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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Okay, now I'm just plain ticked

I've been jipped! By my own library! By Beatles rockband!

Okay, so, from the library, I got the Wii game Beatles rockband, which this intro to is really cool and funky. So I put it in the Wii, start it up, watch the cool intro (I think all EA games have cool intros), then get ready to play. Then, here comes the screen that tells me I need a USB microphone hookup! Then I checked the box. On the back it didn't say, but right next to the T in Teen on the front, "Requires Wii rockband microphone, guitar, or drums in order to play". Great. Now I got a useless game for a week. I've been jipped! Okay, okay, I guess it wasn't the library's fault. I guess I should have read the box more clearly. Like, the entire box, not just the back. Okay, thank you people for listening to me ramble. I will, today, as my random picture, post a picture of something totally random! Observe, the jellyfish.

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Kristen said...

HA wow. Thanks for watching the video.