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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

me and bruno mars are married

i'm not too big into the pop stuff, but i do love me a lot of bruno mars. like ugh i love you.

yeah so as we should know i started at my new school last week. i'm making friends, and I've already gotten an incredibly high grade in math. i feel so smart. i guess it's because noah and ben aren't here to make me feel dumb, haha. no, but i miss them all terribly. <3 babies.="" p="">
but yeah there's this guy and we won't go there right now will we?

i like my classes enough, and the teachers there are so much nicer than my old school. they actually don't all hate me (although my english teacher thinks i'm a bit of a chatterbug, but i can definitely live with that feeling. ew hold on lady gaga just came on my ipod and bleaugh i trusted you pandora i trusted you.

okay fixed it now i've got breaking benjamin :)

luke misses me a lot. i talked to him the other day. everybody says that he's been super quiet and he never gets in trouble without me there. and apparently ben has turned mute and doesn't talk to anyone anymore. i thought i raised you boys well. have you both forgotten all the rules of being a public nuisance that i taught you? my goodness, behaving properly, being quiet, paying attention in class, what's become of you, boys?

my goodness. you spend two years corrupting these kids, and this is how they turn out? like respectful young adults? i'm quite disappointed.

all joking aside, i miss them all and i hope to see them all very, very soon. and you as well, for i have some english homework i must plow through. see you all later :)

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