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So how y'all doing? My name's Cassidy and the gentleman you see in my picture is Sam. I like cats and music a lot and oh I play the ukulele, piano, and other shtuff. Have a nice day :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ozzy, are you even aware...

Now, I know I live where hurricane Irene hit because I was there. And there's a knocked-down tree in my yard and our power was out and our pool is flooded. But I figure lots of people will post about that. So I'm going to be cool and different and not boring.

So, anyways, most of you are on Facebook. Ah, Facebook. An interesting thing about Facebook is that you can list anybody as your family. I actually (heh) have four sisters that aren't reltated to me (Tati, Krista, Morgan, Steph) and one brother (Ozzy.)

Most of you guys have heard about these people. Tati, my camp sista, Krista, my best friend (BUT I LOVE YOU SHANNON AND JESSICA!!!!), Morgan, who I used to hate but now don't, and Steph, the youth gal who I've known since age six.

And Ozzy. You know Ozzy.

Well, Ozzy likes links. And he posts links. On Facebook. And so he's been sending these weird links forever..............................................................

But this is weirder.

So I guess he got spammed. Because there's one he's been posting to EVERYBODY (including me) and it's like "OMG can't believe she posted this on her wall embarrassing for her but funny for me LOL!" and I'm like "this is so spam."

How I knew: 1) he would not in a million years spell everything correctly. If it was really him, it would be like "omg cant beleve she posted this on her wall embarazing4 her funny 4 me lolz."

2) He sent one to his mother. His mother. Who would send their mother something on Facebook unless it's like a mother's day card or something? And so that's another reason.

3) I have never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever seen Ozzy say "OMG." And I have known the kid for eight years. So it can't be him.

And then, hahahahaha, he sends another one "I cant believe I am really getting my auto insurance for as little as $1.25 / day. I dont know what I dont know what I am going to do with all the extra cash I saved."

A thirteen year old boy with auto insurance. And you said "I don't know what" twice. Haha.

And he never goes on fb except for like twice a month...so I know it's not him. I bet he doesn't even know. I should...tell him. Whoop.

That's all for today. Thought like sharing this with everybody.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wow, Drew...

I'm pretty sure my cousin Drew just friended a guy on Facebook named Cordell Albert.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Things I do not thing are wrong:

Texting from and iPod.
Wanting a beanie.
Really hating my allergies.
Writing a story.
My friend Shannon.
Facebook chat.
Sunny days.
Missing my friends.
Loving pictures.
Reading some nice stories.
Veggie Tales.
The color orange.
Google searching for good guy names.
Short haircuts.
Wendy's new french fries.
Corrina's dance class.
Black flip-flops.
The number 18.
Caramel mocha coffee.
A little party.
Shopping buddies.

Friday, August 12, 2011



Okay, I'm trying to write a story, but I have no story ideas. I think I've used them all. I've written all the stories ever possible. I know it's not really that possible to have used all the story ideas, but it is. It is very possible because I have.

Somebody give me some good story ideas, complete with charictor names, and you'll win a prize.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I miss:

Shannon Paige
Katie (the one I haven't talked to in months)
Alyssa G.

I love you. I miss you. And please come here and tell me that. Because I want to see you so much. So email me, call me, text me, Facebook me, just talk to me.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I LOVE Kristine

So Jellybean is here for 2 WEEKS!!!! So excited! She's so cute and she gets along really well with Aidan and Casey. Of course, me and Corrina aren't so unpleasant, either. Since she has taken up residance in Corrina's bed, Corrina is in my bed, and I am downstairs on the pull-out couch.

Last night, I stayed up 'til ten fourty reading this book Gone, and I woke up at nine AM to read some more, haha. It's really good book. Of course, at breakfast, when I was making my eggs, I sprayed myself right in the face with nonstick cooking spray. Rock on.

I MISS SHANNON! I think I'm going to call her on the telephone. Mom is reading to Kristine and Casey. It's an Ariel the Mermaid Musical Storybook! Yes! My all-time favorite!

I gotta go. :) PEACE!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back from camp!

Hi everybody!

I got back from camp today! I had SO much fun! I made a ton of friends and really miss everybody there. This guy Boston could play the ukulele! It was so awesome! My best friend (well, one of them) Tati started crying. It was awesome.

So, did I miss anything good in my absense? I hope not. I will DEFINATELY post some pictures later! I also want to call Shannon.

Oh, also I found my long lost cousin! Haha, not really. I met a kid named Drew who has the same last name as my grandparents (thus my mother's maiden name) and so I figured we must be long lost cousins or something, haha. Yeah. Wanted to share that.

Yep, that's pretty much all I have to say. Everybody should, like, comment. Because it's fun. Okay, bye!