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Friday, March 15, 2013

merch and dentistry

i actually just go onto amazon and add a bunch of band merch to my wishlist and i think my dad questions that but whatever. i don't care about how he doesn't have my taste in music. and in the show i'm watching, one of the people is named coats. like legit that's just his name.

imagine like "oh hi, i'd like to apply for a job, my name is coats jones. wait what please stop laughing at me."

oh so today i went to the dentist to get a filling. i couldn't feel about half my mouth for an hour. and now my mouth tastes like disgusting dental filling. i've been spending my day off from school mostly writing and hanging out with danielle because gabe abandoned me to go hang out with the neighbors :O

no, gabe, don't leave me again. i can't play xbox live without you because only you know your password.

the teachers had a professional day today so nobody had to go to school. that was really nice because i don't particularly like going to school on friday because idk i just don't like going to school on most days xD just kidding my new school is actually going quite well.

my stomach hurts and i don't know why. maybe some good music will cure me. time to go blast an ipod!

kristine's watching tv with me and she's like "oh that's spiderman's head."

i'm like "that's a basketball."

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