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Monday, April 28, 2008

911 b-day

Hooray ! It was my sister's Birthday last Thursday. It was a great way to spend an afternoon. The day went by very quickly, and so all the excitement had ended.The next day my sister and I were playing happily outside. I had gone in for a minute, but when I got down stairs, I found it was not a normal afternoon. I soon heard from my mother that my sister had sprain bug spray IN HER EYE ! My dearest mother made a few phone calls to the doctors and then called the hospital. " Sure, we can go right now." I heard my mother say into the phone. It shocked me when my mother said we were going to the EMERGENCY ROOM ! At the hospital, we looked around the waiting room and knew it was going to be a long day. Some time after my mom whisked us in to the little room disguised as a waiting room, but was really a boredom chamber, A man in a white coat took us in to a small part of the triage. He did tests on my sister and said she was o.k. but while we were here, we should probably see the doctor. Back in the waiting room, It was two hours later, when a different guy took us back into the triage. We waited on a small cot for a long time before a lady came up to us. She took us into a little room where she turned my sister's eye neon green. Then, at the end she said my sister was fine and we could go home soon. I was converting this day to memory, and let me assure you, I will not forget it !

Thanks for listening, and good bye !

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Tony said...

nothing liek a fun family day at the emergency room.. or should i say boredom chamber..

love you

ps. Elvis rock!