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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Guess what? It's wednesday!

Wednesday comes every week. It's smack in the middle there, with Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday on the left side, and Thursday, Friday, and Saturday on the right hand side. Not that much of an exciting day, especially at this hour. I'm trying to post as much as I can this month. Last month, (da-da-da-DA!) we broke our posts-per-month record, with an outstanding 22. (For the past year) However, we still have to beat 2008's record, for twenty-four. I'm going for overall, not just last-year title. I bet I won't beat PMB's record for one December. Two posts a day from the 13Th to the 25Th. He did his own countdown. That was the only countdown I've ever see someone do, except me, with my camping things. Did you guys hear about my church camping trip I took last year? Awesome. It rained hard. Two campsites got flooded, thankfully, not mine. Well, actually, three, if you count Misty and Peter's. Yeah, one and a half families had to go. Sheesh, KK, and Uncle Harry went home. Theirs wasn't that bad. And then Zach and everyone in his family (except for Anthony and Ryan, who PMB and Mrs. Polly had in their campsites) left, which kind-of works for both sides. Their campsite was flooded. Like, knee deep. It was funny watching them get their stuff. Swimming through that. Good times, good times.

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Kristen said...

I love how your thoughts trail from one conversation to the next...