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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The food looked like raw crushed dreams

I walk with punks.

This has only started happening since I made friends with the "punk next door" as my parents have labeled him. For some reason, my sister has taken a liking to him and they apparently planned to meet this afternoon and go for a walk. This is basically how it went down.

Corrina: hey, let's walk down that way. (we'd already planned on taking a walk, but we don't usually go down his road.)

We then proceeded to pass his house, where he was literally just riding his bike around his driveway. I said hey and we high-fived and stuff.

Cassidy (in a completely joking manor): what, are you going to follow us now?

He then proceeded to bolt inside, and we just kept walking. I wasn't expecting him to then return, bike-less, and fall into step with us.

Oh Justin.

So we took a nice walk around the cul-de-sac where we live, and we chattered away while poor Corrina had to overhear our weirdness.

It was cool. He's a good kid, really.

In other news, I took MCAS today. It wasn't fun at all. We finished two hours before they dismiss us, so me and Seth played a rousing game of Heads Up Seven Up, which was only like us and three other people. It made the game much easier but more boring at the same time. So we got to go for outside recess, which consisted of me and my friend Ali just lurking in a corner of the soccer field, talking about boys and Foster Care and drama and business and video games and soccer balls. Then Collin yelled at us for not getting the soccer ball he kicked in our general direction.

Silly goose.

In other news, my art teacher hasn't stepped me and Nate yet. I think she's pretty close, because there's only so much nonsense one art teacher can take.

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