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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Um, I think I just might know how these work...

Uhhhhhh, okay, I got this awesome award from Chelsea at Unschooled Musings (It's awesome), and I guess I'm supposed to give it to someone else! Okay. Well, um, let's see. I think I'll give it to, um, I'll go with Kristen. I think that's spelled right. Her blog is cool. (Kristen: please let me know if you know how these work) If I'm doing this wrong, anyone who knows what's going on, please alert me. Okay, posting picture...Done and done.
Oh, yesterday, like I said, was a thing for the boys. They were getting ID'd by some judge. So I had to go into this office in Springfield with my mom, Corrina, and brothers. There's a metal detector. I had to take my awesome green belt off. Just because the thing beeped on me. Gr. It took me a while to re-attach it. Okay. Oh, um, yeah. Corrina's dance recital is this Sunday. Great. I've got to go to that. I don't think it'll be that bad. Kidnerdance is doing We Will Rock You, so that aught to be amusing. Okay. That seems like it. Adios.


Chelsea said...

Yep. You did it right (:

Well done Kristen (?) :D

Mizz Ali said...

awesome! i got it as well!

Kristen said...

(SQUUEEEEE) Thank you!!!! Unfortunately, I have absolutely NO idea how this (waves arms around to gesture that she can't think of something to say)......"thing" works. But thanks!