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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Guess who got 2 more awards? ME!

Hi everypeoples! Tonight, I just found out that I won 2 MORE AWARDS! Here is the wonderful first one: (Shown above) It's the music lover's award! Okay, well, in order to do this, I have to do a few things. Top ten fave songs, a-comin' up! 1: Green tambourine, 2: Hamster dance, 3: Riu Chiu, 4: Fuzzy, 5: Hello Sunshine, 6: I don't want to spoil the party, 7: She's a rainbow, 8: Magic carpet ride, 9: Cherry, Cherry, and 10: Venus. Mine is black, and here are the nominees: Kristen, Corrina, fitfortherace (Mom), Tony (Dad), Jenny, Ricky, Pastor mike, Mizz Ali, Addie, Gabrielle, and, uh, Tang5? I guess? Well, there we go! Oh, and I got another one: The inspirational blog one. I have to award: Pastor Mike, Addie, Kristen, Chelsea, and Corrina. Yay! Oh, and, no. Please continue following this blog. Do not ask me why. It's my little secret. You people just wait, mwahaha. Oh, Corrina's dance recital was today. She did great. Good job, Corrina! Zach actually cut his hair. Awesome. Just like Liam's. Mom said I can't be mean about it, though. Eh. I still owe him. Any more lawn raking?

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Kristen said...

Oh no. . . . do you have another follower named Kristen? I'm Tang5; but my name is Kristen. I guess you gave the award to someone else with the same name. . . and i saw you posted on my school post. Do you go to a boarding school???