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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Okay, let's just wrap this up and tell everyone

I'm thinking of moving. Not from my house, to another blog. I've seen other people move. Maybe we should switch addresses? I mean, trust me, WOC has served me a long and awesome roll, it's just, well, I think I'm getting a little, uh, in need of change. We all need change. Any help? Should I move? (Trust me, I'll give everyone at least two warnings and then a final post with new URL included, if conclusion comes) Tell me. I think that I'm probably staying here, but, then again, I bet everyone here's in need of a new back round, too. Anyone else a little desperate for change? I'm open for anything! Oh, and if any one's even still reading this blog, I've been checking your blog, PMB. Thank you for posting again, but I haven't heard anything from Kristin lately. You still out there? Let me know what you're thinking, and in a few days, we'll get the results. I think I'll open a pole, while I'm at it. 'Kay. Later, guys.

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