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So how y'all doing? My name's Cassidy and the gentleman you see in my picture is Sam. I like cats and music a lot and oh I play the ukulele, piano, and other shtuff. Have a nice day :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The best day ever!

Hi! I have so much to talk about !Yesterday my family woke up and decided to go for a hike ! We went hiking trails and up a mountain! After hiking up ten " floors" we headed on. Then we went out to ice cream at Ronnie's. Then, after cookie dough with rainbow sprinkles, we went to toys r' us, and we might be getting a trampoline ! It was a great day , but it was hot ! Well, who doesn't ike a story? I got a funny one !Yesterday when I had just woken up, I decided to play with my dog Rocky. I was playing with his tire toy.I through it once and he successfully caught it.I did it one more time, and it went swimming !No , we do not live by a lake, but we do live with an in- ground pool ! Splash ! The tire was in to the dripping cover of the pool ! When I got my dad, he took the toy out with a bug net ! It was a great ,sunny day ! And so will today ! I plan to have a lot of fun today !I know with a positive attitude, I can have a perfect day !


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