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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I LOVE Kristine

So Jellybean is here for 2 WEEKS!!!! So excited! She's so cute and she gets along really well with Aidan and Casey. Of course, me and Corrina aren't so unpleasant, either. Since she has taken up residance in Corrina's bed, Corrina is in my bed, and I am downstairs on the pull-out couch.

Last night, I stayed up 'til ten fourty reading this book Gone, and I woke up at nine AM to read some more, haha. It's really good book. Of course, at breakfast, when I was making my eggs, I sprayed myself right in the face with nonstick cooking spray. Rock on.

I MISS SHANNON! I think I'm going to call her on the telephone. Mom is reading to Kristine and Casey. It's an Ariel the Mermaid Musical Storybook! Yes! My all-time favorite!

I gotta go. :) PEACE!!!


Loulou said...

And it sure seems like a good book!

Jessica said...

Good going with the cooking spray!!!

I wonder if there is a phobia for that!!!
See you at tours!!