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So how y'all doing? My name's Cassidy and the gentleman you see in my picture is Sam. I like cats and music a lot and oh I play the ukulele, piano, and other shtuff. Have a nice day :)

story of my life

Hi guys :) my name's cassidy and i'm fourteen and i like good music and pizza and batman and laughing and bows and nice sweaters and cats. i also like sleeping and reading really good books and funny stuff and car rides and yeah probably cats again.

I guess i have red hair most of the time. i have glasses and those are pretty fun. i like skinny jeans and band t-shirts and awkward grandma sweaters and warm fuzzy socks. i have osiris sneakers and mocasins that i wear a lot and some doc martin boots. i like those. i'm chubby. i laugh a lot and i'm pretty stupid. nobody really likes me that much.

My bestfriend's name is Sam and he's in that picture of me. Cameron is my other best friend and i love him lots and i'm his kitten and he's my guitar boy. and then there's Ezra, and oh my goodness, I just love Ezra. And Erin is beavecoon and Ryan is a hippy neurotic giraffe and there's this boy i like who lives in maine. I move a lot, so I get to meet a lot of awesome people and also some not so awesome ones. i really hate math and i'm sorry it's just i really love pasta.

i'm really random a lot and music is really good. i listen to a lot of Florence and the Machine and the Weepies and Regina Spektor and Pierce the Veil and Escape the Fate and Panic! at the disco and Simon and Garfunkle and Bring Me The Horizon and Owl City and All Time Low and lots of others. and Mayday Parade is my favorite band. I also play a lot of music. I play ukulele, piano, some drums, and extremely limited guitar. I am also a pro at guitar hero. i am also a pro at sleeping. Have a lovely afternoon :)


Martine said...

you sound like me. thats so scary!

Miss Electro Sparkle said...

Okay...I know. I'm a huge stranger and I live all the way in Australia O.O
Cool blog though
Ha. I LUV my Converse sneakers too

Anonymous said...

Seems like you fit in the world just fine.

Hon. Mayokun Oluwatobiloba said...

Cool blog. I've figure out some thing nice about you. Do visit ma blog too and pen your thoughts there.

Hon. Mayokun Oluwatobiloba said...