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Monday, March 18, 2013

He had a habit of ruining everything he loved.


Two of my friends made fun of me for how I eat my lollipops. Apparently I eat them really oddly and they just mocked me from across the room.

We did a harlem shake video in math class.

This morning me, Gabe, and Corrina went skating around on his driveway waiting for the bus and we looked like absolute fools when the bus came up.

Cam got a haircut and he looks like a little kid and i made him aware. And also he thinks we're apparently beyond the talking stage of our friendship and just gave me cool, collected looks all day and i was very curious. I'll investigate if we have school tomorrow.

Nicko and Joe and Zach had a discussion in line to go to lunch. Nicko said I was his hero, Joe said I was amazing and that his moobs hurt, and Zach announced to the whole eighth grade that i play the ukulele. It was interesting.

Seth rolled around in his sleeping bag for most of science class until Ms. Bolio, the teaching aid, came in and thought he was dying and removed it.

We got new seats in science and now I sit with Lilly, Haleigh, and Autumn and Aly and Seth sit on the other side of the room and I'm sad about that.

Mrs. Cumtois explained the Mass Pike to us in English.

My evil art teacher, Ms. Bates, threatened to step me and Nate about three times in one class.

"Nathaniel! What step are you in UAs?"
"Um...like a one?" (btw steps are like strikes and if you get one, it's a warning, two is a detention, three is call to your parents, four is in-school suspension, five is suspension. you have different classifications for Unified Arts and CORE classes.)
"And Cassidy?"
"Well, you're both very close to getting stepped."
"Ms. Bates! We weren't even doing anything!"
"THAT'S ENOUGH GOMEZ, stop distracting that poor girl."
"Yeah Nate. Stop distracting me."

On the bus home today, Justin and Bryan discussed Lil Wayne's seizure with Corrina and it was horrifying. They're so dumb but Corrina thinks they're hilarious. They're not hilarious in class.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my day bye :3

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