when we were little. And Sgt. Pepper's. Got that on my mp3. Love Sgt. Pepper's. My dad played it once, after some one's birthday party, and Benefit of Mr. Kite was on, and that song freaked me out. Now I like it. (If you want to know what any of these crazy songs are, pop on Itunes) Well, I love R&R, but I also like dance, and religious, and Instrumentals. Who doesn't love the new version of carol of the bells? It's got electric guitar! (Album: Christmas in some desert which I forgot the name to) That's not the actual album name. But, hey, please, look that up. Tell me what comes up. (If it's disturbing, please, don't send me any gross links.)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's the adventures of...FREDDY AND DOGPOOP!

Okay, please, do not be offended by the title. Sadly, I didn't make it up. The boys found two worms yesterday. Aidan named his Freddy. He wanted to know if Casey would name his worm Freddy. He said sure. Mom thought it was cute. Then, Casey said, "No, I think I'm gonna name mine Dogpoop." I laughed. And so, Freddy and Dogpoop are now partners in crime! Actually, I don't know. I'm not outside. I'm on my mom's bed. In my mom's bedrooms. In my house. Blogging. Eating leftover girl scout cookies. (Chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp) (Swallow) (Chew on that little bit still in there) (Swallow that) Sorry. Just wanted to say what I was doing. Today I went to Chill, a home school group. Most of the people there are teenagers, then there were adults, and then there were kids. I forgot most of the kid's names, except for a few. Lily, Amber, Justin, Jake, Nick, Leanna, PJ and JP. It's a big group. We had a class, then we went on lunch break, then we went outside, I hung out at a skatepark, then we played fishy fish cross my ocean, then we played soccer (World cup, people!) and then I went home. Ahh, my day. Aidan's at counselling. That's not nice. Okay, well, I'm done. Don't forget to vote on that pole, there!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Guess what? It's wednesday!

Wednesday comes every week. It's smack in the middle there, with Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday on the left side, and Thursday, Friday, and Saturday on the right hand side. Not that much of an exciting day, especially at this hour. I'm trying to post as much as I can this month. Last month, (da-da-da-DA!) we broke our posts-per-month record, with an outstanding 22. (For the past year) However, we still have to beat 2008's record, for twenty-four. I'm going for overall, not just last-year title. I bet I won't beat PMB's record for one December. Two posts a day from the 13Th to the 25Th. He did his own countdown. That was the only countdown I've ever see someone do, except me, with my camping things. Did you guys hear about my church camping trip I took last year? Awesome. It rained hard. Two campsites got flooded, thankfully, not mine. Well, actually, three, if you count Misty and Peter's. Yeah, one and a half families had to go. Sheesh, KK, and Uncle Harry went home. Theirs wasn't that bad. And then Zach and everyone in his family (except for Anthony and Ryan, who PMB and Mrs. Polly had in their campsites) left, which kind-of works for both sides. Their campsite was flooded. Like, knee deep. It was funny watching them get their stuff. Swimming through that. Good times, good times.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Okay, let's just wrap this up and tell everyone

I'm thinking of moving. Not from my house, to another blog. I've seen other people move. Maybe we should switch addresses? I mean, trust me, WOC has served me a long and awesome roll, it's just, well, I think I'm getting a little, uh, in need of change. We all need change. Any help? Should I move? (Trust me, I'll give everyone at least two warnings and then a final post with new URL included, if conclusion comes) Tell me. I think that I'm probably staying here, but, then again, I bet everyone here's in need of a new back round, too. Anyone else a little desperate for change? I'm open for anything! Oh, and if any one's even still reading this blog, I've been checking your blog, PMB. Thank you for posting again, but I haven't heard anything from Kristin lately. You still out there? Let me know what you're thinking, and in a few days, we'll get the results. I think I'll open a pole, while I'm at it. 'Kay. Later, guys.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Well, my weekend's done

I had a good weekend.

On Saturday, it was Joanie's birthday. I went to the party. This first part wasn't very interesting because the only kids there were me, Mackenzie, and Yuri. So I'll spare you the details. Then more kids came, and things got interesting. Yuri started acting like a fairy, Zach started hitting people with a baseball bat, and Sheesh arrived an hour late. Fashionably late is one thing, an hour is another. Okay, I admit, Yuri made me spit take (twice) and Danielle scared the heck out of me. I had a rocky Saturday.

Sunday was a cookout at Sheesha's. Most of the time (guess what!) I was with Sheesh and Zach. Didn't see that coming, did you? Well, the first part was me chasing Zach. He took this cake. I had to chase him into the garage, outside, back in, onto the patio, off the patio, upstairs, in Sheesh's room, downstairs, into the bathroom, out of the bathroom, and upstairs in the hall, where I finally took it away. Fun fun. The next part was just games, kickball, ladder ball, wrestling, bounce house. The highlight of my entire day was Zach setting off his own car alarm. He wanted some candy in there. Explain that to Allstar, Zach. "Um, I wanted my Gobstoppers, so, I, uh, broke into my mom's Ford." That's gonne be kind of funny. The last part was with this Irish kid, who's name escapes me. He asked me why I talk funny. I said that he sounded funny, and that it was the accent. He was six or something. I was sitting on Auntie Fafa's lawn, right next to this wall of, uh, brick-cement-whatever-it-was.

And that brings me to today. It's Monday. Aidan painted his fingernails today. That was funny. The preschool teacher laughed. I laughed. Corrina laughed. Mom laughed. Dad laughed. Casey laughed. I'm almost sure that tomorrow, Kristine will laugh. Dad took a picture. They're blue. And I wish I could post the picture. I will, someday. Promise. Oh, my dad did upload my camera to the computer. Here, I'll post a few pictures of my feet up. Be ready, because I might post one as my picture on my profile! Lol.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Okay, now I'm just plain ticked

I've been jipped! By my own library! By Beatles rockband!

Okay, so, from the library, I got the Wii game Beatles rockband, which this intro to is really cool and funky. So I put it in the Wii, start it up, watch the cool intro (I think all EA games have cool intros), then get ready to play. Then, here comes the screen that tells me I need a USB microphone hookup! Then I checked the box. On the back it didn't say, but right next to the T in Teen on the front, "Requires Wii rockband microphone, guitar, or drums in order to play". Great. Now I got a useless game for a week. I've been jipped! Okay, okay, I guess it wasn't the library's fault. I guess I should have read the box more clearly. Like, the entire box, not just the back. Okay, thank you people for listening to me ramble. I will, today, as my random picture, post a picture of something totally random! Observe, the jellyfish.