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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Well, I have a few followers who aren't from around here. I got a bunch of people who I can't even say their names! Like, at least four people are from some place where they clearly do not speak in the english language. And, also, there's Chelsea, who is from england, I think. And, then again, plenty of people are from different parts around the country. So, I'm thinking about all the people who are from far-off, and I've noticed that everyone is somehow related to someone in some incredible, far-from-civilized place. I'm part-scottish, part-irish, part-polish, and part-french. And something else. Anyone else out there who's got cool herritage? I think Kristen is Chinese or Japanese or something. (Which one, please) Of course, we're all in the same family. We all somehow date back to Adam and Eve, so I guess that even the people I don't really like are my brother or something. Or sister. Wow. That'll teach me to be mean to people. (Nobody think I'm vicious or something like that) Does anyone know what this thing's called: ^? What is that ^ even for? It looks a little weird. What does it mean? Oh, I'm just changing subjects. Well, next post=last post. Next post we move along to L&L. I'll post the link again and leave it up there. So that if you don't come all the time, you can come back in a while and see the link. Like I said, my other wonderful blogs (You can visit World of Cassidy 2 at http://www.pureawesomenesswoc2.blogspot.com/ , and you can find my pal Ricky's blog at http://www.rickysstory.blogspot.com/.) Please, if you aren't following these fabulous blogs, do so now! If you don't like something about them, leave a suggestion! I love my blogs, so I won't be deleting this one. I do post on the others, though. So, that's it for now! (And if the links are dead, PLEASE inform me of this)


Mizz Ali said...

coolio! im from south africa!

Kristen said...