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Monday, August 5, 2013

if i was a sculptor

I attended a wedding this weekend. It was my Aunt Terry's, and she married my new uncle Mike. pretty crazy stuff, although it was fun to see my family. i wish them luck and lots of love along the way.

cam is back! i missed him so much. i've talked to him tons this summer. i love my cameron.

school starts in twenty three days, and that makes me kind of sad. i really do not want to return to a public school environment. ever. especially without the boys. although i will have erin, and ezra's coming to my school next year, i think. still. i don't want to have to deal with all the drama and other crap. i don't want homework again. it's not even like "oh well i will see my friends again" because i saw my friends ALL summer, so that's not even promising. i'm just dreading it a ton.

tonight i'm sleeping over kyla's house and going to the beach tomorrow. i love the ocean, really. i'm with ally wednesday and thursday, and hoping to be with erin thursday into friday. doing a thing with the family on saturday. cookout sunday, oh my. super busy.

SIDE NOTE! I have indeed begun my summer school assignments! it's literally the worst. i don't like it but i will get it done in time. i started today. oh, the motivation.

alright. that aught to do it :3 byye

Saturday, July 20, 2013

holding hands

so i spent a week at summer camp. made two adorable, awesome friends. i'm exhausted. i'm sunburned. good stuff right there.

i actually get to see shannon this thursday and i am super excited, because i haven't seen that girl in ages. her whole family is apparently coming over. i'm pretty happy. we have so much catching up to do. i can't wait to be able to chat with her.

cam's away at camp for a week and i already miss him tons. i told him to stay out of trouble. he won't.

i am yet to do the summer packet we were assigned. it's a good thing i still have a month because i can't see that thing leaving the bookshelf for another solid three weeks.

i am going to sleep. goodnight :3

Saturday, July 13, 2013

there's nothing to tell.

i have not been on in a while. there are reasons.

and i don't want to say all of them. so i will say three.

1. i have been in a sad mood lately. which happens to everyone, i suppose. i don't want anybody to worry, because i'm not sick or in danger or anything. i guess i'm just a person. cam and ezra have been helping with that. and i guess we'll all be okay.

2. i have been on vacation. and that was very busy and i didn't have much spare time.

3. i have not been writing much. i haven't been writing nearly at all like i used to. it's not good, really. the writing isn't good. i finished one story that i have put up online. but it's not as good as i want it to be. and i think that, although writing is good for the soul, it's not good for mine.

and i'm not saying i'm dropping this blog, because this holds some memories from earlier days. earlier versions of myself. and i guess i just don't want to make people impatient or mad or anything. i'm just tired of not wanting to post because i feel depressed or i'm too busy or i can't really write at all. whatever, i guess. i'm tired. i love you. good afternoon.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hey okay so I have had a lot to do lately nobody hate me for vanishing for like a month.

we went to canobie lake park, me and erin and the boys. it was amazing to say the least. it's only been a week out of school and i miss them all like crazy. cam's grounded (shocking) and sad and has been messaging me a lot because he needs a friend. at the moment, i'm really his only friend. everyone turns their back on him when he needs them. that boy needs love more than anything.

erin had a party which was really cool and we went swimming a lot and i talked to some cool people. i stayed the night and we talked until two thirty in the morning. having friends who are girls is awesome.

i spent all yesterday with ezra and it was very cool. because friendship is very cool.

tomorrow i have to go to the dentist. i hate the dentist. and then i get to go see a movie with corrina and sandra and maybe hunter and brandon but i don't know. but i still hate the dentist.

we graduated middle school. me and the boys, all of us. we're freshman. it's terrifying. we're so old but so young at the same time. i swear, they all act like they're eight anyways. i miss those kids. they're all going to baypath next year, every single one. it makes me sad. those kids are my family, in a weird sense. and i'm part of theirs. i'll just have erin, the only other girl in our little circle. we'll have to survive.

and i'm tired because i had a long day today xD have a lovely evening.

Monday, June 10, 2013

when shadows follow us

i have been totally exhausted lately and i blame ezra 100% because he's the only person who texts me at night and it's not like i want to stop talking to him because we're friends and whatnot but it's just...oh insomniac friends. please sleep.

we have less than two weeks of school and i have been even more tired and class and neglected my actual work even more than usual. i'm finishing the year out with honors, but i'm still tired and will welcome summer with open arms.

summer, which will contain sleeping and concerts and time with the boys and music and hopefully festivals and more fun than school. i'd still prefer it to be winter or fall, because those are marvelous times, but summer is anxiously awaited by me and my other friends who are sick of bookwork and want to go live our lives out in the world.

i'm going to miss people, yeah. but i have stuff i want to do. it's going to be lovely. i'm in a good mood. i have to go do homework and exercise and talk to ezra and be merry. have a wonderful day.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

what to say

so there's a boy now

summer is rapidly approaching and i've been busy lately, but not with anything interesting. we're graduating in ten days. semiformal was pretty lovely and cam didn't wear a tie or anything just an asking alexandria shirt and jeans and his mom flipped out on him. i went with erin as friends and it was nice. speaking of cam, he set a picture of him as my ipod wallpaper and now i have to see his derp face whenever i turn it on. i don't have the heart or the ambition to change it.

i'm not sure what to say other than that it's cloudy out and i have to be somewhere in half an hour and i'm going to miss all my friends and he can't even go to school with me and cam and ryan and seth and tyler and shaun and everybody in the world is leaving for baypath and it's just going to be me erin and almicarr. ugh oh well.

today's going to be nice though because it's aidan and kristine's dance recital and i get to go and i'm happy and sleepy and i stayed up too late last night talking to somebody.

i do have to go though, i just wanted to blog a bit because i'm sorry for abandoning this it's just i've been far too busy lately bye :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


So both semiformal and promotional (which is basically middle school graduation and is stupid) are coming up in the next month and for both of which, i am required to wear a dress. as in like a dress-code approved actual dress that i have to wear on two separate occasions. i guess its worth it though because cameron and seth and ryan have to wear ties and whatnot.

speaking of whom, cam's sister jenna has my hat (and i have no idea why.) i gave it to haleigh, and cam took it from her, and jenna took it from cam. i miss that hat. i want it back. stupid jenna.

sam and i and friends went to six flags this past saturday, and it was really fun. we made friends with some kids who waited in lines for some of the rides we did. they were cool. we had a ton of fun and rode all the roller coasters and i got drenched on blizzard river or whatever. we got to spend the whole day together and it was amazing just having fun all day.

we took science and tech MCAS today, and that was absolutely no fun. it was mostly just me making faces at seth from across the room and being told to stop talking and doing infinite makeup work for math after i finished incredibly early. i don't mind science, but i'm not a fan of standardized tests in general. oh well. we take it again tomorrow and afterwards, after me and drew and josh's persistent bothering and suggesting and yelling, mrs. finlay is letting us watch monty python and the holy grail instead of social studies. which is good, because we get out of class and i can just talk through a movie.

i think that'll do it for today. cassdawg OUT.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

and i'm not afraid to die


so tomorrow my exploratory (which btw is just like a do nothing class for the juvenile delinquents who don't take music) class is making cookies and it'll probably just be me and cam being horrible chefs but yelling a lot because we're such good people, really, just bad bakers.

seth has been being super annoying lately and he's been closing my locker while i'm using it.

oh thanks i wanted you to close the locker on my face well done seth bonus points to you I HATE THAT STAHP.

i wish i could really talk about stuff that's, you know, happening, but a lot of stuff that's been going on lately is either depressing or serious or other boring things. ah well. i try and keep it fresh and whatnot.

nothing about me! no worries haha i'm fine as always. it's just a rough time, you know, because we're all growing up and going to highschool and darn childhood ending.

yeah so i'm going to head out because my ukulele is screaming TUNE ME so bye guys :)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

maybe you can get some sleep

We got report cards this week. I made straight-As for the first time in my entire life, and I feel pretty dandy about that. I mean, I've never made honors. I don't know how I'm doing it now. I jumped for joy and nearly exploded the other day. I showed the boys and rubbed it in their faces like the good friend I am.

Also, we enrolled in courses for next year at the high school, evened out our schedules, counted up credits, all that good stuff. I'm taking level 1 (which are higher) classes for English, science, and world history, tenth-grade French, standard PE and standard health, and drama. I'm pretty happy with it, and I'm a little nervous about the whole accelerated French thing, but I'm happy overall. The only sad part is that since I'm taking drama, I can't take band. So I'll just have to go another year without music, which stinks, but I'll live.

I haven't been doing much lately, except being stuck in the middle of two of my friends fighting, getting jealous that three of my friends got to see Mayday Parade and Pierce the Veil (I mean, neither of which compare to Bring me the Horizon or Owl City. If those had been involved, I would explode) in the spring fever tour nobody got me tickets to, getting cat whiskers painted on my face today, running around the sturbridge common with Hunter, and being extremely tired. I've been really tired lately. I think I need to sleep more. I think I need to listen to more music.

Hey! Great idea!

That's it from me today, guys. Peacekies.

Monday, April 22, 2013


ugh Attack Attack! is breaking up and i'm just crying for the next seven years omgomgomg i love them! stop breaking up, good bands! my chemical romance too! my goodness, guys, get it together! i love music too much!

me at lunch: omg attack attack! broke up i'm dying.
my friend almincarr: lol what if sleeping with sirens broke up?
me: i would die even more.
almincarr: lol what if exiting the fall broke up?
almincarr: lol what if bring me the horizon-

that was when the school psychiatrist had to come over and settle us down because i was probably going into a self-induced coma of horror or something because omg. stop.

this probably made no sense but i'm just upset that they broke up. i hate it when bands break up. i love music. i love bands. i mean, really...


coincidence? i think not.

Monday, April 15, 2013


And at this hour, after a day of unpacking and sitting around and arguing with a new keyboard and writing and youtubing and editing crap and interacting with a total of three humans and a kyle, although it's only nine thirty, i am exhausted. so it's time for the dick van dyke show and surfing the internet for pictures of cute boys in bands (i have recently become infatuated with bands that are, well, they're not owl city or bmth, but they're quite good). so yaay.

dick van dyke is cool.

don't judge.

today i saw this video of what high school students do, and it was completely inaccurate.


student: shwag
student: yolo
student: i didn't do my homework
student: this doesn't make sense.
student: can i go home?


me: can i sleep?
me: can i eat in here?
me: teacher how old are you?
me: i was texting my mom.
me: can we listen to our ipods?
me: oh what is this a test?
me: can i go to the band room?
me: can i go to in-school?
me: can i go to the bathroom?
me: MAY I go to the bathroom?
me: i was texting my dad.
me: just kidding teacher don't murder me and call my parents.
me: i have literally no idea.
me: is this going to be on the test?
me: oh wait is this a grade?
me:  yeah sam shut up no one wants to hear you talking.
me: what.
me: wait, go back to the last slide.
me: i can't do detention, i ride the bus.
me: is this a big part of our grade?
me: i think it's time for class to be over!

i'm not rude, i'm just kind of loud in class.

of course, when teachers tell me to shut up, i do. but my teachers just kind of think of me as white noise by now. i love my teachers because they put up with me <3 p="">

Friday, April 12, 2013

instruments are my only friends

just kidding, but close. all my friends are obnoxious boys who get in trouble too much.

we got our list of electives back for ninth grade. i, of course, put drama as my first choice, then band, an then maybe art or something idk. i just want to get into drama.

i really don't have much to say i just wanted to post on here because i haven't in so long.

i want to learn a ton of songs for piano but i don't have a printer so i don't have any sheet music :( everything is sad. just kidding, just me, because i'm confused.

i miss things being the way they were. nothing changed at tantasqua. there wasn't much drama. here, it seems like everything is so unexpected. i was sam's best friend and he was mine and ben was my fourth best friend and i told them everything and math was hard and luke was a cutie pie and i didn't do my homework and i didn't get into much trouble and the floors had icky purple carpet and i sat next to kevin and i didn't know anyone's secrets and i was everyone's friend.

but secrets come out at two in the morning.

secrets come out when you're not somebody who's going to school there.

secrets come out when i don't count.

i hate secrets.

i miss math help sessions and crying over work and fearing for class recommendations and wishing for the end of the day to come sooner and things like that. i miss music class. i miss the people i once knew.

but i can't have it back, and i know that. i don't really want it back. i just wish my final memories weren't spilled secrets spoken at two in the morning, over a can of arnold palmer and a bag of kevin's crushed doritos, under a blanket on a library floor (that sounds much weirder and sketchier than it was, trust me).

i just want music.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

his name was forgotten

i feel the need to rant about politeness.

i'm not talking about insulting people or improper table manors or using the correct fork while eating salad or whatever. i'm not talking about saying thank-you when someone hands you a hammer or saying bless you when someone sneezes or not telling someone they look fat in that skirt. i need to have a good, long rant about chivalry.

being a gentleman is honestly the most attractive thing to me. you can be really cute and have a beautiful smile and nice eyes and be really physically hot, but if you're a jerk, there's no way i'm going to be remotely interested. i once knew a kid who was probably the most "cute" guy i'll ever meet. he had the personality of a dead rodent. we're not friends. and if i'm not friends with you, good luck finding someone who will be.

when guys are honestly polite, i find it really refreshing. i find it really attractive. i will now make a list of extremely gentlemanly things that have actually been done for me in my life:

-once i was trying to open a gate when a gentleman friend of mine extended his hand with an "allow me" and opened it.
-holding any door open
-saving seats/making room for me
-offering sweatshirts
-standing so i can have a good seat
-informing me that i do not have to diet because i'm certainly not fat
-kisses on the cheek (side note: i have one friend who does this often and i really do love it)
-refraining from swearing because i really hate swearing
-making his friends stop making woman jokes while i'm around (this one was actually really sweet)
-giving me a juice box
-walking me to class
-escorting me across the street
-dressing appropriately (i can't stand the stupid baggy jeans. i really can't)
-informing me where creepy people live. okay, there's a story here. my neighbor took it upon himself to tell me all of the houses that i should never go near and also told me that if a white van pulled over, he would beat up the driver, no matter the circumstances. not really gentlemanly, but i felt very safe.

i must say, the kissing on the cheek part is actually my favorite, because i really find a good formal kiss on the cheek very polite. like french people. not romantic. for example, i had a show last night, and my friends sat in the front row of the theater and distracted me the whole time. afterwards, as an apology, my friend gave me a kiss on the cheek (albeit a chocolaty one; we were at friendlies afterwards). i find this adorable and very polite. he was immediately forgiven.

well, i've had a very tiring day because we moved again. i have to go now, but remember guys: a nice face will get you easy girls. a nice personality will get you classy girls.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The food looked like raw crushed dreams

I walk with punks.

This has only started happening since I made friends with the "punk next door" as my parents have labeled him. For some reason, my sister has taken a liking to him and they apparently planned to meet this afternoon and go for a walk. This is basically how it went down.

Corrina: hey, let's walk down that way. (we'd already planned on taking a walk, but we don't usually go down his road.)

We then proceeded to pass his house, where he was literally just riding his bike around his driveway. I said hey and we high-fived and stuff.

Cassidy (in a completely joking manor): what, are you going to follow us now?

He then proceeded to bolt inside, and we just kept walking. I wasn't expecting him to then return, bike-less, and fall into step with us.

Oh Justin.

So we took a nice walk around the cul-de-sac where we live, and we chattered away while poor Corrina had to overhear our weirdness.

It was cool. He's a good kid, really.

In other news, I took MCAS today. It wasn't fun at all. We finished two hours before they dismiss us, so me and Seth played a rousing game of Heads Up Seven Up, which was only like us and three other people. It made the game much easier but more boring at the same time. So we got to go for outside recess, which consisted of me and my friend Ali just lurking in a corner of the soccer field, talking about boys and Foster Care and drama and business and video games and soccer balls. Then Collin yelled at us for not getting the soccer ball he kicked in our general direction.

Silly goose.

In other news, my art teacher hasn't stepped me and Nate yet. I think she's pretty close, because there's only so much nonsense one art teacher can take.

Monday, March 18, 2013

He had a habit of ruining everything he loved.


Two of my friends made fun of me for how I eat my lollipops. Apparently I eat them really oddly and they just mocked me from across the room.

We did a harlem shake video in math class.

This morning me, Gabe, and Corrina went skating around on his driveway waiting for the bus and we looked like absolute fools when the bus came up.

Cam got a haircut and he looks like a little kid and i made him aware. And also he thinks we're apparently beyond the talking stage of our friendship and just gave me cool, collected looks all day and i was very curious. I'll investigate if we have school tomorrow.

Nicko and Joe and Zach had a discussion in line to go to lunch. Nicko said I was his hero, Joe said I was amazing and that his moobs hurt, and Zach announced to the whole eighth grade that i play the ukulele. It was interesting.

Seth rolled around in his sleeping bag for most of science class until Ms. Bolio, the teaching aid, came in and thought he was dying and removed it.

We got new seats in science and now I sit with Lilly, Haleigh, and Autumn and Aly and Seth sit on the other side of the room and I'm sad about that.

Mrs. Cumtois explained the Mass Pike to us in English.

My evil art teacher, Ms. Bates, threatened to step me and Nate about three times in one class.

"Nathaniel! What step are you in UAs?"
"Um...like a one?" (btw steps are like strikes and if you get one, it's a warning, two is a detention, three is call to your parents, four is in-school suspension, five is suspension. you have different classifications for Unified Arts and CORE classes.)
"And Cassidy?"
"Well, you're both very close to getting stepped."
"Ms. Bates! We weren't even doing anything!"
"THAT'S ENOUGH GOMEZ, stop distracting that poor girl."
"Yeah Nate. Stop distracting me."

On the bus home today, Justin and Bryan discussed Lil Wayne's seizure with Corrina and it was horrifying. They're so dumb but Corrina thinks they're hilarious. They're not hilarious in class.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my day bye :3

Friday, March 15, 2013

merch and dentistry

i actually just go onto amazon and add a bunch of band merch to my wishlist and i think my dad questions that but whatever. i don't care about how he doesn't have my taste in music. and in the show i'm watching, one of the people is named coats. like legit that's just his name.

imagine like "oh hi, i'd like to apply for a job, my name is coats jones. wait what please stop laughing at me."

oh so today i went to the dentist to get a filling. i couldn't feel about half my mouth for an hour. and now my mouth tastes like disgusting dental filling. i've been spending my day off from school mostly writing and hanging out with danielle because gabe abandoned me to go hang out with the neighbors :O

no, gabe, don't leave me again. i can't play xbox live without you because only you know your password.

the teachers had a professional day today so nobody had to go to school. that was really nice because i don't particularly like going to school on friday because idk i just don't like going to school on most days xD just kidding my new school is actually going quite well.

my stomach hurts and i don't know why. maybe some good music will cure me. time to go blast an ipod!

kristine's watching tv with me and she's like "oh that's spiderman's head."

i'm like "that's a basketball."

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

7 things that bother me about humans

Okay so there's nothing about this post that says that I'm perfect or that I've never done any of these, but some things just need to be said. I must complain about my own kind. I'm sorry humans, but you're about to be completely and utterly betrayed.

1: Bragging, especially untruthful bragging
Yeah, I hate it when people do that. Especially if they're not even good at it. Like when girls will be like "ohmygosh, I'm such a good dancer :3" and like they look like they're having a seizure or they're off-meds. Or just bragging in general. That's one of my least favorite traits in humans, so I really try to never do that.

2: Intoxication
One thing I have never been and never hope to be. I don't actually see the point in losing consciousness but it doesn't sound like something I ever even want to try. Drugs, drinking, any of that stuff, I can see why it's a good pain-reliever, but definitely not the best. I can think of way more fun ways to kill time than snorting cocaine or whatever.

3: Perfectionists
I have also never been one of these. People who try too hard to be perfect just make me kind of upset. Like when somebody tries the same thing a thousand times, when they did it really well the first thousand times. It just irritates me when I have someone like this as a project partner or when I'm in line after them for something. I have a friend who will literally take seventeen years to print her name properly.

4: Gentlemen who wear too-baggy pants
This one speaks for itself.

5: New-boyfriend-every-dayers
Something I don't really like about girls in my school (and every school I've been in) is that there's always those couple who legitimately have a new boyfriend all the time. I'll talk to them one day about Craig, and then when I talk to her at the same time the next day, she'll have dated Mike, Jake, and Anthony. She's now dating Brian and perfectly happy. For another hour.
This also goes for guys who dump girls like they're rotten coleslaw into the trash.

6: People who say they love a band and only know one song
This really irritates people who love music (such as myself.) If you can't even be bothered to check out any other music by them, they're not your favorite band on the face of the earth. Calm down.

7: "It's cool to be lazy/in trouble/failing school" guys
I DESPISE IT when people act like they're badboys or idiots or just don't try. This isn't impressing me, gentlemen. Intelligence is really more interesting, self-control is way hotter, and I don't even want to be friends with slackers. Work hard for your money, so you'd better treat her right.

There you have it. I have to go in a rush, but I would have added more. Maybe another time? Later <3 p="">

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

me and bruno mars are married

i'm not too big into the pop stuff, but i do love me a lot of bruno mars. like ugh i love you.

yeah so as we should know i started at my new school last week. i'm making friends, and I've already gotten an incredibly high grade in math. i feel so smart. i guess it's because noah and ben aren't here to make me feel dumb, haha. no, but i miss them all terribly. <3 babies.="" p="">
but yeah there's this guy and we won't go there right now will we?

i like my classes enough, and the teachers there are so much nicer than my old school. they actually don't all hate me (although my english teacher thinks i'm a bit of a chatterbug, but i can definitely live with that feeling. ew hold on lady gaga just came on my ipod and bleaugh i trusted you pandora i trusted you.

okay fixed it now i've got breaking benjamin :)

luke misses me a lot. i talked to him the other day. everybody says that he's been super quiet and he never gets in trouble without me there. and apparently ben has turned mute and doesn't talk to anyone anymore. i thought i raised you boys well. have you both forgotten all the rules of being a public nuisance that i taught you? my goodness, behaving properly, being quiet, paying attention in class, what's become of you, boys?

my goodness. you spend two years corrupting these kids, and this is how they turn out? like respectful young adults? i'm quite disappointed.

all joking aside, i miss them all and i hope to see them all very, very soon. and you as well, for i have some english homework i must plow through. see you all later :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

There's just one thing

I listen to way too much Kate Nash. Like, way too much.

Nothing really important to say. Just in a bit of a bored mood. It's only eight, though. O'clock. And I'm here, listening to music, not doing homework.

I have three full days left before I change schools. Isn't that awful? Gosh I miss people. I don't have a valentine, but I want one. My friends ignored me today and I'm not sure if they're mad or if they're playing a joke. Whatever it is, I don't like it.

But I do like music.

Pandora's being very unpleasant this afternoon. Evening. Doesn't matter. It's picking all these artists I don't like and so I'm getting upset. I took a math quiz today. I talked to Noah today. Victor was being really loud in art class. I think I have a crush on one of my friends and I don't want to. I don't want to move. I just want to listen to a lot of music.

I'm sorry this was so random. I just had to get these thoughts out. I love you. Bye.

Monday, February 4, 2013

see ya later, tanty

Valentine's Day is next week. I think my valentine is going to be "Ghost of Corporate Future" by Regina Spektor because that's the prettiest song ever. Last year, I got roses from four people. One from Max, one from Tristan, one from Taylor, and one from somebody I don't remember. But this year, Tristan moved away, Taylor is in lower classes, but I still have Max. So I guess I have music and Max this year...

Last year was so much nicer. Last year was so not complicated at all. My math teacher just thought i was a careless slacker (accurate, for most of my seventh grade year) and I didn't even know who I was. I didn't know any guys and nobody "liked me liked me" and Ben was just another boy in my math class who was Sam's friend. I had hand chimes as my music and got to sit back and didn't have to impress anybody.

And yet, this year...my math teacher is Mr. V, who thinks I'm a bipolar punk who doesn't pay attention in class (NOT accurate) and I've got a much clearer stand on the identity front. All of my friends are boys and I've been asked out and I think I've broken someone's heart (unintentionally, of course). I'm in select chorus and I'm section leader for alto which is a regular PAIN IN THE NECK a lot of times. I never have any downtime and I feel a lot more eyes on my.

I'm moving. Shocker. Goodbye, my dear school. I'll miss you, and your disgusting memories and lovely hugs you brought me. Friends I never thought I'd have, classes I never thought I'd take, people I never thought I'd meet. Special love to my "this-year" friends: Luke, Samm, Jake, Jess, Gino, Tyler, Adam, Jill, Kasey, Kevin, Tom, Julia, Shane, Miranda, Shelby, Kendra, Kate, Bryce, Mike, Ella, Blake, and so many others. But now I'm leaving. Off to another school, where I won't have to roam your halls with this image. I'm going to get a better one at my next school. <3 p="">

Friday, January 11, 2013

Upcoming Rant

I feel sick. I'm so done with school that it's not even funny.

We have this thing where you can see your grades and missing assignments online for school, right? and i went on to check my social studies grade and stumbles upon my math grade.

according to my math teacher, i have three missing assignments and do nothing at help session.

i'm really SO DONE with this. the last log is:

"stayed for extra help today. Spent most of the time talking to BG."

That's Ben Garrett. He's one of my best friends and yeah we talk a lot. Shut up. But i feel so awful for getting him in trouble because his probably says "spent most of time talking to CH" and I feel terrible and if this brings our grades down it's not good. this guy is really unfair and i'm so done with this!

literally. i'm about to switch out.

sorry, it's just...i got my friend in trouble at help session and i feel SO BAD. and i don't have any missing assignments! I'm done with this. absolutely done with this class. it's a hard class and my teacher is a jerk and i can't even stay for help session! if i get below a C i am going to be one unhappy camper. i'm upset. i don't often get upset.

i'm sorry i just bored you with that. i need to go relay rant this to sam.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Oh dear

It's been a while, hasn't it?

Well, uh, merrychristmashappynewyear. I've been so very busy with schoolwork lately, and I'm still pretty sure I'm going to fail math. Not exactly sure about science, either. That's no fun. Mrs. Vargas keeps calling me Cassy. It's actually really bothering me.

I've made so many new friends this year. I'm happy and honored to know so many new people. And I've been spending so much time with them, I guess I've completely neglected writing here. I'll try to be more up to date here.

My select chorus teacher says he thinks we're having a competition soon. That's really exciting because that means me and my friends get to skip a day of school and go sing and do good in front of other people and take home platinum probably. And that would be so cool. We're not that great, but he says that with work, we'll be perfect.

I have to go to two assmeblies tomorrow because I'm cross-team and so me and Adam (who's cross team too) have to go to green team when they dismiss for green team, and then we have to go to gold team, too. It's the same assembly both times, but we have to go twice. We have the same classes. It's pretty cool that I have someone who has a similar schedule to mine so I'm not totally lost all the time.

I don't remember if I mentioned or not, but I got the lead in the school play. It's a dinky thing, and it's actually really cheesy, but Kate and Gillian and Sophie and Shane and Zee are doing it, so I thought, why not? And it's been really fun so far and I'm happy.

Nothing else really to report. Have a nice night :)