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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hey, look! It's a small, purple, greatful dead bear!

Okay, we all know my beloved Cassidy Bear. She's my awesome grateful dead bear I've had forever. (Even if you didn't know that, you do NOW) She's awesome. And I just made some brand-new DVDs of her three months ago! SODO, and SODT are out now, along with some more of my geekness. And so now, for that day, when CB fades her glory away, I'm gonna need a memorial video.

We all know what those are. Those videos with pictures fading out slowly and some dramatic music playing in the back round. There are all these photos of when the person was young and happy, and then, when it's over, there's this message that says something totally phony or mushy, like "Rest in peace, Mr. Dan" or "We'll miss you, Barbra" or, sometimes, the occasional "I'll love you forever, Jannie." Yeah, they're soupy, but they're what every funeral needs.

So, I took a bunch of pics of Cassidy Bear about a week ago for this project that I intend to put a lot of work and effort into. Today, I play to work out the soundtrack. Probably some no-name-band hit that's only been in every car commercial ever. Like that song on the Herb Chambers commercial. It's some twisted version of Shocking Blue's Venus. Yeah. That's not gonna be at CB's funeral.

What I really need to finish is the editorial of the photos/videos that I'm going to be using. I mean, one wrong shoot, and someone in Pakistan could be highly offended! Some people are just was too sensitive. I hope I don't offend any Pakistanis with the picture that I'm posting above, of my beloved bear.


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