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Friday, May 14, 2010

Of Kaylyn

Corrina has just informed me that for her blog profile picture, she's going to put a bunch of pictures of Kaylyn, my cousin. I don't know if she means a collage or something, but I know what I'm going to put. A shot of my Heely sneakers. They're white and blue-like. Corrina says she needs to edit her picture really bad. I don't think so. I might, though. Because, now that my hair's longer, I think I need to edit my Weemee. I need a different hair. And back round. And, like, teeth. And, well, hey. I've never been on that website except making that thing. Oh, Katie read this thing last night. KATIE! If you're reading this, HI. Oh, and come over my house next something-or-other. I think you're sleeping over into a Saturday or something like that. Well, anyways, people! Attention! There is a poll on this blog that will go down in four days! If you would like to vote, please do so! I'm not taking a re-count! And all "Hm, let me think..."s, please change your vote or I will have to go with the only other thing! So, back to pictures of Kaylyn. She's blond. And she has two eyeballs. And one nose. And two ears. And possibly a mouth of some sort. And a few teeth. And some lips. And two eyebrows. And two nostrils. And some gums. And a tongue. Gr. Corrina wrote something, so I had to erase that. Gr to you, Corrina. Okay. Time for me to go crank-call Sheesh. Adios, amigos!


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Cassidy said...

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